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Non-revelatory revelation of the week: I really dislike being caught up in other people's frustration without the ability to do anything to fix it or to make them feel better. I suppose I can take comfort in the fact that it's not my fault, but in any case I don't like it.

I had a truly bizarre dream this morning which, of course, I can't remember...I know it was full of adventure and shadows and probably weird costumes, and lots of secrets, but as far as I can remember, the fun kind, so that's good. I still believe I would pay anything, up to and including pieces of my soul, for a really well-working Dream Recorder & PlayBack Device.

Speaking of which, I recently finished two books by Elizabeth Knox, Dreamhunter and Dreamquake, which are utterly brilliant & I highly, highly recommend them. She has been compared to Philip Pullman, and I can see where that makes sense--something about the world she created and the tone of the storytelling. They're so, so good--intellectually and emotionally well-done fantasy. Love it!

My body hates me...I am going to shiatsu today to see what that will do for this aerial & puppetry-induced pain. I still do not know exactly what shiatsu is, but my mom swears by it, so...we'll see.

I feel....good about life. I do. And at the same time sort of antsy, like I'm not doing as well as I could be, or not doing enough. I'm not sure. It sort of annoys me, because really--I am in an awesome play and I work for a theater and things are really good, so I can't figure out this restlessness.

I think I need to travel somewhere soon...trains. Boats. Something.

Right. Back to scanning.
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On the theme of dream interpretation:

This morning I dreamed some long, complicated interconnected dream, most of which I don't recall, and most of what I do recall is too confusing to elucidate in words. One of my favorite bits of the dream, however, was when I was sitting in a restaurant with Andrew, either watching Emeril on TV, or having come from home where I had spent several hours watching Emeril (or possibly both at once, you know how dreams are). As I was getting on my bike outside to follow Andrew around Greenlake, a young man biked past me & yelled, "don't forget to change the channel when you get home for two more hours of Emeril!" -"What channel?" I ask, and "Food Network!" he replies. "We don't have cable!" I tell him. "That's too bad!" he yells back, and bikes on.

...so possibly I need to get cable to watch cooking shows? I mean, I knew I enjoyed them. I just didn't think I enjoyed them that much.

The other part of the dream has a long and complicated lead-up, but the part I thought was funny & perhaps too indicative of my current feelings toward life is when I was standing outside my bathroom trying to prevent some man from busting in on someone who was in there, & when he smirked at me I said, "Okay, that's it, you need to get the fuck out of my house right now. OUT. GET THE FUCK OUT. NOW. OUT OF MY HOUSE."

....this probably says a lot about me right now....*sigh* (Luckily I find the fact that I dreamt that more amusing than anything. Maybe that means I got all my anger out on dream-idiot, so I don't have to do it in real life?)
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The Catholic League's rampant prejudice of HDM has reached Ireland, apparently: there was an article in the Independent, a couple of them really. Mostly I try to ignore them (though I invariably end up reading them anyway), because they just make me annoyed. But this one ended on a note that makes me think that people can, actually, be logical:

Displaying a more moderate approach, at the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales yesterday, a polite young woman explained: "We can't comment on a film we haven't seen yet."

...I just. What? A logical approach to a controversy, from either side, is stunningly beautiful news. I just wish more people would look at it that way. (I mean, hell, I'm pretty well biased in favor of HDM, I'll freely admit that; but I also can't possibly comment, in any meaningful way, on the film. Nobody has seen it yet.* Just hold your horses.)

* Except for those lucky people who went to the London premiere, which happened already. *sigh*

