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The Halloween costume is proceeding apace...I'm still not entirely certain what exactly it is. costumery )

Also, in watching the Colbert Report on hulu while costuming, I came across the real, actual reason you should vote to approve Ref. 71:

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Happy belated birthday to me! It was my birthday & TiLT yesterday, so a combined post will have to do....

*It's officially SPRING! I know, I know, it's horrible out--but that off & on rain, high winds and weird clouds is just how Seattle does spring. So it feels right to me. & every time I walk up our porch and past the Daphne outside I get hit with a waft of that spring-like smell that is so incredibly sweet and good.

* Dead Nazis! Best shot ever. I actually really don't like taking shots that much, but I adore Dead Nazis, partially for the nostalgia & love associated with them, & mostly because it feels like a girl scout thin-mint cookie is burning its way down into your stomach. Awesome.

* Patrick & Elsa for having birthday fun-times at BluWater with me last night! & the waitress for being so incredibly patient with us, haha. :)

* Philip for being essentially part of the party via text message, including some of the best message exchanges I have seen in my life. I just shot a dead nazi )

* I went to the dentist yesterday too, which was not exactly my first choice, but was told that my teeth are terribly healthy & my gums are doing well! So....that's exciting.

* I went swimming today after Elsa & I saw Davey audition. Man, I am SO BAD at swimming, but I can already tell it's going to be good for me once I get my stamina back up. Plus chlorine, which smells good. Weirdly.

* Cookies with Patrick today!

* Belatedly--I saw the Seafarer on Wednesday with Cozy & Elspeth & OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING. I would gladly go see it again. It was just so ridiculously IRISH in the most real way, & so well-done in every single aspect. As Elspeth said, my belief was totally suspended. Plus it was a complete nostalgia-fest--Cozy & I literally started tearing up when the pre-show announcement began in Gaelic--& I miss Ireland so, so much.

*Seriously, I think my spring quarter might be manageable. Insane, but possible--and, once I get this history paper done with, it will ALL be theater. ALL OF IT, somehow or another (my two classes are Shakespeare in Performance with the inimitable Bill Taylor, and Business of Art, the Drama senior synth class; plus SITE, Ragnarok, & MSR).

There is much good in my life right now. Much.

& now to take a post-swim shower & make myself all prettified--I'm going to the theater tonight!
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Happy last day of 2008!

This was definitely a strange year, although I feel like I can say that about pretty much every year for one reason or another. Some things this year I wasn't very happy about, some things I was (& as usual, some of those things are under my control & many aren't. So goes life). I am proud of a lot of project that occurred that I was involved in--LERT, BE, plans for several things. Apparently I like planning things.

Also? Really happy about the man in my icon. Oh Obama. :D

Last year I wrote: By this time next year I should have been in more shows; directed for the first & second time & maybe more; written things that aren't academic; made money off art; and plenty of other things. I have grand plans.

Well, when I'm that vague, it's not hard to live up to "plenty of other things," which I think I did. Hah. I was in more shows, I did direct more than once, & I did make money off art--not a lot, but OCT paid me twice. I wrote some things that aren't academic, though not as much as I wanted.

Resolutions for next year continue to be more or less the same:
1. Be in shows. Act.
2. Make art happen, hopefully make some money out of that.
3. Graduate!
4. Play music more.
5. Join the circus.

Eh, I think that's enough. I'm going to be better in 2009. I plan on it. In so many ways.
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Have made grand progress on my room today! It no longer looks like a catastrophe, & now resembles somebody's cozy bedroom with a pile of boxes in the corner--full of books, natch, which need to be sorted alphabetically & put back on my shelves. Some of said shelves are fairly messy, still, but I am nonetheless pleased.

Things are going well. MSR is happening & I am thrilled; tomorrow I get to have breakfast with Emily & Liz (!), get a haircut, & sell three bags of books to Magus. Wednesday is New Year's Eve, where I get to see Perez again & watch a taping of Says You & go to more than one party (I hope). Thursday & Friday I am angling to see Nikki & David, Saturday is the BE meeting thing, & Sunday is the one full day Perez & I have to put something substantial together for Ragnarok before school starts again. Yikes!

