May. 10th, 2012

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I love so much--these past two weeks (I missed TiLT last Thursday) I have felt a lot of gratitude for a lot of things, places, people--I like that space. It's a good space to be in. So: love all the things!

* Travelling - basically last week's entire TiLT, if there had been one, would fall under this category. And--last Thursday I was in fact visiting Leeann--who was the person through whom I found out about Things I Love Thursdays in the very first place--so this is somewhat of a special one, in that aspect if nothing else. Hi Leeann! :) 

Travelling this time means Chicago and Detroit-- it means staying with my poncho boys, deep dish pizza, gorgeous theater, standing in those terrifyingly amazing glass boxes at the top of the Sears tower with Patrick, taking silly photos, playing board games, getting drenched by midwest rain. It means watching the scenery change as I bussed along the highway to Detroit. It means seeing Leeann again after three years (!) and realizing we've known each other for eight (!!). It means biking to urban farms and feeding chickens and goats and ducks and climbing into haylofts and finding chicken eggs and then eating them for breakfast. It means hot and humid air, biking through gorgeous old neighborhoods and ogling incredible houses, eating so much delicious food (Leeann: "We could go to... oh, there aren't enough mealtimes.") and visiting a beautiful chaotic bookstore with amazing signage and cooling off in the breeze by the windows with Lu and Bonnie. It means meeting couchsurfers from England who made tasty curry, baking cookies, sitting on porches with lovely people as a proper actual thunderstorm rolls across the city and flushes out the heat. It means museums and libraries, a rambunctious and adorable three year old, community dinners. It means for a brief moment learning my way around a tiny piece of one neighborhood of a new city. 

* Home - the other side of travelling, coming home. And I love my home, oh Seattle, you gorgeous beauty of a place, and my little apartment that I have such a real-estate-crush on. And seeing my gentleman again (two weeks, too long) do I ever love that! And gosh, my bed feels foreign and so fantastic after two weeks of couches. And the sun, oh glory, Seattle spring is here and I love sun sun SUN. 

*&etc: [I feel like I could go on forever] fancy dinner with Nicole (rich rabbit ravioli, lux cheese plate, to-die-for dessert, hilarious conversation, mooning over the guitar player); wearing short-shorts with cowboy boots and a sweater (my preferred spring outfit); the opera, particularly that ten-minute orchestral section with some of the most gorgeous light cues in the history of lights; finding new good words to live by; babysitting A. today (made and destroyed lots of trains, read lots of books, sat in the sun); sleeping with the windows open; the sweet barista at my local coffeehouse; wandering the Sunday market with the gentleman (dates that are entire days? spoiled, we're spoiled); popsicles; Science News; sending letters through the post. 

What do you love?


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