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Tonight I spent time with Patrick & Anna & oh my gosh I love them so much. It is good to know that should I be at loose ends when I am thirty-five, I can move in with both of them & we'll raise children in a pseudo-polygamous weirdly-habited co-parenting artistic household. Just in case! LOVE.

The other main thing I did today was to have a two and a half hour aerial class, which surprisingly does not hurt as much as I thought (though I may be feeling it tomorrow). Can I just talk for a moment about how amazing aerial is?
I don't like working out. I like feeling active, I like doing things--but I hate gyms, and if I'm not DOING something to be active--Ultimate or horse riding or something--I just won't do it.
I have never, ever, NOT wanted to go to aerial class. Ever.
And this hurts, let me tell you--there are moves I know I could do that I still haven't got yet, simply because I haven't gotten over the pain threshold. And I am, usually, a baby about painful things, but honey, if it's the right kind of pain, sign me right up, and I am so determined to do this as well as I possibly can that even when moves hurt I want to try them over and over again. I do not care if I have bruises all on my thighs, because I figured out my own drop move in the hoop today. I do not care that I could not move my fingers for several hours without feeling like they were burned, because now I can do gazelle on the rope or the silks almost without thinking about it. I do not care that my lats twinge when I stretch up because it means I was using them every time I went up into straddle or hook and that is a good thing.

Holy crap you guys I LOVE THIS. I have goals....small and large.
1) get my damn same-leg hook under control without wimping out for god's sake, which leads into
2) get catchers reliably.
3) straddle in the air, so that i can do all these drops & high tricks without simmone pushing me up (this means abs abs abs and biceps, mostly)
4) choreography. when i have some good ones,
5) choreograph a routine to Led Zepplin's Kashmir (hoop, probably, though maybe silks)
[other songs under consideration, seriously or not: Candyman, Edith Piaf, and Queen. Mostly Zepplin, though.)
6) perform. anywhere.

I wonder if I should come up with a stage name for aerial performing? And if I do...any ideas? :D

I wanna go back to class tomorrow. I LOVE THIS.


Aug. 5th, 2009 09:15 am
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Summer is good for many things, not least of all that when you get late-night phone calls to cheer you up, you can stand outside in the quiet suburbian world & watch the moon while you listen. I like that.
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So guess who just turned in her thesis? Oh, don't bother, I'll tell you: ME. It's all finished, totally & completely, emailed to Dr. E & out of my hands!
Erin & I emailed ours together, & I'm going to have to post the entire email because I find it all far too amusing not to.

Who knew this had anything to do with Paris Hilton? )

And I realized that after I turn in my dance paper (Tuesday, but it's already written) & journals (Thursday) the only homework I will have left is Donne. That's it. Proposal due tomorrow which I have already emailed to Dr McD, reading for class, one 8-10 page paper to finish, one 6-8 page narrative. That's all. & as much as I am dragging my metaphorical feet & whining like a child, it's really not all that bad; I've done worse. School is almost over. I cannot wait for summer.

AND EMILY CALLED ME! Forgive the capslock, this is my best friend & I haven't seen her for about half a year, & she's coming to Folklife so tomorrow is going to be hanging at Folklife with Emily & Melissa & I'm so very very excited!
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I am in Cozy's room...we just finished a ouija (an ouija?) session that was the most amazing conversation I've ever had with the afterlife. (Well. Considering this is basically my third conversation with the afterlife or whatever one calls it, I'm not running on much, but it was awesome.)
He was a 91 year old when he died, in 1971, in New Mexico. We chatted for a while, asking test questions (he got my highschool nickname & Cozy's middle initial), just asking random questions--he was married, with two children, & he was a dentist. We asked if he had a message for us, but he said no, he just wanted to chat. He was really specific, & very fast between letters--no lagging or being confused, very very clear & quick.
Cozy asked if he knew where she was going to study abroad: M-I-L-A-N, he spelled out.
Then we asked about theater (seriously, dorkiest ouija question I ever heard)--whether there was going to be Shakespeare while Cozy & I were here.
.... )

It was hilarious & amazing...sort of like being teased by your grandpa, who just wants to hang out with you for a while. He said he wasn't from around here, but I kinda hope he comes back or that we can contact him again.
Katie & Colleen are coming now...hopefully there will be other amazing conversations. Haha! So much fun! I have never quite done this before...

