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Birthdate:Mar 19
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America

I am, in no particular order: a daughter, a friend, a student (always), an actress; a writer of words, a maker of photographs, a teller of stories; a triple major, obsessed with shakespeare, in love, a voracious reader, a drinker of earl grey tea (& many other kinds of tea), a dancer, a dreamer, an aerialist, a skeptic, a believer, a traveler and alive; when I grow up I want to be a pirate, a ninja, a crazy aunt, notorious, happy, busy, loved and someone's hero.

This journal is, in no particular order: a place to think, to muse, to rant, to explain, to rejoice, to put up parts of art. There's little throughline & I can't promise context, but there will be content.

Movie Adaptations of Books That I Adore As Much as I Adore The Book Itself Which Is Impressive, Really

(this is my city)
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"Curses!" exclaimed Sir Reginald. "Though confident of my rakish powers, that charming minx elanor_two has utterly undone me!" -poisoninjest

writing & art journal:
(friends only; comment there to be added)

Should you ever want to take over the world (an aspiration which seems to be increasingly common), you must first have a working knowledge of the following document--or else your claims are forfeit on grounds of impossibility (due to cliched villainy):
Evil Overlord List

Additionally, should you (in the course of taking over the world or otherwise) find yourself in need of a good daily comic about properly unhinged young foxes and infinetely strange but wonderful dragons, try Ozy and Millie by D.C. Simpson .

His Dark Materials is love.

Firefly Mood Theme by euterpeslullaby

Le General Friending Annoucement:
* I do not bite (unless you use me as an armrest). Feel free to friend me.
* If you do friend me, please introduce yourself--on whatever's the newest post, or something, it doesn't matter. I just like to know who you are. If you don't, chances are I may not friend you back (I may not even notice for a good while); but if you poke me & say hello, I will certainly reply.

Oo look, I got meself an award:
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Interests (111):

acting, argelfraster, ashland, barack obama, bats, books, breathing star dust, candles, castle waiting, celtic music, charms, chocolate, classics, comic books, cosmology, costumes, dead languages, degas, diana wynne jones, doodling during lectures, dragons, drama, drawing, earl grey tea, edward gorey, elizabethan drama geeks, elizabethan poetry, erasmus "razzie" wolfgang, extraordinarily strange creatures, fairy tales, firefly, fog, folklife, gadding about without shoes, germanicus caesar, glenn miller, good omens, greek mythology, guerrilla theater, hand written letters, history, how autumn smells, irish music, kit marlowe, legends, lert, marlowe: gay atheist spy, matchboxes, musicals, mythology, neil gaiman, newsies, novels, nws, odysseus, oregon shakespeare festival, oxygen, paul simon, philosophy, photography, pirates, potentiality of oxford, puns, pyromancy, quill pens, rainstorms, reading, renaissance history, robin goodfellow, sailing, salsa dancing, sandman, science fiction, scotland, seattle, shakespeare, shakespearean pickup lines, singing, snow, snow days, socrates, spontaneous meetings on buses, stories, summer thunderstorms, summers at the bathhouse, sunrises, supremely kickass rehearsals, swing music, tea, tengu, terry pratchett, the bathhouse theatre, the beatles, the greenlake cherry tree, the rowley forgeries, theater, theatre, thomas chatterton, thrift stores, thucydides, tim burton, tolkien, tpwrbutppwchabkhbng, trains, traveling, trees, ultimate frisbee, vampires, werewolves, wilde, writing
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