Apr. 13th, 2012

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The Tarot cards told me April was going to be a bit rough for the first three weeks, and so far they're not lying. But really, it's nothing terrible--just long weeks and negative energy and stress that I know how to handle. Just remember the good things:

* sunlight in the morning through the blinds
* walking around with rolled-up jeans and no jacket on 
* driving on the freeway with the windows down 
* sun sun sun and spring spring spring 
* constantly playing yellow car even--let's be real, mostly--with myself 
* traveling lemon in the apartment 
* having music back on my ipod properly & organizing itunes 
* the satisfaction of finishing re-formatting the entire ramayana script
* excellent chats with nicole
* bridal showers and getting to see elsa in person (!) before my trip
* thinking about my trip, kajsbdkjbf i am getting so excited
* kale chips & the fact that my gentleman is just as obsessed with them as i am
* finding awesome new monologues & acting club i love you acting club
* burt's bees chapstick. i really don't think i could get through a day without it
* being told i should be cast as a sexy assassin more often (ha! yes please) 
* taking time for myself

what do you love?


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