ETA, the next morning: We had more conversations. It's actually really exhausting, talking to whatever it is that's going on, thinking of questions. I left the room during one conversation to talk to Joel for a long while, sitting in the Bellarmine lounge by the windows. When I got back the girls & Andy were deep in intent conversation with someone they called "AB" who I gathered had died of AIDS, fairly recently (1997). They were asking about crushes & drama drama & various other similar things & as far as we could tell--since we kept asking--AB was having as much fun chatting about all these things as we were. It was really truly bizarre. What was even weirder was when Cozy's roommate got home & we had to move, & we told AB, We're going to the basement, same building, is that okay? Can you find us? YES, says the board. & when we get to the basement & sit down & ask, Are you there, AB? it shoots right to YES. ...so this guy really liked to talk...altogether I think he was talking to us for a couple hours.
People asked many many questions...mostly about relationships & their future, which I mostly exempted myself from since I discovered that I really don't want to know; & even if I did get an answer, I wouldn't know whether to believe it or not. Weird...
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Remember this--although I went through most of the day slightly disoriented, a little upset--still, the evening was all loveliness. This evening was a passover seder, hosted by Cozy at Katie & Colleen's apartment; it was the tastiest matzo ball soup I've ever had, and drama kids sitting around coffee tables and couches and making terrible jokes and laughing at everything; it was pot roast (which everyone said was incredible), and very sweet wine and sparkling grape juice. It was a seder with parsley and saltwater and everything else that I probably can't spell properly; with lots of blessings and drinking and eating; and with the mos beautiful toast, a toast to being grateful for, among other things, love, peace, friends, clean pajamas, toes and hands and ears and breasts, caresses, wine, and many other good things on this earth.
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There is really nothing like driving in the sun with good music playing to make me feel better (and feeling that little kick of the engine as it shifts up the hill, yes). Which I have just done, and therefore feel better. And also being woken up by a phone call from my mother to say it's the Library Book Sale today and can I be ready in half an hour to be picked up? Yes, I can. And so I now have lots and lots of new books--all of which I left at home except my new Complete Works of William Shakespeare (!) because that is necessary for life.

And now I'm going to go paint with Erin. Or maybe we'll just get stuck watching Nightmare Before Christmas, who knows.

Also, I love you all so incredibly much; thank you so much for, for, for everything, I don't know. Being alive. Lovelovelove always.


Apr. 3rd, 2005 03:15 am
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Tonight was rather good, hurrah! I spent the day being sort of tired and mopey (note to self--don't oversleep; it makes you more tired and it sucks), and vaguely doing some homework, but mostly being entirely useless. I went and got dinner--I was going to get sandwiches, but it had all closed down, so I bought soup and rolls instead--and I sat on the corner of Broadway and Madison, on the stone SU sign, and ate soup, waiting for Erin. A man wandered by smoking a cigarette and sang at me for a minute, which oddly enough wasn't at all creepy. He was very friendly. Then Erin and I wandered around the video store for about an hour--I exaggerate not--and finally found Life of Brian and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

We stopped in QFC to get chicken for Erin (I don't know. She wanted chicken) and had a long and bizarre conversation at the deli counter with a tall pony-tailed man in a black utilikilt, beret with celtic pin, and leather jacket. I was being mean to Erin (because she's mean to me) and he said something about her being a troublemaker three aisles over.
"Oh, yes," I said meaningfully, trying not to laugh.
"I stab people," Erin said, in that mock-serious way she has. "I kill them."
"She stabbed me," I said. "We had to sew it up with yarn."
...and so on. And then he noticed the pirate pin on my bag, and said, "oh, you're a pirate! That explains everything," which for some reason I thought was hysterical. And then he told me at great length about a song about pirates who don't do anything (a Veggietales song, apparently), and his girlfriend (?), who looked kind of amused, told me not to be too bothered, or something. I wasn't. I thought it was fabulous.

We watched Brian, with Elaine and Tara, and then Elaine's little sister who is visiting. I love that movie. It's so...sacriligous. *grin*
Then we went to the Bistro and sat around and talked and laughed a lot--lots of stories of Elaine and Elise's car accidents, and random gossip about fellow students. All very horrific of course. :D (Also much talk of the KFC Club, which is not about fried chicken. *snerk*) At the end the Bistro was playing Enya on the sound system, which was really bizarre. I mean, yes, I like Enya, but at the Bistro?
And then we went back and Erin and I read bits off [livejournal.com profile] m15m (which is hysterically funny--go there and read the memories), and then watched A Funny Thing Happened.... Up Sondheim! It was hilarious.

