Aug. 5th, 2012

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Belated but no less sincere gratitude for:

*cool showers after a long hot day outside to wash all the sweat off
* giant salads for dinner (greens and mushrooms and onion and croutons and cheese curds and delicious)
* lounging on the floor in front of a fan in shorts & swimsuit top (I wish this was appropriate to wear to work)
* my castmates--we powered through today, the heat did not fell us!
* shade shade shade
* ice in drinks
* the BLT sandwich from the Other Coast (their BLT is the most delicious BLT I have ever had, yes really)
*  spiderman (the hero, the legend, and my friend who I now call spiderman)
* antibiotics for making sure friends don't die
* spray bottles full of water
* expatshield, which is allowing me to watch the Olympics on the BBC and catch up on all kinds of incredible sporting events (NBC, you can suck it)
* Olympics! Humans can do some fanfuckingtastic things
* Gabby Douglas winning all-around gold, that girl rocks my WORLD
* excellently imagined creative novels that remind me of worlds I made with my best friends as a child
* discovering new online comics that are awesome
Curiosity lands on Mars tonight!, can you tell it's been hot here lately? Holy cats. What do you love?


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