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Things I love this week:

* Writing Meetings with Friends -- specifically, the Emilys; we met up at Chocolati this week and spent three hours drinking chocolate, talking through story stuff, commiserating about being stuck, giving each other prods to write and working through stoppages, and writing or planning or notecarding (or in my case drawing diagrams of houses; shaddap, it's necessary to my planning for this novel). I have planned a handful of write-ins for NaNo and am getting really stoked for it all; part of what I love about doing NaNo as opposed to just trying to churn out novels on my own is the camaraderie and shared panic excitement. 

* Clothing Swaps! Means getting rid of clothes I don't want anymore (win), getting some new clothes that I really like for free (win), seeing lovely women (win) & re-meeting a woman who I knew & looked up to from the Bathhouse when I was fifteen (win!).  Clothing swaps are my absolute favorite way to get and get rid of clothes.

* &tc: making delicious new soups; stealing dinnertime with the gentleman; exquisite corpse art projects; sold-out shows all weekend at the theater & kickass front of house staff making it work smoothly even with no internet, server, or ability to actually sell tickets (yes really, we rock); fleece-lined tights (!!); chai tea lattes; quiet moments home alone with my own projects; clarifying my editing business and talking to potential clients; hilarious lip-dub filming in the dressing rooms at the theater to silly songs.

what do you love?

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