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Happy belated birthday to me! It was my birthday & TiLT yesterday, so a combined post will have to do....

*It's officially SPRING! I know, I know, it's horrible out--but that off & on rain, high winds and weird clouds is just how Seattle does spring. So it feels right to me. & every time I walk up our porch and past the Daphne outside I get hit with a waft of that spring-like smell that is so incredibly sweet and good.

* Dead Nazis! Best shot ever. I actually really don't like taking shots that much, but I adore Dead Nazis, partially for the nostalgia & love associated with them, & mostly because it feels like a girl scout thin-mint cookie is burning its way down into your stomach. Awesome.

* Patrick & Elsa for having birthday fun-times at BluWater with me last night! & the waitress for being so incredibly patient with us, haha. :)

* Philip for being essentially part of the party via text message, including some of the best message exchanges I have seen in my life. I just shot a dead nazi )

* I went to the dentist yesterday too, which was not exactly my first choice, but was told that my teeth are terribly healthy & my gums are doing well! So....that's exciting.

* I went swimming today after Elsa & I saw Davey audition. Man, I am SO BAD at swimming, but I can already tell it's going to be good for me once I get my stamina back up. Plus chlorine, which smells good. Weirdly.

* Cookies with Patrick today!

* Belatedly--I saw the Seafarer on Wednesday with Cozy & Elspeth & OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING. I would gladly go see it again. It was just so ridiculously IRISH in the most real way, & so well-done in every single aspect. As Elspeth said, my belief was totally suspended. Plus it was a complete nostalgia-fest--Cozy & I literally started tearing up when the pre-show announcement began in Gaelic--& I miss Ireland so, so much.

*Seriously, I think my spring quarter might be manageable. Insane, but possible--and, once I get this history paper done with, it will ALL be theater. ALL OF IT, somehow or another (my two classes are Shakespeare in Performance with the inimitable Bill Taylor, and Business of Art, the Drama senior synth class; plus SITE, Ragnarok, & MSR).

There is much good in my life right now. Much.

& now to take a post-swim shower & make myself all prettified--I'm going to the theater tonight!
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Leeann left this morning--or rather, I left this morning to go to work & she left some time after that. I took some pictures (she took some others), so expect a full update-y picture-y post when I get those uploaded! Hopefully soon. :) It was grand fun, anyway, & I got to pretend I was on vacation (sort of) in order to show her Seattle & hang out & everything. So hurray!

In other news, I am stupidly busy in weird ways that I feel like...I don't know, these are all things that shouldn't make me busy but somehow are? It's strange. I have a ton of lines to learn for the last three scenes in Acting II, not to mention actually rehearsing those scenes, plus VagMonos this week is stressing me out...I'm superproud of all the women & everyone who's been working on it & I know it's going to turn out all fantastically, but I'm still worried. Ack.

Also, still have not touched history. Need to email Fr. M about that. Plus books I have that I haven't even read yet are starting to be overdue. Uh-oh.

& I met with Ki again on Monday & am about to start in on another draft...this is turning out to be rather different than when we started, which I suppose is what happens when you draft things, but is also a little weird. & I feel behind. Which I guess I will always feel like.

Ah, I am not as depressed as this sounds! Not at all, things are going well, just busily. I have a readthrough for "Wonders of the Swirling Night" tonight, & I am really thrilled about that. Good things are happening.
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Hello world!
Leeann is here! & I've been showing her Seattle & also dragging her to lots of fight calls (ah, theater). Yesterday we poked around Fremont; today we met up with her friend's cousin & his fiancee & had lots of ridiculously tasty food. & then spent Saturday night at my house knitting. Yup.
Tomorrow, which I guess is today now, is probably going to be Pike Place, & also her friend from Portland is driving up to meet up with us so it should be a grand party! It's been very exciting. :)

I am starting to get seriously freaked out about Vagina Monologues. Not because I don't think it will be fine, but because I am a worrywart.

