Apr. 27th, 2012

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Hello lovelies! I love so many things this week, mostly because I am on semi-vacation and having so much fun, so essentially everything falls under the category of: THIS SPRING TRIP:

* Seeing so many amazing friends! Elsa of course, and Jon. And the giant reunion at Charlotte's thesis show tonight (so many people!) Maybe my favorite, though, was surprsing my friend Elspeth at her MA thesis show Wednesday--she didn't even know I was in town, much less coming to the show, and she actually did a doubletake after the performance. Ha! Also, the performance was amazing, and it was so so good to see her again.

* Performances! Elspeth's show, which was awesome. And Sleep No More for the second time last night--so much new stuff, which was what I really wanted. It was a very different experience from last year, but also fantastic. I spent less time grubbing about in rooms, and more time following specific people for long periods of time, trying to track arcs (Macbeth's in particular). No one-on-ones this time, but I did get lots of interaction--I gave Lady M her towel at the end of her arc, and she took my hand and led me all the way downstairs back to her room to find the letter; I followed Bald Witch to a small room by the Porter's counter, and she grinned at me and seduced me and kissed my neck before running off; Hecate led me and a young man down to the final scene at the end; Lady Witch almost took my hand before Hecate stopped her. I almost like these public interactions more than one-on-ones in a way, because you become part of the show in a completely different way, and much more publicly. It was also really interesting watching audience reaction this time, too.

*&etc: the subways, yes really, I actually love them; even when I take them in the wrong direction for half an hour and get hilariously chatted up by a 20-year-old music student; delicious diner food, mmm burgers; listening to Cabin Pressure on an aeroplane (just as funny as I thought it would be); "otters may have shifted during flight;" hearing the gentleman's voice on the phone; stealing sweets for him at SNM; petting the TinyCat; singing showtunes at the top of my lungs at Marie's Crisis; my dress; the wedding is TOMORROW!

What do you love?


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