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* Successfully finding, creating and painting a bunch of props for the show (and the gentleman for his help & his power tools)
* What a great cast I'm in! did I mention our show opens in a WEEK?
* Science News magazine (I learn so much!), and reading it on the bus 
* New jazz pieces that I love on the car radio
*  I get to see two of my favorite ladies EVER this weekend, I can't wait!
* Silly shopping with two other lovely ladies in the middle of the workweek
* Reading Shakespeare out loud with a group of funny, slightly tipsy theater types, in ridiculous voices
* Warm summer nights (oh-ohhh those summer nights)
* Froyo in the shade at Green Lake
*  Philosophy over burgers and fries (& milkshake)

& also: today, as near as we can figure it, is the eleventh anniversary of the very first day I performed at the Bathhouse--as Ariel, in The Tempest. So the biggest number on this list today goes to the enormous part of my life that was and is the youth drama program there, the people I met through it, and how much it changed my life. We're going to go see two shows there tonight--one youth, one alumni--and then take dead nazi shots in celebration. Because it's tradition, and we rock more than a porch chair. xo.

What do you love?


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