I am also generally horrified at myself for NOT doing any work on history since, like, ever--by which I mean about two weeks ago, but still. I guess it doesn't help that I also feel behind on the script, which I have actually been working on, so there we go. I feel like I'm doing a lot, but when I list it all out it doesn't sound like a lot. I am just good at stretching it out? I am sleeping more? That is a bad thing? I'm not sure.
I plan to pretty much spend my entire spring break reading things for history, and sewing. That's it. Mostly reading, though.
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Perez & I went to see Coraline in 3D last night.

Oh. My. Goodness. It was absolutely incredibly magical. The 3D for the most part was hardly noticeable--I mean, I forgot it was 3D & just watched it as a gorgeous movie--& then suddenly a needle would come out of the screen right at my face!--or the tunnel would open up backwards--& then keep going backwards, and going, forever! Oh lord.

& besides the 3D the movie was just magical anyway--it was a very good adaptation (huzzah, another one to add to the list), & great voice acting & totally fantastically weird animation--it was just beautiful. I felt like a little kid. I literally gasped with wonder several times.

& today I need to get cracking on the script--Ki gave me plenty to do. I need to bascially do a total rewrite, which is good, but intimidating. Perez thinks I can sit down & hammer out a new draft in two hours. I am scared.

Plus I have not looked at my history project in about a week & I'm feeling more & more mulish about the whole thing the longer I procrastinate--which is never a good sign. Agaah. Possibly interviewing Bartlett Sher will get me back on track? Hooboy.

But I have callbacks tonight for the spring show! & all the ones I have read look like fun indeed, & they want me to play my recorder (of course the only song, per se, that I know is the one I played in As You...but oh well). & tomorrow is rehearsal with Nick & cleaning my entire house. Yowza. Because I won't have any time on Thursday--& Leeann arrives on Friday!
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I got to SEE people! It was fantastic. I went to Lewis' condo briefly, & saw many people (including Alex, who stupidly is leaving today, so boo, & Liz & Mike, who thankfully are not), & then went to Ballard & saw Zoe (& ate her cupcake leftovers*) & Kaya & Gabe & Anna & Abbey. Oh joy! & then we saw Dearboy, & they rocked--as usual. I have one of their songs stuck in my head. Anna & talked about how we really want to be in a band & how we were never that cool in highschool. Oh woe.

[*"Cupcake Leftovers" should probably be a band name.]

& then Jared & Elsa picked me up & I spent the night at Elsa's, where we read abridged-scripts & parodies of various things, & then watched most of a bootlegged copy of Twilight. Guys....it really is that bad. For real, it really is. I cannot even tell you. Broody McBrooderton Sparkle Twinkletoes & his Mary Sue Special Snowflake Girlfriend. It's hilarious! I mean, it's very pretty--I'll grant you that. & I can see, believe me, why it is so popular--because nearly every girl of a certain age wants to be Bella. & it's very lustful & chastely pornographic. But. But...it's so ridiculous!

...is it bad that I want to see it again, in a better quality picture? Ok, Edward =/= my type (I prefer vampires with brains instead of intolerable angst), but he is prettification, & it is funny. Oh dear. I am lost.

Elsa tried to make me read the books. Help! Heeeelllp!

& we also talked script this morning, adding in a scene that I am terrifically excited for. I get to break up fights! & defend my honor! & drop ungraded papers to the floor in shock! Oh, goody! :D

Anyway. I am in a sort of absurdly good mood for how little sleep I got (I am probably running on adrenaline) & also I have mightily abused exclaimation points in this post, for which I apologize; please don't hold this against me.

I am going to go be productive now. Or possibly eat more cottage cheese. I am not sure.
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Several links I just ran across, regarding the issue of posting one's artistic works online. Pixel-stained Technopeasant Wretchery Day comes from this post, which asks people to post one artistic work online, publicly and free (keep reading for the reason). The post also contains a link to the rationale behind this: SFWA's community & this post, a "rant" from Howard V. Hendrix, SWFA's current VP.
It's a fascinating piece, really--I'd say anyone involved in postable artistic works (words, photography, drawings, videos, anything) should read it. As one of the commentors said, "The Internet is today's public library," & while I adore the printed word like few things else, he has a point--the Internet is where a lot of new writers find a community & get a place in the world.

