Feb. 16th, 2012

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Things I love this week... 

* I'm back at ACT! Ramayana text workshops this time--and I have a shiny new laptop that's all for me, for making script changes and tracking drafts & oh yowza, I'm a big dramaturgical literary nerd, yes thank you very much. It feels so wonderful to be back there, though (especially since for this workshop I feel particularly useful). I missed that place. (Also my ACT Pass is still valid! Wicked awesome.)

* Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead. Last weekend this weekend! Beautiful cast, beautiful show, beautiful language, augh, I love what I do, etc & so forth. I will do my best to not become sloppily sentimental, but I do love it. I've also had ridiculous amounts of fun working on Ophelia, and honestly doing character & background work that is highly disproportionate to the actual amount of time she spends onstage in this show, but why not? It's there, and it's awesome. 

* &etc: sorting out organizational messes & succeeding; the frankly ridiculous number of books I have borrowed or waiting for me at the library; sweet text messages; packages in the mail; hanging pictures on my wall (finally!); planning outings; kale. Always kale. 

What do you love?


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