In totally unrelated news I had a really disturbing dream last night involving bloody noses and teeth falling out (both mine, yes) and I really don't want to go to bed. I looked up what that's supposed to mean, since I recall it being fairly common though I've never dreamt it before. Apparently it can mean anything from anxiety about personal appearance (not so much) or relationships (not so much), to worries about being silenced or not getting to say everything you want (not for myself, maybe about other people's silence, but it ain't my business), to money issues (I mean, sure, but it's nothing new & not really worrying), to the fact that it means a close friend or family member is very sick. Which of course makes me irrationally worry, despite the fact that's an ancient Chinese legend anyway, & a dream about losing teeth might just be a dream about losing teeth. Still. It was disturbing as hell, I am not a fan, & if I have any more bad dreams tonight I'm gonna...gonna...I don't know, slap a censor sticker on my brain or something. I just wanna sleep well tonight, that's all.
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I also want to write, for posterity, the dream I had this morning, which I remembered in fragments as I was waking up. [livejournal.com profile] vazavati was there with me, & we were in a grocery store that was also a school. The workers & stockers & clerks at the store were all school staff as well. Emily & I were walking through the store, looking for various things (is this analogous to shopping for classes? I'm not sure), & talking about theater, specifically Arcadia. We were enthusing about the play in general & how amazing it was, & I said that we should try to do it at school (meaning of course our grocery store academy). At the same time we were also enthusing about a professor at school, Professor Harvey I believe, who was one of those fabulous teachers with crazy interpretations that impresses all his students; we were talking about how we could get him involved, directing or being in the play. The dream jumped & Emily was not with me anymore, & I was heading to a meeting with Professor Harvey. Instead of bringing him homework I was bringing him a hardboiled egg, which I found in the store (it was a really lovely egg; sort of spotted). His office was in the cold section--a glass door next to the milk that opened onto a pleasant little room with chairs & a desk & books. I didn't dream the meeting, but I remember liking the office rather a lot.
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I had a bizarre dream about Arcadia rehearsals this morning, in that funny half-sleep where most of my dreams happen. I think the cast was living in a big house--it might have been Ki's, because I think Ki was there, trying to get everyone out of the house to rehearsal, even though Shana was directing still. At the theater everyone was milling around aimlessly, & some of the parts were shuffled around from the real cast--Kayla was there playing Thomasina, & I remember being horribly confused & wondering why I was there. Alex was there, by the tech table (which was up, though I'm pretty sure it wasn't tech), gesticulating vehemently in silence--I suppose he was Gus. Patrick was there, still as Septimus, nonchalantly saying his lines amidst the madness. I recall trying to decide if I should ask Shana what my part was anymore, or go try to find costumes.

I realized when I woke up that I haven't had a dream about a show in a while...I had ones for Three Sisters, but those happened after the show closed. But the last ones I remember having preceded shows that turned out fantastically, so I'm not worried. Although I should probably work on my lines today...
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I had a dream yesterday morning that the SU drama group was putting on Romeo and Juliet, in a strange space that was something like a stadium & something like a warehouse & something like an airline hangar & only a little like a theater. I was cast as Juliet, & Casey was cast as Romeo (Cozy I blame you for casting us in Hamlet), though he never actually was in the dream & I was never actually onstage; for most of the dream we were playing with the fight scenes, Mercutio & Tybalt & the opening boys, people like Andy & Damian & Aaron. I'm pretty sure Cozy was there, though I don't know who she was. Bill Taylor was there--directing, I think. It was kind of fun. & made me miss Shakespeare.

Also I cleaned some yesterday. & did not do any homework. That's today. That, & some kind of party thing thrown by Stef? Perez & I are confused, though we think we've got it worked out. It helped that some people were drunk & spilled things...(words, not liquids).

Anyhow. I am going to be productive for a few hours, & leave my computer behind so it doesn't distract me. & I'll leave you with a poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay.

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Have been reading Dante today; Inferno is wonderful. The scholarly notes are exceedingly helpful I have to admit, but my aesthetic side is wanting a copy of the poem bound in old covers and smelling of dust and glue. I'm such a book-romantic. It's horrible. (Am very unrepentant, though. Hee.)

I have been doing homework, really; but I did spend a lot of my time finishing up the first three Eyre Affair books, which are some of the most incredibly inventive books I have ever read. I really want to visit the Jurisfiction HQ and the Library and even the Well of Lost Plots (though with a guide, please, and preferably not pregnant; I kept wondering what on earth all that action was doing to the baby, although I suppose she's only a month along or so). And I hope that I write things, someday, as insanely creatively workable as all that.

And I've been dreaming. Oh, have I ever.

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So last night I had a dream that I got pregant and had a baby. GOD it was weird. Seriously. None of that happy-mother stuff. It was creepy. I was wandering around the house and sitting in the loft helping someone with chemistry or calculus homework (I think it was someone from the Bathhouse crowd...Charlotte, maybe? You aren't taking either, though, are you?) all while I had a huge belly, and then I gave birth (completely unlike reality). Whoever was around being the midwife person kept saying that since the labor was taking so long it meant the father was someone else. And I remember thinking, "The fuck? Someone else than who? The father can only be one person, lady!" And then I didn't want to look at the baby because for some reason I thought it was deformed. But it wasn't, it was normal, and looked a lot older than a newborn--so I was wandering around the house and helping Charlotte (or whoever, but I think it was you) with homework, carrying this baby around. Who was a boy. And then was a girl. And there was a whole air of bad-girl-teenage-pregnancy-dregs-of-society thing going on. CREEPED me out. Seriously. I am never having kids. *shudder* Hopefully less creepy dreams in future.

But Aristotle is...well, his ideas are interesting. I really wish his writing was more so. I'm going to visit NWS today. And then I'm dragging Quig to I Heart Huckabees (hooray!).

And I have an advising appointment with Madsen in...and hour and twenty minutes.


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