Hendrix has other ideas. Just a taste: "I think the ongoing and increasing sublimation of the private space of consciousness into public netspace is profoundly pernicious. ....
I'm also opposed to the increasing presence in our organization of webscabs, who post their creations on the net for free. A scab is someone who works for less than union wages or on non-union terms; more broadly, a scab is someone who feathers his own nest and advances his own career by undercutting the efforts of his fellow workers to gain better pay and working conditions for all. Webscabs claim they're just posting their books for free in an attempt to market and publicize them, but to my mind they're undercutting those of us who aren't giving it away for free and are trying to get publishers to pay a better wage for our hard work."

Call me crazy, but that feels a little like a slap in the face. Sure, [livejournal.com profile] field_of_ink, where I post all my works, is friend-only--partly for the private feeling, partly just to monitor who is reading it, partly because that is a way to keep it in my own domain legally so I could publish it later--but I have never once turned down a request to friend that journal, nor will I ever, unless I find someone purposefully maligning it in some way, which is supremely unlikely.

But I think the point of this posting--friends-only or not--is the sharing of it. I am not John Donne; unlike the 17th century gentleman poets, I don't have the advantage of a tight-knit coterie of like-minded writers with whom I share my work, who all live in close proximity; I can't circulate manuscripts like that. Livejournal is my version of coterie manuscript writing. It's how I share my work, ask for feedback, & read other writers' works, both by friends & strangers I've never met.

So, I will now hold my pixel-stained, technopeasant wretch head up high, & give you my latest poem. I doubt many people will see this that can't see it in FoI, but hey. It's the gesture I'm going for. So, scary & public, here you go:

metaphysical conceits )
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I am in Cozy's room...we just finished a ouija (an ouija?) session that was the most amazing conversation I've ever had with the afterlife. (Well. Considering this is basically my third conversation with the afterlife or whatever one calls it, I'm not running on much, but it was awesome.)
He was a 91 year old when he died, in 1971, in New Mexico. We chatted for a while, asking test questions (he got my highschool nickname & Cozy's middle initial), just asking random questions--he was married, with two children, & he was a dentist. We asked if he had a message for us, but he said no, he just wanted to chat. He was really specific, & very fast between letters--no lagging or being confused, very very clear & quick.
Cozy asked if he knew where she was going to study abroad: M-I-L-A-N, he spelled out.
Then we asked about theater (seriously, dorkiest ouija question I ever heard)--whether there was going to be Shakespeare while Cozy & I were here.
.... )

It was hilarious & amazing...sort of like being teased by your grandpa, who just wants to hang out with you for a while. He said he wasn't from around here, but I kinda hope he comes back or that we can contact him again.
Katie & Colleen are coming now...hopefully there will be other amazing conversations. Haha! So much fun! I have never quite done this before...

ETA, the next morning: We had more conversations. It's actually really exhausting, talking to whatever it is that's going on, thinking of questions. I left the room during one conversation to talk to Joel for a long while, sitting in the Bellarmine lounge by the windows. When I got back the girls & Andy were deep in intent conversation with someone they called "AB" who I gathered had died of AIDS, fairly recently (1997). They were asking about crushes & drama drama & various other similar things & as far as we could tell--since we kept asking--AB was having as much fun chatting about all these things as we were. It was really truly bizarre. What was even weirder was when Cozy's roommate got home & we had to move, & we told AB, We're going to the basement, same building, is that okay? Can you find us? YES, says the board. & when we get to the basement & sit down & ask, Are you there, AB? it shoots right to YES. ...so this guy really liked to talk...altogether I think he was talking to us for a couple hours.
People asked many many questions...mostly about relationships & their future, which I mostly exempted myself from since I discovered that I really don't want to know; & even if I did get an answer, I wouldn't know whether to believe it or not. Weird...
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Today's geek-fest: The Stardust trailer is now online!
It looks very different from the book, but then most adaptations are, even the faithful ones, & Neil Gaiman has been involved & he likes it & I trust his taste. So I'm pretty excited. (Plus, Charlie Cox & Claire Danes? I'm so there.)