That's pretty much the only thing I am really worried about at this point, is Ragnarok. I feel v. intimidated by it...but still excited, so that's good. (I should probably be worried about my independent project in history, since I have a proposal due probably next week, but I'm not.)

& I am taking a break to take online quizzes. Because, uh, I can.

oh dear. )

That last quiz plus all this talk about Twilight et al makes me really want to break out the old bat characters...maybe I should pull up those files & actually finish something. & then publish it & make millions like Stephanie Meyer. :)
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Christmas was lovely...for the Eve, the parents & I usually go out to a movie & dinner, & then midnight (or 11pm anyway) mass at St. Mark's on the hill. This year, of course, that was a no-go--we're snowed in, & nobody wanted to attempt a (possible!) bus ride back from Capitol Hill at 1am. Instead we walked to Royal Palm & had Thai food (tasty, definitely not as good as Rom Mai--I felt like I was cheating on Toy*) & then watched two videos: Hamlet 2, & The Man In The Chair.
All I have to say about Hamlet 2 is that it would have been a fantastic movie if they had rewritten the script about five times. Also, the song "Rock Me Sexy Jesus" is amazing.
The Man in the Chair, however, was fantastic--Christopher Plummer as an old gaffer in Hollywood in an old-folks home for movie crew people helping a highschool kid make a movie for a film school scholarship contest. It sounds really cheesy, but it was incredible!

Christmas day also = lovely. I slept in, & got good presents & gave the parents exactly what they asked for, which makes it a) easy & b) satisfying. I got The Graveyard Book (which I read in about two hours & LOVED), a small plush raven that makes raven-like noises when you squeeze it (which I cannot stop hugging, proving once again that I am never too old for stuffed animals), earring backs (prompting a round of earring-making; if you want dangly earrings? I'm your girl, just let me know & yes I'm being serious), & coupons for various things including drinks with my dad & money toward a new audio device of some kind. Emily & her mom Jan came over for Christmas dinner--finally I get to see her again! Yes. Also, food was fantastic & we all stuffed ourselves, nom nom. After they left I watched "Project Mythos," which Allie & I made years ago, which probably needs a post in itself. Suffice to say it is still as awesome as I remember, although we really needed better sound equipment.

Today I saw Melissa! It was fantastic. We ate lunch at the Crumpet Shop & then "fake-shopped" downtown, which is pretty much what I do in stores--go in, look at pretty clothes, & not buy them. It was really good to catch up with her, though, & wander around downtown.

Now I am half-watching Twelfth Night (a Christmas present to myself) & half-cleaning my room (which needs it soooo badly...). Back to work!

[*Toy is the owner of Rom Mai Thai on Broadway, which is, hands down, the best Thai restaurant I have ever eaten at. Everything I've had there is brilliant. Also, if you like spicy food, they will actually make it spicy. I like mine about 3 on a scale of 1-5, but since Perez likes his about 12 on a scale of 1-5, this works out well for him. He actually started at 8 & has been working his way up, trying to reach the ranks of this Indian woman who apparently eats there at 25 stars. Anyway, we go there about once a month or more, & Toy & all the waiters know us. It's pretty fabulous. & now I don't like to eat at any other Thai restaurant. It's just not as awesome.]
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It has been nearly a week since I last posted! Blame it on the snow...I've been having too much fun outside. Or something.
Let's see...days tend to blur together on breaks like this, especially when people are trapped inside for long stretches of time, & when forecasts of snow happen every night for a week. This does not happen here! It's so weird. I mean, we get snow--it's not yearly, but it's not uncommon--we just don't get it for so long at once. But hey--it makes for good photographs!

This is my street on Sunday morning:


I had CWS rehearsal (on which more later)--the car was (& still is) literally snowed into the carport, & buses are, well, hazy, so I walked. It usually takes me about half an hour to walk to the Bathhouse, even swinging by Bartell's on the way. Sunday, it took me about twice that long. Snow!

On 20th, someone had written words in the snow on all the cars down the street: I saw APPLES, ORANGES, SUSHI and DREAMS among others. But this was my favorite, because it was so straightfoward:


Yes! Fun! What else are you going to do with all this weather?