And I walked back in the breeze and the dark and the little bit of rain, and it is gorgeous outside. Also the birds are singing like it's six am. I do not understand this. Why are the birds being so bloody loud in the middle of the night? WTF, as they so eloquently say? I do not know...it may keep me awake. Because of the walk, or something, I am now more wide awake than I have been all day. Maybe I'll do homework, since I'm suddenly not tired. No, seriously. I think I'll read Astronomy.

P.S. From Maggie--ta, Maggie!--go read this. It's hysterical, especially, as she says, for anyone subjected to a 'politically focused humanities class.' Zinn and Chomsky commentary on ROTK.
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I love Bathhousian parties. Someday we will have a proper fondue party--the chocolate turned out well though, I must say. Those strawberries were to die for. Next time the cheese will be just as good, I swear. And everyone piling on the couch in the dark, with random music playing in the background, and insane flashes of light from cameras, and Papal Death Watch 2005 (we are so horrible), and dance party time! Did we ever actually get through one whole song? Bohemian Rhapsody, possibly. Also I have never freak-danced before, so thank you Patrick.

Rose and I are plotting to have a joint birthday party sometime soon. Hee.

....and no callbacks por moi. Dammit. I wouldn't really have minded much not being cast if I could have been called back, but no...not for me. Means I have to get a real job this summer. Darn.

Also I have an insane amount of reading to do for History and Art and Lit and GAHHH and a lab write up and OH where has my motivation gone... if I'm like this now I can only imagine how bad it will be in four weeks. *sigh*
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I am, at the moment, exceedingly tired in that sort of deep pressure in the back of my head way, as a result of getting only four hours of sleep last night. I was going to get more, but I wanted to burn things. Ok. Um. Chronogically, then:
More or less chronologically, anyway... )

I was tired, obviously:
"Wait, wait, Dad--get the, the cord...from the computer...the LSD cord. No. The LS...the...camera thingy." -Me (Yes. An LSD cord. You plug it in the computer and the hard drive goes hallucinogenic. Ehehe.)
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...wow, I feel like I haven't been here in a while.

Mmmmkay, watched Alias. Is it just me or did they use the whole "Oooh, looky, it's not really Intelligence, fooled ya!" gig already? Like sister like sister, apparently.
Still, Nadia kicks ass. Oh boy yes. And I reeeeeally liked the cinematography on the flashback sequences. Almost black and white but not quite.
...buried ALIVE? Whoah okay. Alias is getting creepier and disturbinger as it goes on...
OH! And Lena Olin is coming back! *Alias fan-dance of glee*

Mmmkay. Emily and I watched all of Neverwhere last night, that was fun. And then walked the dog for a long time this morning....felt like summer. Missed the trampoline though.

And I worked on my room more. Nearly done. Am actually going to sleep there tonight, hurrah!

...I feel like my LJ is really boring right now. Apparently I only want to write here when I don't have time to do so. Go figure, right?

OH, haha, one more thing: Who wants to go see Sin City with me? It looks dumb and gorgeous. :D
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I think I did a little homework between Bible class and horse meeting; at least, I hope I did, because I really didn't for the rest of the night. Erin and I had dinner and hung out in her room watching the extended RotK and being utterly and unexcusably geeky. We stopped that to watch Alias* and Law and Order (my TV candy, her TV candy, in that order)...and then back to disc two of RotK. *snerk* We made horrible comments to the screen and went all fangirly on Faramir (so sue me, I think he's the best bloke in the film), decided it was too close to call between doing Merry and Pippin, and generally were really dorky. It was fun. *grin*
Also I got lots more inches on my scarf and kind of figured out how to do the silver bits (chain stich, smart one. Thanks Erin), which maketh me a happy child.
I'm burning Fellowship and Two Towers soundtracks for Erin, cause she burnt me Return of the King (huzzah and yay!) I really should go to bed, but, you know, I don't have class tomorrow, so....fuck it. :D

