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So guess who just turned in her thesis? Oh, don't bother, I'll tell you: ME. It's all finished, totally & completely, emailed to Dr. E & out of my hands!
Erin & I emailed ours together, & I'm going to have to post the entire email because I find it all far too amusing not to.

Who knew this had anything to do with Paris Hilton? )

And I realized that after I turn in my dance paper (Tuesday, but it's already written) & journals (Thursday) the only homework I will have left is Donne. That's it. Proposal due tomorrow which I have already emailed to Dr McD, reading for class, one 8-10 page paper to finish, one 6-8 page narrative. That's all. & as much as I am dragging my metaphorical feet & whining like a child, it's really not all that bad; I've done worse. School is almost over. I cannot wait for summer.

AND EMILY CALLED ME! Forgive the capslock, this is my best friend & I haven't seen her for about half a year, & she's coming to Folklife so tomorrow is going to be hanging at Folklife with Emily & Melissa & I'm so very very excited!
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I would just like to state for the record--as though I have not stated this enough--that Dr. E is my hero, my saviour, & everything else I could possibly want in an advisor. Why do I always forget how helpful she is when I'm all depressed? I had a meeting with her today about my outline (the one I thought was terrible--& it's not awesome, but it's so much better than I thought) & we talked for an hour & a half, mostly about the tangent we went off on, about Margaret's childhood, which ended up with us mining Wikipedia & marveling over Rene d'Anjou's hundred titles & the exploits of his wife Isabel of Lorraine & how fantastically crazy Margaret's childhood would have been. & you know what else? It's all completely applicable to my thesis--no, let me rephrase that, it's necessary to my thesis. & you know what else? I'm pretty sure that's a good three pages right there. Plus all of the expansion I have to do about everything else that I actually know more about than I think I do. Plus rambling about John of Fortescue, who is a slippery little bastard & kind of funny. Also Anne of France & her lesson to her daughter, which includes a part about not picking your nose, of all things.
& when I came into her office she handed me a photocopy of one of her articles, printed at last! & on the top it has written "to Kenna, fondly, Theresa," & she told me that now that I've given a paper at a conference, we're peers & I've graduated to first name use. Gar. Well I just... I mean...well, um. Incoherent with academic geeky glee.

& entirely unrelated, but still important:
Do you want to hear me perform in a student directed RADIO PLAY? Yes, you do. Because...
a) radio plays are super awesome & we have to prove to Steve G that they're not a dead art form,
b) it's about a kid called Marlowe "Mars" Martin, & really, is there a better name?
c) I play the cigarette-smoking vaguely-bad girl love interest, or
d)all of the above. If you picked "d" you are correct.

Go to KSUB's website & click on the "listen now!" link to the left to tune in & listen on Saturday April 21st at 8pm.
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As crazy & overwhelming as this project is, it's really nice to have an advisor who seems to have an underlying assumption & belief that I'm perfectly capable of completing it. I do have times where I think she's wrong, but the mere fact that she believes that is probably more comforting than she knows.

& I went to her brownbag lunch talk about her project & got to join in the discussion, lots of history teachers & people who are Important People Who Know Things & yet they expect me to weigh in because apparently I know as much about this as anyone else in the room & maybe more than some. & I came up with another good point for my paper while in the discussion (the connection between normative theory & the fact that there is no medieval political theory for royal substitution or regency). It almost makes me want to go to grad school. (Almost.)

Also I walked around campus today to the library carrying three extremely large books of Parliamentary rolls from the reign of Henry VI that Dr. E gave me. I am actually tentatively looking forward to this. Is it weird that I am sort of excited to look through them? No. No, it's good. It's good...
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I think what I like most about Dr. E's critiques is that when she rips something to pieces, she tells you how to put it back together again. That, & she's just generally fun to talk to, no matter what the subject is. Also the fact that I have once again got all interested in my research project, just like I wanted to--finally, Margaret of Anjou kicked Macbeth in the pants & took over my brain again! I knew it would happen. I am now all eager to theorize about English pickiness over their monarchs--why absolute queens, ruling in their own right, are acceptable (Mary, Elizabeth I) but a century before that, queen-consorts piss everyone off (Margaret of Anjou, Isabelle of France*). I can blather on for pages about what "regency" means vs. a regency council, about the vast differences in the models of rulership, queenship, and governance between France and England, about the mutual misunderstanding between Margaret and Parliament, about how York is an eager bastard & is raising his metaphysical political hand before he really ought to, and how Margaret essentially kicks ass until York manages to kick hers. Oh, and primary sources, I suppose.