I walked to the Bathhouse, & met up with Patrick & Emily & Anna, & we worked on the play for a little while, reading through it & getting some things up on their feet. & then Anna & I talked, standing outside the Bathhouse after rehearsal...we were both concerned about the play. Not that we couldn't have all pulled it together--this kind of crazy has been done before--but the snow makes it difficult to meet for rehearsals at all, & at that point our stage manager was stuck in Utah (she's back now! Yay Zoe!)....& I was worried about the presstime. So...long story short, after we talked to Patrick & Emily & the rest of the crew, we all decided to postpone CWS. Hopefully we can do it some other time--maybe in late-night rep this summer!--but the BE as a whole will start with a bang this summer. BE people, watch for a party soon! Man. CWS would have been really fun, but I'm glad to have a little more time for Devo, too.

Anyway. Back to the snow! Greenlake is really gorgeous when it's all iced over & wintry like this:

Greenlake icy

+2 )

I walked back to Anna's house--the long way around the lake, too! We made a huge bacon and egg lunch, nom nom....& then hung out there until Shanukah, which was fantastic as always.

Monday I did some things around the house, & then headed over to Lewis' to go sledding. On the way I passed Third Place Books & got some photos of the absolute best snowman I've seen so far:


+2 )

When I got to Lewis', we sledded briefly, then headed back to his house where we met up with Alex, who I haven't seen in about two years or something, so that was rad. We didn't make it out of the front yard for quite a while...there was a giant snowball, which became an attempt at a giant snowman, which in turn became...LEONARD THE SNOWDUCK.

Alex and Leonard

+3 )

We did sled for a little bit, too, & I took some pictures of the light & the trees, as well as maybe the most perfectly-timed photograph I have ever taken:


+4 of pretty trees )

Alex was awesome & gave me a ride up to Broadway, where I met up with Perez for some food (mostly frozen waffles; they're getting a new fridge, so they had to clean out, ie, eat, everything) & some BSG (I am very very addicted, guys), before we got ourselves fancy, bundled up & walked down to the Triple Door for Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutracker. Fabulous, of course! It is apparently now a holiday tradition, & I am a-okay with that.

Perez & I walked Elsa home, then we walked back to his apartment. Tuesday I helped the boys clean up a little & then they left for the airport & I headed home--walked pretty much the whole way, too. I put lots of little mapping lines on googlemaps, and--very approximately--I walked over 15 miles over the last three days. Hah! I rock. I would still like our city to learn how to handle snow, though. Ehehe.

Today is Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, Happy mid-Hanukkah to those who celebrate that, happy belated Solstice...you know. Good wishes all around. :)


Dec. 15th, 2008 10:03 am
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I love snow! I love watching it flurry to the ground, I love the way snow looks when it settles on plants, I love seeing inches of it built up on roofs and cars, I love throwing it at other people, I even pretty much love getting it thrown at me. I love stomping in snow, I love kicking it and eating it and sitting inside with hot chocolate looking outside at it. I love it.

I do not, however, love defrosting my car without any kind of ice scraper. Oh my. I used warm water, which is mostly okay except when it freezes all over again before I can dry it, and when I am literally frozen out of my car! It took three water bottles of warm water before I could even open the driver's door. Oh poor Melinda.

At least it got me up this morning! Now, as I have told myself, I am supposed to be cleaning my room. I am actually sitting next to the heater & I do not want to go anywhere else. Brrr. It is not really that cold in my room, but...brr nevertheless.

Okay, okay. Compared to, like, New England? I am a wuss! But I do not care. It was 23 F this morning & I am a wussy little Seattleite and not used to being cold. Oof. & it is not getting any warmer any time soon! ...oh, I don't like defrosting things, but I do like winter, really. Yay.

& now, the yearly meme )

It's OVER!

Dec. 11th, 2008 11:12 am
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I'M DONE! I'm done with this quarter! I finished my physics exam, an hour early I might add, & now I am finished!