Also, I have successfully hooked Joel onto Slings & Arrows. Which is good, as it is brilliance incarnate on a DVD. If I haven't introduced you yet, call me an idiot, & tell me when you're free, & you too can be inducted into the glory that is a tv show about theater. (I swear, it gets better every time I see it.)
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So basically the History Channel is the best thing on TV.* They take metaphors & run with them for a ridiculously long amount of time, they have awesome recreations, they have the most wonderfully serious academic people & a really silly dramatic narrator, & you can make your own Dark Ages Character online!
Plus the silly dramatic narrator just said we were in "Reems." We're pretty sure he meant Reims, but the History Channel might have secret access to a famous city we've never heard of...

*I can say this because neither Firefly nor Slings & Arrows is on TV, & Studio 60 is on hiatus. Therefore, ladies & gentlemen, I give you the History Channel.

ETA: Let's just do a running commentary on everything people say:
"In 580 AD, the empire strikes back." (Ahaha, 6th Century Star Wars!)
"Life was shrouded by the long shadow of Death."
"Charles 'The Hammer' nailed down his plans..." (Ohhh...bad.)
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We talked to ghosts! (Well, some of us certainly communicated with something. & it was wicked...)
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I had a really good idea for my lit paper this morning, as I was lying in bed with my half my head thinking, the other half foggy, & my limbs unable to move. Unfortuneately I didn't, or couldn't, get up and write it down; I rolled over and went back to sleep instead, & now I'm stuck being annoyed because I can't remember what it was. C'est la vie de academie, I suppose. At least I have a thesis, which is more than I usually begin with. Wa-hey!

Last night I went to talk to Erin about Search & we ended up in the lobby (because Camille came home), sitting with Kristen, joined by Matt, joined by Andy. I think I'll have to agree with [livejournal.com profile] leeann_marie--if laughter is the best medicine, I'm as healthy as can be. Erin was delirious with lack of sleep, & I doubt that the boys & I were much more awake, really. We were being utterly ridiculous, looking through the Ballard Designs catalog that Erin randomly got--& called "Billiard Designs" because she was so tired. We liked every clock on every page, & so decided to have a hallway in a house with all sorts of different clocks all set to a slightly different time--all within the same fifteen or so minute period, but all vaguely different. I like this. & then Matt points to a leather chaise & says, "I want that, for when I'm a landed gentry," which led into Matt & I becoming The Duke & Duchess of East Yakima, Esq., because, as Erin eloquently pointed out, "Eastern Washington is feudalism waiting to happen!" Andy was my lover/stableboy, & the absent Andrew was Matt's turkish servant/lover, & we had great plans for raiding Harmony's costume shop for our clothing.
"We can get things from Seattle!" -"Seattle is not the far east, Sir!"
"Ah sir, the opium shipment from the far off French outpost of Coeur de Lane is here!" -"Good, the opium...I was going to look out over my cattle today, but my gout is acting up...I'll just sit here & smoke opium." -"And think of your sunny pleasure dome?" -Erin, Matt, Erin. The fact that we can still make bad literature jokes while completely delerious testifies to...well, either to our utter geekdom or the rigorous education of the honors program. Possibly both. We plan to write a novel. Also we played spin the cellphone, which turned into pass the kiss, which turned into Andy, Matt & I trying to play pass the clap (which is pointless with three people), which turned into pass the toy boat, which is Bobby's new hellish warm up. (Less than three.)

& I got a 99% on my Shakespeare paper, so I feel all glowy & happy about that. Also, Richard is a conniving, evil, clever, admirable little bastard. Really he is.

And we got the new English major curriculum & plan today, & there are so many nifty classes coming up. I am thrilled. McDowell's teaching a class on Donne next spring. I am so there.

I decided last night that I am going for three majors, five years. I couldn't come up with a good reason not to. I have the time, I have/can wrangle the money; I have my parents' support (hell, it was their idea!); I have a great desire to major in all three areas & I can't decide which to drop. Cripes. I am going to have a mad, mad three years...


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