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Hello lovelies! This Thursday is a good Thursday-- it started with a chiropractic appointment, and I'm spending much of it cleaning, organizing, and cooking lots of food to prepare for the coming weeks. So, in no particular order:

* Exquisite Corpse (is a round-robin art project; we're on week two, and I'm really enjoying it! I am excited to pass along my piece to my friend and then get something new and make something from that--it's a good exercise for my creative crafting muscles that don't have as much of an excuse to work out)

* Fall Weather (the light, the colors, the leaves all over the ground, (finally) the crisp snap in the air, the hint of frost early in the morning, the smell of the air, the wind picking up, snuggling under my comforter at night, wearing scarves and sweaters, I love love love)

* Melinda is back! (my trusty honda, after visiting the car hospital and costing my family far too much money, but she's back and we're getting used to each other again, the poor beastie)

* Catch-up & Prep Days (cleaning house, cleaning out the entire fridge kjbaksdaksufg finally, making food for the week, doing laundry, organizing papers, feeling on top of things for once)

* Tea (with milk and sugar, best way to wake up)

* NPR pledge drives (yes, really, part of me weirdly loves them...)

* Calls with friends (who bring good news! like engagements! & also for just talking & catching up)

* Fighting my phone & winning (thanks to the gentleman, and google, and lots of android forum posts)

What do you love?

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