Apr. 20th, 2012

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Happy Friday! So obviously that means it's time for Things-I-Love-Thursday, since I'm often late on these. Ah well!  April is looking up, ladies & gents, I tell you it is.

* Rehearsing magic shows-- disappearing into boxes never gets old, people, never, this stuff is so freaking fun. (If you're in Seattle, come see my show! Tomorrow night, Auburn Performing Arts Center.)

* Preparing for travel -- I'm getting so excited for this trip! I'm making plans with Leeann ("MOST IMPORTANTLY, what do you want to EAT?" God yes), I'm talking through last-minute ideas & getting wedding-excited with Elsa, I'm looking forward to Chicago, I'm planning what to pack and organizing lists, I'm just really freaking ready for this and so happy to be going. 

* etc: This TEDxCMU talk by Gala Darling * giving a solid audition for an intimidating woman (acting club, thank you for everything, every time) * re-organizing my music in itunes, finally * radiolab podcasts on my ipod! * seeing good theater * comfy sweaters * excellent meetings with really organized people * asking for what i want--and getting it. proud of myself for that.

What do you love?


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