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It's midsummer--yesterday, technically--the longest day of the year! Hey baby, it all goes downhill from here, haha. But summer is just beginning for us in Seattle & there is a lot to love...

*Summer Elfing! Saturday was the annual Solstice parade, where we had a birthday present theme, handing out bags of bizarre gifts (mostly old elf swag) to people along the route, making a big fuss, waving ribbons in the air. I rollerskated the whole route! And I got sunburned--ooo, I do not love my sunburn, but I learned my lesson for sure. & then Sunday was the Rainbow Bakers photoshoot, in an actual pastry kitchen, as the owner/chef was also our photographer, & it was excellent fun. Weirdly colored pastries (there is food-grade spray paint, no joke), horrific frosting all over my hands, posing like superstars, meeting new elves & having the Portland elves up for the weekend--so good! 

*Sally & Thor-- oh my gosh, I love this cast. We're so silly. I am making new friends (the kind where you keep having "oh hey I like that too!" moments until you just look at them and go "we should be best friends, why aren't we best friends?" and they go "I don't know, let's do that!") & we are slowly but surely making a really funny and fun show. We open next weekend, ack! I do not feel ready in the least, but... we will be I think. 

*&etc: house and petsitting with Hank and Noah the labrador and orange cat; last-minute late calls to rehearsal mean more dinnertime with the gentleman; delicious delicious burgers and fries!; new Mary Roach books from the library, yes please; wearing shorts and sneakers in the sun (with sunscreen this time, thanks); quinoa with lime sauce oh so so good; every blog on my google reader; sleeping.

What do you love?

Date: 2012-06-22 06:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] elwood012.livejournal.com
Were there two elf groups? I arrived late and saw one near the end of the parade, but didn't see you this year. In any case, I have photos of the other group if any of the other elves are interested.

Anyways, glad to hear things are going well!

Date: 2012-06-25 07:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] elanor-two.livejournal.com
Sort of? A couple of us were backwards people--we started at the end and went toward the start of the parade, and then joined when we found the elves. So if you were near the start-middle of the route, I wasn't there til later.


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