Man, this is so exciting. Guess what? I'm done with my English Major (I could graduate right now, really, but haha, no, I like to torture myself), & I'm done with all my core classes. That means to graduate I have these credits left:

5 cr. American research seminar in History (Fr. Murphy, winter quarter)
5 cr. Senior Synth in Drama (Ki or someone else, Spring quarter)
5 cr. Acting II class (Kate or Ki, Spring quarter)
+ 5 cr. of Drama Honors (with Perez, writing a musical, performing in Spring & should have started yesterday!)

WHAT. 15 + 5 honors credits & I am DONE. I am almost out of here!

Now I get to sell back my books I don't want. It's petty cash, but it's still cash, & I just get such a warm fuzzy feeling taking money from this school. Hee.

OH. Things I love Thursday, besides everything I just wrote:
+ I put in my dangly earrings all by myself today! Yes! My ears are all healed up & I can actually put in my own earrings instead of making my mother do it. I am so pleased.
+ Tonight I am seeing Othello. Goody goody.
+ Knitting. I have mad plans for it! I am excited.
+ Tea! Today is it mint.
+ Mittens. Today it is cold.
+ ...it might snow tomorrow! Eeeee!
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Last year's Thanksgiving was held in 87 Leeson St. Dublin, Ireland, with a pack of theater kids plus a French roommate and a girl's Irish boyfriend. We had sliced deli turkey & dinner rolls, mashed potatoes I made, Kate's incredible apple pie, Nora's killer mac & cheese, and a myriad of other dishes the fifteen of us had pulled together from Irish supermarkets & our imagination. We ate sitting on the floor, & then played rounds of mafia. It was fantastic.

This year is also going to be awesome--I can tell. Finally, my parents & I have managed to branch out & get more people to come for Turkeyday. Perez & Bailey, of course, & Kamala, & Ernie & his girlfriend, are all coming over in about an hour or so. There's a turkey in the oven (smells so good) & stuffing ingredients & sweet potatoes on the counter. People are bringing pie, mac& cheese, beans & sausage, green bean casserole, baked broccoli. The house is going to be loud, & lit with candles, since our kitchen lights died--again. It's going to be wonderful.

I really do have lots to be thankful for. Here are 50 of them....in no particular order, a list, ala Patrick )

What are you thankful for?


Apr. 22nd, 2008 09:31 am
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Passover was Sunday night, after a good performance (a little odd to do the show during daylight, but it was a good show nonetheless). I love Passover. I love all the food laid out & the many people cycling in & out of the kitchen trying to help, & friends all seated around our little table with cups of terrible wine, holding matzoh or eating amazing roast chicken. I love Cozy reading the Haddagah & passing the book around to the youngest people there to ask the questions, or passing the book around our circle of friends to read the story, or praying for peace at the end, our cups held up & our noses burning from horseradish. It's all a good feeling.

Monday morning we discussed GS in theater history class (which was also a bit odd, but fun). I have to write a paper on it by Friday. My presentation on Ionesco is next Monday. We're getting down to final designing in Design class (we get to go visit ACT today), & our midterm in Asian Religions is next week. Is it already midterms? Yikes.
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Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] lacylu42, my birthday pal! Hope it's a good one.

I'm spending my birthday in the library working on my final project for Thistory I. About the only thing that makes this worthwhile, besides the knowledge that it's the last thing due, is the marginalia in one of the library books: Someone has crossed out instances of passive voice and changed them to active, or changed "we shall not find" to "do not find." My favorite is this passage:

The year is so carefully given by so many ancient authorities that there seem to be no IS NO reasonable grounds for doubting it correctness, in spite of the fact that the Parian Marble gives the date as 485 BC....

...I mean. Really? Awesome.
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History 202 is completely done--I just turned in the final paper. & as I was walking to Casey to hand it in, I walked past the quad & noticed that the fountain was dyed green.

Beyond how silly it looks to dye the fountain water green, I find it really amusing that a Jesuit Catholic university doesn't know that the Pope changed the date of St. Patrick's Day & it isn't really today. ...aren't they supposed to keep up with things like this?
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It's Christmas! Which for me meant waking up to a clock radio alarm (I'd forgotten to turn off) of Jonathan Winters reading A Christmas Carol. Not bad. And then breakfast, and then presents with the parents (I brought home a haul for them! I am proud), and then blanching & slivering almonds in prep for dinner later (hey! My new favorite kitchen tool? Boiling water!).

