Feb. 23rd, 2012

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Things I Love this week:

* breakfast-for-dinner nights with (some of) the girls from stage combat class; the two who came just left, and it was a lovely evening of hanging out and lots and lots of delicious food

* a real proper date with my gentleman! dinner out & swing dancing to a live band, my gosh--& the dancing, so much fun!

* I am really, properly starting up this freelance editing work--my client this week loved my work on her conference proposal & is paying me bank for it, & I actually truly enjoy doing this. Oh extra job I love, you rock my world

Frankenstein is coming back to cinemas

* I get to see so much theater this weekend--four plays in three days, bring it on!

* & etc: backrubs, my tarot cards, running after an adorable one-year-old, being a hardass when necessary, sleeping in (& working in bed), reading five books at once, chicken tikka masala.

What do you love?


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