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Yesterday was Easter! There was the first Broadway Hour show of the quarter (we're now Sundays 10am-Noon, listen in!), & then a Ragnarok rehearsal where we stumbled through parts of the play & created some rather silly moments that I enjoy, & then an Easter Eggy party.
There was lots of good food & hanging out, & oh also, I made the best cake of all time:

A chocolate cake, you say...


Just you wait!

more cake

more more cake

I am for reals tasting the rainbow, & yeah it was better than Skittles!

The recipe / directions are from Omnomicon", although she is on a diet & uses soda in her cake; you can make the cake however you want but the rainbow directions are key!

I love this thing. (There are tons of pictures of the process of facebook if you are my facebook friend, also...)

Now back to the grind of daily gray rainy (hailing, wtf) life in Seattle. ...with cake!
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So, even with all my emotional crap, I really do love watching a good, solid, working rehearsal, especially of Shakespeare. "Do you understand why you offended them?" -"Yes! Yes. ...no...." - "Right."

Oh, I want to do this forever. (Well, not this, strictly, I want to be onstage obviously; but this--theater--forever.)

Also, when I am hungry I start to dream of really elaborate food....salads with nuts and greens, fancy lasagna, cakes with various layers (especially this rainbow cake!), tossed pasta with all kinds of tasty toppings. Oh lord....I'm hungry!

This weekend is crazy--I am at rehearsal now till 5pm, then I rehearse for Acting II with Sean, then usher for End Days (it's sold out!), then work on audition monologues & maybe music with Perez. Tomorrow is more rehearsal with Sean, BE meeting on Skype, rehearsal with Vagina Monologue girls, then probably more audition prep. Monday morning at 10:30 I'm auditioning for ACT. Hey-yeah, it begins!
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This morning, though a long coincidence, I re-found the blog of a former writing teacher of mine, Shauna, who has chronicled in this blog her love of food, reformed into gluten-free cooking, since she found out she had celiac disease--posting recipes and photos and sharing herself with the world. She is of course a beautiful writer, & I spent at least an hour wandering through her posts, remembering her, reading her gorgeous prose about the sensations of food and her adoration of her nephew, and her infinite love for her fiance, a chef--all of her stories lend me a indescribable glow.
It probably didn't hurt that the sun was out and shining gloriously today, & it was warm enough that I didn't wear my coat to school; or that dance class this morning was full of slightly tentative and awkward joy at discovering improv and our own movements in space; or that my shoes are wearing down to the point where I could feel the ground, whether concrete or dirt, beneath my feet when I walked; or that I had to squint when I walked home because of the brightness of the spring light.
Shauna's posts made me want to continue past my apartment and wander through Pike Place and gather food and create something--or to build something with my hands, or to ride a ferry in the sunshine or craft a poem, or pick up my guitar or recorder or to sing; or go back to dancing again.

Instead I'm afraid what I have to craft is this application essay, which is proving harder than it should be. I'm mired between cliches and pretentious language and inability to express what I want--which is Oh, please, I want so much to study at your school & learn things I never knew & to explore your town & your city & your country--in language that will make me look desirable as a student, rather than desperate. Ah well...Shauna would tell me to just sit down and write it, & make myself write a crappy first draft, & then return to it with gusto and fix everything again and again and again. So. Here we go.

(The blog, in case you're interested, is this: Gluten-Free Girl. Go take a look.)
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Remember this--although I went through most of the day slightly disoriented, a little upset--still, the evening was all loveliness. This evening was a passover seder, hosted by Cozy at Katie & Colleen's apartment; it was the tastiest matzo ball soup I've ever had, and drama kids sitting around coffee tables and couches and making terrible jokes and laughing at everything; it was pot roast (which everyone said was incredible), and very sweet wine and sparkling grape juice. It was a seder with parsley and saltwater and everything else that I probably can't spell properly; with lots of blessings and drinking and eating; and with the mos beautiful toast, a toast to being grateful for, among other things, love, peace, friends, clean pajamas, toes and hands and ears and breasts, caresses, wine, and many other good things on this earth.
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I had dinner tonight at Melissa's house--homemade pizza (mushroom and onion!) and vegetables. And--this just goes to show that cosmic karma rocks my world--Melissa had picked up a movie to watch, and it was the old Errol Flynn Robin Hood. (Didn't I say in the last post I wanted to watch old Robin Hood movies? Yes. Well.)

And Compline was loverly...anyone in Seattle who wants to come with me on Sunday nights let me know. Sitting on the floor and listening to beautiful music on Sunday nights is rather nice, I think. Plus I got to see E-Mac and Ben there. Think I have found new Sunday night ritual.

