Aug. 23rd, 2012

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My brain is pretty much consumed with my show, given that I ended up being the PR person and most of the props design team along with acting in it, which I don't really mind, per se, but some notice would have been helpful. 

Also my hands are still stained with blood. So:

* LEPER LEPER LEPER. We open tomorrow, holy cats. If you're a Seattle person, come see my show! I am honestly really excited to give this thing an audience and would love to hear what you think of it, really. Follow the FB page for discounts if you need a little wallet help!
* Relatedly, this video of the awesome cast being silly. Yes. 
*Fluffy cats & cool houses! I get to housesit starting tonight at the fancy Ravenna house with three lovely cats. I'm so excited to snuggle their faces. Well, one of them. The other two will probably hide tonight. 

*&etc: Doctor Who-watching with the gentleman; getting invited to design for 14/48 again; ELSA's in town!; badass grungy blues music; how bloody my costume is getting after just two dress rehearsals; I have a lot of socialization coming up that isn't being in rehearsals; goldfish crackers. 

what do you love?


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