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Mirromask icons! Because [livejournal.com profile] sam_can_do_it requested some, & then I got into it...there will probably be another batch, because I'd forgotten how fun these are to make. For now, fifteen:

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that's not the charm. that's a chicken. )

Y'all know the drill: Take, share, play: comment, credit, pimp as you will. All that good stuff.
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Just got back from a lecture at the UW on Rome and her Caledonian Neighbors...very cool. By a professor from UBC, with a fabulous Scottish accent. Archeological stuff, which I adore.

And yet again, I can't help myself making loads of icons. Hey. I read nearly half of The Sorrows of Young Werther today, so I feel justified. Sorta.

Anywhoo, here are 34 various Firefly icons (three of them animated)--a bunch from "Jaynestown" and then some random.
Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

Our increasingly eerie-ass day... )
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You can't take the sky from me....or my icon software, either. Here's 17 +2 icons, fairly random, all from Firefly.

Want, take, have, credit, comment, etc.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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...well. I'm a rabid icon-making whore; the evidence is below.

1 Izzard quote icon
4 Wicked icons (more to come)
9 Jack Sparrow icons

Let me know if you're taking, and credit if you use.
Also, just comment. I like concrit on these things.

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And now I must run and get ready because we are ushering tonight! Hurrah!
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....so. It's nearly three-thirty and I have done nothing productive all day. (As Mallory would say, Story of my LIFE.) I have that dead-Saturday-afternoon feeling.
Hey, I'm sick, right? Eh. I actually do feel better, a little. I'm still going home though. And reading homework all fucking weekend. I have to get going on Name of the Rose--Melissa, you are so right, the first one hundred pages are uphill through a snowstorm. I really like it, though. Hurrah for random Latin I can't understand! Ehehe.

Made another ICON post, in [livejournal.com profile] book_icons. About...books, obviously. I like them. Go take a peek. :)

And anyone for the 14th? Anybody?

...'nother pointless post. I hate being sick. I can't stop coughing, now. Maybe I'll take a nap until tonight. *wanders off*


Apr. 6th, 2005 01:20 pm
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I have reached the point of sickness where I sound like a frog-voiced man, am coughing up a lung, and when I sniff, a load of snot travels up my nasal passages and temporarily dislocates my brain. Argh. I am continually astounded at the amount of snot one human body can produce. Gawd.

In other news, I found out today that I have a two-page position paper on intelligent life in the universe due tomorrow; and I have to write me lab up. However, Shultz is also sick and so we don't have Art class today. Hurrah, more time for homework. Er...

Picked up an application for being a writing consultant. I have to proofread a paper, that supposedly someone wrote for a History 121 class. It's really terrible. Ok, no, it isn't that bad; but really...do people not learn basic writing skills before college? Do people really not know what a comma is used for? ...or am I just an elitist word-snob? Well...yes, probably I am. But...!

HEY! I made ICONS from that loverly story I recced a couple posts ago. Go lookat them. They make me happy. :D Also the author took one of them and I is so verily pleased I am DED. Ehehehe.

Ok. Really am going to do my homework now.
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Woke up at eight this morning in order to be all graduted-from-Birdwatch-special and help Sprong with the girl's science confy. Skipped out early, and went to Dickey's character map class, which was informative, funny, frustrating, and far too interesting to post about right now, cause I'm falling asleep.

Then met Erin and dragged her downtown to meet people and we watched Constantine, which was suprisingly good for its genre (its genre being "bad movie," of course). Good CGI. Glorious wings. I love wings. I want wings. Also wings getting burnt or cut off...*weeble* Also Nakka nearly bruised my arm and cut off circulation in my fingers....:D

And, because I had to:

Ehehehe. Going to sleep now. :D


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