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I am feeling SO busy today-- which is ridiculous since yesterday was my day off and I felt so relaxed, but that's how it goes. Without further ado, things I love this week:

* Walking around Green Lake with my lovely castmate JenRenee & having excellent conversations about everything under the sun.
* The sun.
* Archie McPhee's, my lord that store is bizarre and amazing and I love it so much and we found fake leeches! Well, sticky slugs, but they'll work from stage. I basically want to play with every single thing in that store. It's a retail madhouse.
*  Outdoor theater evenings - with lovely people, stuffing my face with delicious food, and watching theater, especially getting to see a play I'd never seen before: Shakespeare's Henry VIII. Suprisingly good, with some really beautiful poetry. Although that last speech about Elizabeth cracks me the fuck up, it's so brown-nosey. We were the only three laughing and kind of felt like meanies but it's SO FUNNY.
 * 14/48 KAMIKAZE - where no one even knows what they're doing til they draw it from a hat! The gent is a virgin director (I'm so proud) and it's going to be AMAZING. Relatedly, the 14/48 Blog is always quality
* No-bake Nutella Cheesecake. Kind of says it all. I made it yesterday. And it's goddamn delicious.
 * Great Britain's Showjumping gold medal! Besides being the first showjumping gold they've won in yonks, it was a legitmately thrilling competition including a jumpoff with the Dutch for gold. I was making weird jerky movements watching like I could somehow help the horses over the fences from miles and days away. I love horses.
* &etc: salami and brie; water in spray bottles to cool off from the heat; sunscreen for protecting my poor Irish skin; peanuts; my new(ish) water bottle; the fourth game of thrones book which I'm devouring at the moment; sandwiches; creatively solving stage blood problems with kitchen equipment. 

What do you love?

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