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But literally, I think--we're in for that Seattle style cold-and-rainy-June after a glorious May. No problem, as long as I get at least one deliciously bright and sunny Folklife day, I'll be happy with it. Still, I have really enjoyed this long unbroken line of warm sunny days; it's weird, but man, does it ever make me happy! Other things that make me happy right now:

* first read-through for the summer park show this year! (great cast, silly show, fun fun fun in the park, I love it) * making new theater friends * pan-fried tofu with taco seasoning, why have I never thought of this before * giving really excellent job interviews (I didn't get the job due to my schedule, but they liked me! & that's all I can ask for, really) * fresh salads, mmm * gorgeous and hilarious wedding photos from Elsa & Jon's shindig * well adapted theater * sunlight sunlight sunlight * iced tea  in my fridge every day * wearing short-shorts for an entire week in a row * Carbon Leaf! * singing loudly in the car * yoga after a long hiatus * http://calmingmanatee.com/  (my favorite so far is "you get it, girl") * sandals & bare feet * 

what do you love?

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