Toodlepip again.
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There is a table spread with comfort foods ranging from latkes to mac and cheese to shrimp and naan, and it is set and lit by candles and there are people sitting around it that I love so so dearly. And there is conversation and laughing and impromptu birthday cake and dancing, and... Suffice to say it was a beautiful evening.

And now I am torn between lovely warm happiness from that and aggravated sadness from having so much bloody homework. So I'm going to read and go to bed.

But I love you so so much.


Jan. 3rd, 2005 07:29 am
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I'm hungry. I could walk over to C-Street but I am a lazy arse. And when I go to the website to find out the rest of Bon's hours, the "hours" link takes me to a "What's New" page in which they inform me that Bagel Oasis is coming to campus, and while that is all very well and good, it isn't what I want to know! Bah, I say. Lack of food is making me cranky. I will be going over there soon.

Woke up at four again. Joy. Dozed till six thirty, when I read my Shakespeare book, hurrah. Today marks the day of the beginning of school again. Am feeling more inclined toward that now that I am awake and feeling less like a dead thing. I think I'm coming down with a cold though. Grrrargh.

There is massive condensation on the inside of my window. Brrrr cold.

Sam's Survey )

Time for breakfast!
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Jennie's was fun. We clowned around in true Tara Academy style (read: making things up on the spot), and managed to fit the Lunasa medley and our two hand into one reel, and the hardshoe into another. Moohaha.
I had a dream this morning that Lizzie was telling me that she, Olivia and possibly Caitlin were dancing, didn't I know? And I was wailing, then what was the point of me going to Jennie's at ALL?

It was good, though, to dance and move and laugh with somebody I know. Plus I gave up on seeing the play and stayed for dinner instead, and hot damn was it good food. Ahh, homecooked breaded cod and yams. Apple crisp for dessert. Bliss.

Register today. Am feeling a little silly about taking Precal, considering I had calc senior year; but my SAT scores suck enough that I think I'd have to take tests and so forth to prove I can take calc and I probably wouldn't do so well anymore. Anyhow Madsen says the teacher is very good, so...I'll just go with that I suppose.

Last night I went to bed at ten, fell asleep relatively soon after that, and slept..like..like a thing that sleeps. It was nice.

Pointless, boring post. I want my life to be more...NCPS. Need weird stuff. A werewolf or two, if nothing else. Pah.
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What am I doing, trying to write an entry while talking to three people at once?

Whoa. Smells of microwave popcorn drifting through the window...

I spent most of the weekend at home feeling unwell, and therefore sorry for myself, in a debilitating cycle. *sigh* Gad, I'm stupid sometimes. But I did finish book eight of the Ethics, and I have topic for Plato paper. And I managed to pick myself up and get back to my dorm.

I went to dinner tonight at Madsen's, with Kyle, Elaine and Erin...it was good. The food was delicious and homecooked and the conversation was interesting and we laughed and it was sort of comforting. My stomach is a little sore still, but it's the sore of eating-much-good-food rather than the sore of not-enough-food-and-bad-at-that.

My audition was on Saturday. On Friday I worked with Shana and did some fabulous things, I love it when acting goes right. My audition went...okay, I guess. I did the monologue well, I thought, although not as brilliantly as when I hit it on the head on Friday. He asked if I knew any jokes and my mind went blank, which in retrospect was probably a bad thing. I didn't get called back, though...*sigh* Someday, dammit, I will be in that play. Someday. Next quarter SU is doing "Top Girls" and if I don't get into that, I shall march into SSC and ask to be Kelly's assistant for Love's Labours.

But I had an interesting moment sitting in the small room just off East Hall Theater, staring at the old wood of the walls and the old-but-loved building, waiting for my turn in front of a director I'd never met, surrounded by people I didn't know (except my mother of course), but who all shared a passion with me, of that much I could be sure. And I had a brief thought of This could be my life. I could spend my life doing this, putting myself forward, spilling myself out to people I don't know and may never see again, all for a chance to stand under some lights and pretend to be somebody I'm not. It was utterly thrilling.
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It melts so perfectly after it's been sitting in my pocket for seven minutes. The pressure on my front teeth as I bite, hard, and the hollow, deep snap of the piece breaking off. It falls onto my tongue and smooth layers melt off as my tongue rolls it around, sucking the rich taste back into my throat--and then it's gone, leaving a bitter, rough taste on my tongue and my lips.
There is no substance in this world more perfect than good dark chocolate. None.


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