Jun. 14th, 2012

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This has been a weird week of good stuff that nevertheless I felt kind of gloomy throughout, at least the last couple days. So here we go, the main thing being:

*ASHLAND. Oh my everloving god, Ashland and OSF I love you so much I can't even make words. ajkbsdkusf. The drive is super long but totally worth it. We saw The Very Merry Wives of Windsor, Iowa´╗┐´╗┐, which was surprisingly hilarious and entertaining, and it was lovely to get to see a show in the outdoor theater. Plus Patrick and I started brainstorming ways to update & adapt other comedies and came up with the most brilliant update ever and no I'm not telling cuz it's a secret but y'all are going to love it when you see it. Which you will. 

& then we saw The White Snake, which is Mary Zimmerman's new play that she developed with this cast at OSF, and... words. fail. I just. SO GOOD. The story is heartbreaking and gorgeous; the design as always was breathtaking--the theatrical things she does with fabric make me tear up they're so beautiful--the acting was precise and funny and brilliant, the script was solid and paced well, the meta-theatrical elements were perfection. So, so good. So absolutely worth the trip even if that was the only show we'd seen. I'm so glad we went for it.

& Ashland itself is wonderful--I've been there enough now that I feel I can make my way around the main parts near the festival with no trouble (helps that the town is like four feet square, but you know), but there's still always new lovely things to find, like the labyrinth painted in the meditation garden at the historic episcopal church.

*&etc: cuddling with a giant dog while watching tv; lunchtime with friends and dog and cat; rehearsal rehearsal rehearsal and being unable to work on lines during downtime in rehearsal because it's far too hilarious and entertaining to watch everyone else rehearse scenes; colorful socks; warm tea; the barista at my local coffeeshop who is super friendly & sweet; bacon and egg breakfast sandwiches; singing along loudly to silly pop music in the car while driving with the windows down; sitting in a shady breezy bookstore garden patio with iced tea and a science magazine--a perfect afternoon; my new ear piercing which I love and which is healing well so far; finding the perfect gift for someone you didn't know you needed to buy them; gorgeous costumes in the OSF windows; hot cider while watching theater outdoors...

what do you love?


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