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Things I Love today:

* Business Meetings -- I am allowed to call it that, right? When in reality I'm meeting S. at a coffeeshop and spending an hour and a half planning a curriculum for co-teaching an improv workshop at my former workplace tomorrow morning? That's a business meeting, right? I am really excited about this workshop now, though! S. is an awesome improviser and teacher, and I am getting all revved-up and thrilled about writing and editing and the WC again, and this is a lovely conjunction of everything. Improv is still scary (in a good way mostly), but I can see doing some of these workshops every once in a while, especially co-teaching, which I really enjoy. 

* Wedding Weekend! It was so glorious, holy cats. The wedding was on a bluff overlooking the sound that everyone had to walk (or wheel) up to, and it was beautifully written and encapsulated so much about them, and then T's father forgot the rings becuase he'd taken them out of his pocket to polish them that morning, which was actually a really perfect unscripted moment in the ceremony, and there was an incredible parade back down the hillside, and awesome Jewish dancing on the patio, and tear-jerking toasts and loud dancing and silliness and friends and quiet hotel time with the gent and a jacuzzi tub and lovely Port Townsend. Yes please. 

* Fall, Autumn, Seasons Turning -- I feel like I love every single season the most when it starts, but fall, fall I think has my heart. (Just wait, I'll be saying that about winter the first time it snows this year.) I love the leaves' colors and the way they look fallen and falling, I love wearing sweaters and scarves, I love warm drinks and I love fall flavors, pumpkin and squashes and pie spices like cinnamon and ginger and allspice and everything else sweet with a kick. I love curling up with tea, I love the cool breezes that cut through air that's still warm from unraining summer, I love leaving my windows open and waking just a little bit more chilly than yesterday, I love baking and cooking large dishes of comfort food, I love legwarmers and knitted wrist mittens for extra warmth, I love the brightest sky blue that happens right before it goes gray for months on end, 

* &etc: unexpected morning texts from friends; starting new rehearsals with excellent people; chai lattes and pumpkin bread mix from TJ's; granny smith hard cider; watching Dr. Who with the gent (oh god I am so not ready to say goodbye to the Ponds, not ready at all, this weekend is going to be far too emotional for my own good); making art projects for Exquisite Corpse, a round-robin of art that I am so happy to be a part of; clean apartment and vacuumed floors; dinner with an old friend, catching up, eating steak, being nerdy together; making burlesque plans with new friends; colorful nail polishes in yellows and oranges and greens; this love letter to a stranger project I just discovered and joined.

What do you love?

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