And now, in true Seattle fashion, it is quite, quite definitely sort of snowing. Big fat drops of water that are trying to be white and floaty, but end up streaking the windows with raindrops and hitting the ground in puddles. Aw, this city. This weather. Nothing like it!

Also I got Season 3 of Slings and Arrows. So that's basically what I'll be doing until dinner. Hee. Goody.

ETA: And NOW it is REALLY snowing, properly! I don't think I've ever had snow on Christmas day. Really. A white Christmas. Squee!
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Today's rant is brought to you by the government. Specifically, the FAFSA, that pile of electronic financial captivity that students nation wide would like to shove down a disposal drain, preferably one with really sharp blades.
I've declared myself independent on my taxes, I'm using all of my own money to pay for college, & my parents aren't giving me anything substantial to help with tuition--it's all coming out of my grandpa's bonds, & hopefully my own income, once I find a job that actually gives me a substantial one. But--but--the FAFSA still calculates my parents' Estimated Financial Contribution every year, based on all of their financial data that they're required to input along with mine. & because of my grandpa's property & our house & other things that don't give us income & aren't paying for college & don't count at all, their EFC is relatively high. Nevermind that none of that EFC is coming to me, nor should it, beacause they really ought to keep all that money & I'm doing okay on my own. Nevermind that.
Because the FAFSA won't let me declare independent from parents unless I am 24 years old, married, or the victim of abandonment, abuse or other extenuating parent-child circumstances. Since none of those are the case, I'm stuck with a lump of money showing up on my FAFSA that I can't have, or want to have, but still have counting against me.
& you know what this means, right? No work-study eligibility. Nevermind that the one job I would love to have for the summer & the forseeable future is work-study only. DAMMIT.

...anyway. On the upside, there's much to celebrate. Medieval Monday with the thesis kids was loads of fun--the Elysian has really good raspberry cider, & Tiffany is a very pleasant & hilarious drunk, & I really like being treated like a peer by my amazing teacher, & I really really like having a draft done.
& last night Erin & found Americone Dream (the Stephen Colbert flavor of Ben & Jerry's!) at QFC, plus wandering about QFC slightly tipsy with Erin & Kristen also slightly tipsy was pretty hilarious. [Erin: We can buy three [pool noodles] & then you can get bouyancy! Kristen (not paying attention): What's bouyancy? Me: It's when you float. On water. Kristen: *falls over laughing, because it's funny when you're tipsy.]
& last night we watched Edward Scissorhands, & oh, Tim Burton + Johnny Depp + Danny Elfman = the best combination filmmaking could offer. & oh, poor lovely Edward.
& today's dance class was wonderful, & in a minute I'm meeting Molly & there will be some slightly drastic changes in my life. Well. In my hair. Heh.

And above all & everything, it's MAY. Thank god April is finally over, that month needed to end weeks ago. But today it's May Day, so go out & celebrate in some fashion--sing loudly or dance around a pole or eat some fresh fruit or have a picnic or lie in the sun or have sex in the bushes, whatever floats your boat. Happy Beltane, everybody.
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Remember this--although I went through most of the day slightly disoriented, a little upset--still, the evening was all loveliness. This evening was a passover seder, hosted by Cozy at Katie & Colleen's apartment; it was the tastiest matzo ball soup I've ever had, and drama kids sitting around coffee tables and couches and making terrible jokes and laughing at everything; it was pot roast (which everyone said was incredible), and very sweet wine and sparkling grape juice. It was a seder with parsley and saltwater and everything else that I probably can't spell properly; with lots of blessings and drinking and eating; and with the mos beautiful toast, a toast to being grateful for, among other things, love, peace, friends, clean pajamas, toes and hands and ears and breasts, caresses, wine, and many other good things on this earth.
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I am, at the moment, exceedingly tired in that sort of deep pressure in the back of my head way, as a result of getting only four hours of sleep last night. I was going to get more, but I wanted to burn things. Ok. Um. Chronogically, then:
More or less chronologically, anyway... )

I was tired, obviously:
"Wait, wait, Dad--get the, the cord...from the computer...the LSD cord. No. The LS...the...camera thingy." -Me (Yes. An LSD cord. You plug it in the computer and the hard drive goes hallucinogenic. Ehehe.)

tis now!