*Wtf is up with the finger? And the branding? Kind of twitchy. But Nadia is so damn cool and if she dies I will seriously hurt somebody. Like, the writers of the show. And there had better be more Sark, and there had better be more bubbly, and more Sark baiting Vaughn because, well, whoah yes. Also I really, really blame [livejournal.com profile] raelala for planting Jack Bristow/Arvin Sloane slash ovetones in my head, because now they won't go away. And Jack called him "Arvin" which to my knowledge he has never done, and my brain went, ohmygawd, they ARE--and I really had to tell myself to shut up. Hahaha. I'm such a dork about that show.
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Okay, kids...all you people who were in the last Bathhouse Invasion of Downtown (which movie was that? I can't even remember) and those who want to be involved next:

CONSTANTINE. We have to go. It's like the Matrix meets Van Helsing only, apparently, a little better. Still taking-itself-too-seriously-and-therefore-funny, however...plus there are androgynous angels and the Spear of Despair (that which killed Jesus, what'd you know?) weilded by a Mexican peasant, and cross-shaped guns. That's really the clincher. You know you want to see Keanu Reeves* kicking demon ass with a cross shaped gun.
Who's with me?

*Sure, I know he's terrible. But I quote from a review: "Keanu Reeves, who has often detracted from movies in which he appears, has a neutral and occasionally even positive impact on it." To which I say...ouch. :D
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Okay, just when I thought we were too creepily similar to be normal, it gets worse. Oy. :D
We spent most of history talking about archeology, which rocks my socks. As we went to get food:

Me: If I wasn't already headed for History and Lit majors I would totally go in for forensic archeology. It's awesome.
Erin: Yeah--wait, you're majoring in History and English too?
Me: Well, yeah.
Erin: I was actually gonna do a Creative Writing major--
Me: No, no you weren't. I am.
Erin: *stares* Don't tell me you're minoring in Biology.
Me: *blink* Um. Well. Actually...

...which went into a long argument about who stole whose major first. *snerk*

So that's that. Apparently I have a twin who lives in Spokane with brothers and a forensic medical examiner mother. Who knew?


Feb. 5th, 2005 10:25 pm
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Pagliacci with Anneka, Anna and Charlotte. Shopping for fondue ingredients while singing Wicked, and walking to Naka's house in the dark, singing musicals loudly. Making fondue in the kitchen, and failing miserably--never add sugar, it doesn't work--and dancing and singing, which happens constantly. I love it. Anna trimming Charlotte's hair; Corinna making sure we left brownies for her in the morning. Laughing over teen magazines; trying to fit four people on Anneka's bed; cuddling tiredly, listening to musicals. Charlotte as Naka's personal typist on IM.
I left feeling utterly miserable about winter quarter, and wanting it to be summer more than ever.

quizzes )

To ALLIE and LIZ: Call me!
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We just blew up a plastic heart.

It was one of those funky gel ones, made of that stuff that sticks to anything (except, apparently, my forehead, which means--according to Andy--that I am the devil. However the next time he tried it, it stuck; apparently the exorcism was fast and painless). Andy decided he wanted to see what would happen if we stuck it in the microwave, so we put it in his and watched as it got all flat and bubbly and liquidifyed.

Also, am I a nerd for making interested marginal notes in a Medieval Penitentiary? ...yeah. Thought so.

( HEY! It's FEBRUARY! Rabbit-rabbit!)
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(I wrote this once. And then had to do something stupid and delete it. Buggeralle. And so I tried to write it again. And it isn't as good as the first time of course, but it's something.)

I went to Compline again, which now, I think, is my calm before the week. (Hopefully that saying won't extend far enough to turn the week into a storm.) It is so beautiful--lying on the quiet stone floor of St. Marks--which is a church, but has wonderful overtones of warehouse or attic--and I mean that in a good way--and listening to the sound, the music, which floats on the air in melody and harmony and descant, utterly gorgeous. Come with me next time...it's a wonderful way to start the week. (And yeah, I know it's church, but it isn't Church so don't worry. *grin*)

