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Things I Love (actually written on a) Thursday! Am still dealing with car accident/insurance/injury fallout stuff, but I think it's being dealt with all right and omg am I glad we had car insurance. Ack. Things I love:

*Trips & Weddings & Weekends! Tomorrow morning the gentleman & I are heading up to Port Townsend for the weekend for T&J's wedding. It's going to be glorious & full of friendly awesome people, and a fantastic celebration & dinner on the beach another night & seeing lots of people I don't get to see enough & dancing and a fancy party, and I'm super excited for pretty much every aspect of this weekend. I love mini-vacations and I love weddings and I love so many people that I get to see this weekend, so = ultimate win!

*&etc: this song by Mumford & Sons (& this one, and also this one), agh that band I love them; kale and beans and lemon for dinner; our new bigger and improved Council of Elders (new members are awesome); introducing a friend to the ridiculous fun that is Say Yes to the Dress; big library hauls; pretty dresses; the cool, crisp, foggy air this morning--fall is coming!

what do you lov


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