Jan. 26th, 2012

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Things I Love:

*R&G are Dead. & awesome. & opening tomorrow! We have a preview audience of about 70 tonight which is going to be strange but wonderful to have some reactions and laughter. I love watching everyone work and acting in this gorgeously designed world with beautiful people and standing in the dark backstage and listening and okay, just, it's amazing. That's all. If you live in Seattle--come see this show. Really. 

*Having a flexible job that lets me sleep in during tech week, oh god. Bless you flexible hours, bless you. I appreciate you so much right now. 

*Irish music --it's on my Pandora at work. Hello motherland, I love you. Sometimes it's all I want to just hop a plane back there and spend all my time sitting in pubs listening to sessions or wandering around Dublin or the west coast or riding horses through fields or dorking around in theaters. Augh, I miss it so much. 

*Drinks with Erin & Dr E! Delish cider, snarking about gender, coining new phrases, talking about history and queens and studies and how fantastic our honors program was. So, so good to see them again. And Dr E's book is nearly done, and then there will be cava parties and lovely queen books to read! 

* &etc: dutch tongue twisters, Red Mill burgers, roommate love notes left in egg cartons ("you dirty hippie"), peanut butter, Castle, silly texts, pennywhistles, my Ophelia sweater, middle-management froyo meetings, late night walks home in the wind. 

What do you love?


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