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* I love: Today was date-day with the gentleman: waffles for breakfast, and the sun came out in the afternoon so we went to the beach just like we’d planned; it was gorgeous and sunny (and a bit chilly) but we got to go barefoot in the sand and skip rocks and meet adorable poodles (and whine to each other about how much we want a dog); and there was burgers for dinner, mmm.  * So I also love: Golden Gardens beach! Oh gosh yes, I can’t wait for some good bonfire beach time in the summer. 

& also: * getting called in to audition at Seattle Children’s Theater (kabbdsfkjbsdfjb) * good times hanging out with P. last night, and more to come this weekend * Arya and Tywin’s conversations on GoT—seriously the best part of the show. I am in love with Maisie Williams, in. love. * Bonk: the curious coupling of science and sex, which is one of the most hilarious and entertaining books I’ve read in a while * relatedly, my giant list of holds at the library currently, all of which look fascinating * finding silly character voices * the ukulele * sunny Saturday hang-outs with cocktails and music * horse racing & conversations with Patrick about how the horses feel about it all * letters from Anna! * Folklife is this weekend!

What do you love?

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