Mar. 1st, 2012

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Things I Love this week:

* YOGA oh holy cats I missed yoga so much. I've spent a lot of this winter hibernating and being vaguely ill and not exercising very much at all, and going to yoga last night was pretty much the most amazing feeling. My shoulders hurt a lot today & I'm stiff in that really awesome I-worked-out-well way. SO GOOD. 

* Acting Club! Tuesday evening I finally went to acting club, which is essentially hanging out with other awesome theater people and working on monologues for auditions, getting excellent feedback, and doing them over and over in a safe place to play. I still have some playing to do with them before Saturday (Wooden O audition), but I already feel so much more prepared. Therefore also: SO GOOD.

* Socializing - I did pretty well this week with actually seeing people I adore, which is always good for me since I am usually both busy and a homebody. I saw theater made by lovely people & I met up with friends & had another actual date (yes really, I'm impressed too) & still managed to give myself the right amount of downtime by myself. Also good! & tonight--game night! So excited!

*& etc: introducing new people to Zoeyogurt froyo (the best); late night crisis talks with Patrick via email; catching up on Castle; magic show rehearsal (did I mention I'm now a magician's assistant? yeah, I know all the secrets!); BLT sandwiches for lunch; scones and tea; it's MARCH!!

what do you love?


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