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Things I love this week:

* Scarves and coats-- it's finally actually cold, not just chilly, and it's supposed to rain all weekend! (Only a Seattleite would get so excited about that, geez...) Gonna wear my boots! * Greek mythology: hilarious breakdowns of the Odyssey, gorgeous poetry about Greek ladies, pondering myths. I have a lot of Persephone feels that came to the forefront yesterday. * Crock pot! I bought one for myself the other day and I am SO EXCITED to start making delicious food in it, it's ridiculous. I even found a tikka masala recipe, akjdbkjab. Satisfying my inherent craving for Indian food while not even having to be at home to cook it? Massive win. * Cocktails on the patio, in Cath's gorgeous new apartment building, chatting Halloween with old friends & watching the sunset from the roof with dessert * Princess & the Pea tech week -- seriously, this is the easiest tech week I have ever done, and that probably includes tech weeks from middle school when I didn't even know tech was stressful. We canceled Tuesday's rehearsal because we weren't going to have sound notes done, and no one else needed it. The show is quick and funny and easy. We're likely not rehearsing tomorrow either. It's great. (Also, carpooling with Daniel & Bix is hilarious.) * Finishing old projects at work (really, from months and months ago, and of course they're never as bad as I think they'll be so I feel silly for taking so long to actually get it done, but hey, it's done now and that feels great! Time to organize my desk again.) *Instagram... now that the gentleman helped fix my phone and I can have apps again, I have become re-obsessed with Instagram. It's true. I won't deny it. I'm kind of in love... (are you on it? what's your user name?) * Freaking out about NaNoWriMo. Okay, I'll be honest, the actual panicky freaking out is something I don't love. But I do love NaNo, and I know I'll love it once I start and/or find something to get me going. So sooooon!

What do you love?


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