I've been thinking and utterly confusing myself this weekend. (I wrote this out once...I don't know if it'll be the same this time. I want to try. I want to get this into words.) I think sometimes I project my own emotions onto other people. Or maybe I read too much into their actions, or maybe sometimes I think I see emotion there that isn't. And then sometimes it is. And then sometimes I stop and realize what I'm doing and marvel and how self-centered I am. I never know which is right, and I always confuse myself. Sometimes I feel like I'm picking up on emotions, I'm reading situations, I'm doing it well--and I get it right just enough to make me think it's a good idea. But then I start to wonder whether I'm really as smart as I think I am. Which I'm probably not; but I am just enough to keep the idea alive.
Today I walked and bused to Compline with a few GSAers--I know Mikee all right, but the rest of them I didn't know at all. They were walking in groups of two or three, chatting with each other, and I was in the middle, but not with anyone. And as we walked to the bus, I noticed that I was curling my shoulders in--not noticeably, but just enough. And I do that a lot. Both physically and metaphorically, when I'm with people I don't know, in groups, I curl my shoulders in, just enough to be quiet, and I sit there. I wish a lot that I was more outgoing or talkative with people I don't know.
I was trying to figure out how I make friends, and I don't actually know. Honestly it feels like all the people I love I always did, and there was a day they weren't there but now they are. Most people I don't even remember meeting. Allie I remember, and Anneka too, the actual meetings of (but the getting-to-know afterwards I don't; just the knowing). Emily I don't remember meeting. Most of the Bathhousian crew I don't remember actually meeting either. I remember vague times of not knowing them well, but it really does feel like I've known them forever.
I don't know if I'll ever figure all this out. I don't know that I should, really. I'm just going to go on confusing myself in different ways for a while.
That sounded a lot more depressing than I actually meant it too. Whoops, heh. More later, I'm sure. Come to Compline with me next Sunday...
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I had dinner tonight at Melissa's house--homemade pizza (mushroom and onion!) and vegetables. And--this just goes to show that cosmic karma rocks my world--Melissa had picked up a movie to watch, and it was the old Errol Flynn Robin Hood. (Didn't I say in the last post I wanted to watch old Robin Hood movies? Yes. Well.)

And Compline was loverly...anyone in Seattle who wants to come with me on Sunday nights let me know. Sitting on the floor and listening to beautiful music on Sunday nights is rather nice, I think. Plus I got to see E-Mac and Ben there. Think I have found new Sunday night ritual.

Toodlepip again.
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There is a table spread with comfort foods ranging from latkes to mac and cheese to shrimp and naan, and it is set and lit by candles and there are people sitting around it that I love so so dearly. And there is conversation and laughing and impromptu birthday cake and dancing, and... Suffice to say it was a beautiful evening.

And now I am torn between lovely warm happiness from that and aggravated sadness from having so much bloody homework. So I'm going to read and go to bed.

But I love you so so much.
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My roommate woke me up by rushing into the room and zipping open the blinds and yelling, "look!" So I woke up to snow. Which was lovely, although now it's melting (pah!). The sun's come out, though, so it's all glowing white and gold. Mmmm....

Yesterday was fantastic--dinner at Paloma's, seeing NWS girls again, laughing and talking. Poor waiter, we were there forever...but we left him a big tip. Then back to Vanessa's--we watched Connie and Carla and sat around and talked nonstop, traded stories from college, all the weird people and teachers and city life. So wonderful. Today I get to see them again (screw homework!).

pictures of snow! )

I am also jumping shamelessly on the bandwagon and starting an LJ for Nevan Raleigh. (Now that I think about it, does anyone besides Allie and Liz even know who Nev is?) And I need an lj-name.

But now I'm going to do my homework. Honestly.
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My lack of words is made up by Augustine, today: for the school hallways, the late nights at Katt's house, the plays at the Bathhouse, the parties, the drama, the love. I found this quote yesterday and spent a good few minutes re-reading it and thinking, Yes, exactly.

There were other things which occupied my mind in the company of my friends: to make conversation, to share a joke, to perform mutual acts of kindness, to read together well-written books, to share in trifling and serious matters, to disagree though without animosity--just as a person debates with himself--and in the very rarity of disagreement to find the salt of normal harmony, to teach each other something or to learn from one another, to long with impatience for those absent, to welcome them with gladness on their arrival. These and other signs come from the heart of those who love and are loved and are expressed through the mouth, through the tongue, through the eyes, and a thousand gestures of delight, acting as fuel to set our minds on fire and out of many to forge unity.

-St. Augustine, Confessions, IV, vii


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