Jan. 5th, 2012

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Things I love Thursday:

omg did I mention Sherlock
Irene Adler
seeing all the lovely people who watched Sherlock with me
But really. There was a whole passel of fandomwank that I more or less avoided, some really good (polite&firm, nonwanky) discussions, and lots & lots & lots of picture spam and love, and I just...augh. ILOVEIT. I really really do.

*R&G are Dead! Rehearsals are so great. I have only been to three so far (not counting the readthrough, uh, last year. Haha)--two for blocking and last night's stumblethrough. Also part & parcel with this is building backstory for Hamlet & Ophelia (& I'm really pleased with it too & honestly last night I just lazed around for about forty minutes before going to sleep just thinking up more backstory and plotting out ideas and guys, if you didn't know before, I am a nerd, so, uh, there you go. Seriously. Ask me if you're curious, I love this stuff.)

*Game of Thrones, I am watching it alllll the time, so so good. I'm reading it at the same time, which is sort of weird--usually I either read first and then watch, or I ignore the book till after the movie/tv show. But I started reading the book, and I got so excited that I didn't want to wait and started watching the show alongside, slightly behind my bookreading so I don't spoiler myself too much. And it's actually super fun doing it this way. It wouldn't work for a movie, but man, for a tv series, it's awesome. 

*14/48 is happening! & I'm designing (what, I'm a fraud) & augh I'm so excited (!!!) The ensemble meeting for the first weekend is tonight. Meeting's at 7.30. They tap the keg at 7. God I love this group of people.

* &etc: avocados avocados avocados // pumpkin pie ice cream on ridiculous sale at the supermarket, nom nom // "EPIC Administrators!" & other stupid jokes // this music box rendition of the Sherlock theme, so creepy and so excellent // finding hitherto-unknown graphic design skills & making posters for Hamlet // my car starts again! so I hear anyway, I'll test it soon // my winter hat // the SUN IS OUT & it's so pretty! // my hometown is better than yours (my friend said, "Seattle is the Chuck Norris of cities") // we have a microwave now and I can use it to make mug cakes! your argument is invalid.

What do you love? 


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