(* Okay, I know why Isabelle of France pissed everyone off. If you're foreign and you start a very blatant extramarital affair with Roger Mortimer & then leave the country & then come back to march on it with an army, & then depose your husband & try to become absolute regent for your minor son, & then conspire with your (still) lover to secretly hire people to murder your husband by sticking a hot iron bar in places where the sun does not shine, then it's fairly clear you're going to make people angry. See? Who said history was dull?)

In other news, the weather is weird as hell--fair and foul, so Macbeth was not far off. It was darkly gloomy and stormy in the morning, but by now it's bright & sunny all over and is looking green & spring-like. Spring break is going to be good. Next quarter will be good too, I think. (But what I really can't wait for is summer...)


Mar. 5th, 2007 03:05 pm
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I just got out of the most productive and best thesis meeting with Dr. E that I have ever had. I wrote an introduction & an outline last night (at about 11 or so, so I was pretty sure the quality was low) & sent it off to her. We spent an hour retooling everything. She told me what to add & where, how to move things around in the outline, the kinds of transitions that were necessary, what sort of order I should use given that it's a conference talk & not just a submitted paper, & where I could add snarky historical comments. I felt ridiculously knowledgable about my topic (something I haven't felt since...well, since ever) & also like it was something that I was perfectly able to do. I am not nervous about giving it as a presentation, either, & although the Q & A part scares me since people will be able to ask about parts I won't have read much on, Dr. E said that if some grandstanding professor gets awful it is her job to stand up & metaphorically punch them in the nose for picking on an undergraduate.
...the downside is that I have to give her a pretty solid draft by Friday. That would be okay, except that I also have to have a fairly solid draft of my ten page English paper by Wednesday. Oh, the hallowed halls of acadaemia...

four days

Mar. 4th, 2007 03:27 pm
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I feel like I have been both very busy & very unproductive lately. I'm not sure how much either of those are true, but mostly...
There was a cast party, & Andrew, Elspeth & I helped a poor drunken Sean home (Andrew & I, once again, are the task force for helping drunk people). It was fun, I guess, all around.

Earlier that day I met with Dr. E, which as always was lovely. We (& by "we" I mean "she") somehow pared down my unweildy abstract to 109 words. Hot damn. Also we worked on my application essay, which ended up being me trying to write things while saying them at the same time, & long discussions about culture & the analysis of such, & how you can find different cultures even in someplace that speaks more or less the same language (hell, she said, just to go Muckleshoot casino). We talked about traveling everywhere we've been & about how you can't really understand the artistic works of a culture until you've been in the culture. We don't really know what it means to Oedipus to be blind until you've seen the blindingly beautifully lit place that is Greece, a place where light & sight are so important. You don't really get the pilgrims in Santiago de Compostela, & why the Spanish didn't care if a queen ruled as long as someone kept the Muslims away, until you've been on the wide open roads & seen the geography. You don't get the civil wars in England, or why Henry V was always tramping around in the mud, until you go there. We talked about the strange things that the English say, & about breakfast fry-ups (I love them, she hates them). Basically it was an hour and a half of joy. I have to write an intro & outline by tomorrow. Ack.

Right now I am in the writing center & Cozy & I are working on our production books for SM class. Huzzah. I want it to be Thursday.
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I just made up a recipie, which actually turned out fairly well, & recreated a recipie of my mother's from my memory (which could have been a little smoother, but is the tastiest thing I've had in a long time). I missed cooking. Real actual cooking, where you slice up ingredients & have various different steps & taste things as you go & throw in other ingredients on the fly. I haven't done that in a long time. Maybe I'll go to cooking school like I keep saying I will. Open up that cafe or whathaveyou.

McDowell asked me today, after I told him that it was, in fact, the point of my triple major to be a Renaissance geek for life, if I knew what my plans for after college were. I said I wasn't sure. (Possibly I should have said cooking school, seen what his reaction would be). When I am in the theater all I want is to go to a PATP & sell the rest of my soul to get in. When I am talking to McDowell or Dr Bean I want to go immerse myself in literature studies & become the biggest Ren geek that ever geeked. When I talk to Dr. E & she suggests brushing up on my Spanish & working on translating Renaissance Spanish drama that hasn't been translated ever. Dear GOD the possibilities, I cannot HANDLE IT.
I also talked to Dr. E about my project, which ended up, as she said, sounding like she was coaching me through a pregnancy--"You're farther along than you think you are. You're really doing fine, you're much more ready to handle this than you think. You've got another ten weeks after this quarter is over, anyway, & I'm not expecting you to be done in March"--& etc. She told me to "go gestate" when I left.
(I'm still a little panicky, but honestly simply sitting in her office makes me calmer & more excited to tackle the project, more interested in my question again--I swear to god, this woman is like a supernatural academic force of goodness, & if I grow up to be half as amazing as she is I will live a life well satisfied.)

(Ahaha, Camille rocks & I now have new slang for stealing--"You don't need money, Erin. Five finger discount!")


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