Mar. 19th, 2005 12:27 am
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Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear meeeeee--happy birthday to me!

There. Now that that egotistical tribute is over with...:)

D. and I went to the Melting Pot for dinner, had cheese and salads and dessert. Such good food there! And then we stood around on Queen Anne waiting for the bus, and a posse (well, three) guys were being terribly obnoxious. They might have been attractive except that they were really very drunk and very high. And obnoxious. It was funny and annoying at the same time--lordy, they were so far gone...
"Can I see your shooooes?" says the one who's hitting on D. the most (we're carrying our salsa shoes and wearing flipflops, and gawd was it cold that way). "You have beautiful fingernails," he says. "And beautiful earlobes."
"And beautiful holes in her ears," says drunk-and-high-guy number two. (D-and-h-g number three, I think, was too far gone for conversation.)

We made it to the salsa club unscathed however, and it was fabulous...not a lot of people there, but enough; I remembered how to move to the music (which I never really forget anyhow) which is the important part.
Also, *squee* for getting asked to dance first thing off, which is a very happy feeling and I don't care how silly I sound, hah. Other dance partners not so good--guys, take note: don't manhandle your girls on the turns, and don't make the turns every other move of the dance, and don't turn them six times every time, mmmkay? I was very, very dizzy.
But John taught me how to cha-cha, so now I know (well, mostly; I know if I'm being led), and we salsa'ed (that is really not correct grammar, and hurrah again for dancing with guys who know what they're doing (and aren't creepy, haha. Are actually rather cute. Hee).

And now I am so terribly tired and probably still dizzy or something, so I am going to sleeeeeeeeep, because tomorrow morning I is cleaning the room and we is packing our thingses and we is going away for spring break, haha!

So, ya know, call me at home if you want to do something. Or email me. Or comment here. You know the drill. Love you all lots my dears [here is where, if I weren't so tired, I would say something cheesy about my eighteenth year being the better for knowing you all, etc. etc., but it's probably a good thing for your aesthetic sensibilities that I don't,'cause my prose is really not up to snuff, so there].

(I don't even want to look over the grammar of that post. I'm sure it's whacked. Wheeeee!)
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So I now have five new shirts, all of them fabulously comfortable, and new flip flops as mine are nearly done in. I spent more money than I think I have ever spent in one day. Lord. Nearly bought a pair of heels as well--fancy-shmancy salsa shoes, squee--but didn't as the heels were incredibly high. Also D. convinced me to get my makeup done at the Clinique counter in Nordstroms, to which I say: ...it was weird. Confirmed my hatred of mascara, even though the brush didn't go in my eye; and also foundation is a bugger. The eyeshadow was nice though. And I looked terribly grown-up. :D

We're eating at the Melting Pot tonight, haha! And then going salsa dancing. Dunno how late I'll be able to stay up, but we'll see. Ought to be interesting.


Mar. 17th, 2005 01:32 pm
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I finished my math final in an hour and a half, booyah! And there are only a couple problems that I don't think I got right. Hee.

And now I have an hour and a bit before I head over to Freehold for monologue work with Jessica. Wa-hey! I think I'll go practice. :D (Ooooeee, theater work!)

Happy birthday Philip, you old thing, you. ;)

And also St. Patrick's day! Celebrate by being piratical, because if it weren't for pirates, ickle Paddy wouldn't have ever gotten to the British Isles. See? We do TOO come in useful sometimes. *snerk*
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Happy Lupercalia, everyone!

In my opinion, a far more interesting holiday to celebrate than St. Valentine's matyrdom, if only because the image of half-drunk, slightly crazed, handsome young men wearing fur and running about whipping people is far too good to pass up.
Ah, the good ol' days of the Roman Empire. *grin*

Someday, I want to celebrate Lupercalia properly. Someday, I will. *snicker*

In other news, I have a topic for philosophy (natural law and human law and how they relate), I have decided I don't like Father Reichmann's teaching style at all, I have decided Professor Earenfight can also be raised to Most Utterly Amazing History Teacher status, and I really have to go work now. That's all.


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