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A day late and a dollar short, as usual, but here we go for a quick & dirty TiLT:

* ASHLAND! Patrick & I are going this weekend and I cannot wait...!!

* Nutella brownies. homg. We ate them way too fast but that just means I'll make more tonight and this time put chopped hazelnuts and chocolate in them and it's just so much goodness akdbkjfb.

* Silly superhero movies. I watched Thor yesterday, and I have Captain America, Iron Man 2, and The Incredible Hulk waiting for me, because I decided I want to watch all the prequel-ish movies before I (finally) go see Avengers, and... it's all way too much fun. 

* Tom Hiddleston. Argh, I said I wasn't going to fall for another British male celebrity crush, but goddamn. ...and that is all. 

*Hanging a scrim. Being really high on a ladder, rolling myself around via the lighting grid (yes really), getting blisters on my fingers from all the tie line. Yeah, I don't get to be a techie too much, but it rocks when I do. 

Okay, back to work... what do you love?


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