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....so. I'm applying to be a writing consultant, right? And this involves, among other things, editing papers. Ok, I can do that. I like doing that, making little marks on paper and weird marginal comments and telling people that their grammar is terrible. But...well. Are we supposed to be nice about it? Because, really...the paper I'm editing for my application--is this supposed to be an average college-level paper? Because it's terrible. Maybe (ok, probably) I'm an effete linguistic and grammar snob, BUT. Please. I was writing papers better than this in seventh grade. How am I supposed to say "your paper sucks, can I just rewrite it for you?" nicely? Bah.

...ohgawd. I really AM an effete grammar snob, aren't I? I'm doomed. *hides*
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*Firstly, I love Dante. I love how the Divine Comedy is both high-flying epic adventure, political commentary, and personal vengeance, and how he can be literary and brilliant one moment and totally childish the next (Filippo Argenti, anyone?), although that's all part of the literary brilliance as well. I also love the way Dante the Pilgrim interacts with Vergil, and I think it is incredibly sweet, and have probably doomed myself to utter scholastic-dorkness by saying that. But I do. It's adorable.

Also I really want to sit down with paper and pencil because there are so many images from the Inferno that I want to draw [Vergil shielding Dante's eyes from Medusa, Dante flipping out at Nicholas III, the wood of suicides, the three animals, the Geryon...]

And Erin and I have decided we want pet Geryons to live in boxes under our beds, and make funny purring noises, and eat salesmen and Mormons who come to the door. So it shall be.

*Can I reiterate how awesome Ultimate is? I don't know why; there's just something incredibly satisfying about that powerful flick right before it sails across the green. Plus, the concept is just cool. I mean, really.

* I have to write a critique of an essay for my writing-consultant application. I don't really know what to say besides, "this needs a lot of work." Which is kind of the point, but still...I'm okay telling people when they're right there, I just need to figure out how to put the words on the paper. Which I guess IS the point, so. There you are.

* Finally, for some reason this always makes me laugh. A lot. It shouldn't. It's kind of pathetic. But it's so funny. PENGUIN! )


Apr. 6th, 2005 01:20 pm
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I have reached the point of sickness where I sound like a frog-voiced man, am coughing up a lung, and when I sniff, a load of snot travels up my nasal passages and temporarily dislocates my brain. Argh. I am continually astounded at the amount of snot one human body can produce. Gawd.

In other news, I found out today that I have a two-page position paper on intelligent life in the universe due tomorrow; and I have to write me lab up. However, Shultz is also sick and so we don't have Art class today. Hurrah, more time for homework. Er...

Picked up an application for being a writing consultant. I have to proofread a paper, that supposedly someone wrote for a History 121 class. It's really terrible. Ok, no, it isn't that bad; but really...do people not learn basic writing skills before college? Do people really not know what a comma is used for? ...or am I just an elitist word-snob? Well...yes, probably I am. But...!

HEY! I made ICONS from that loverly story I recced a couple posts ago. Go lookat them. They make me happy. :D Also the author took one of them and I is so verily pleased I am DED. Ehehehe.

Ok. Really am going to do my homework now.


Mar. 10th, 2005 03:28 pm
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I really hate being rejected.

I also really hate letters that begin, "we regret to inform you..." Oh, bite me.

So...I'm not enslaved to SU for the beginning of next quarter, then. Oh well. Bugger that for a lark.

I'm going to the library to work on my Bible paper hang about in the Shakespeare section and look up audition monologues. I swear, honestly, if I don't get into Greenstage and get to do real theater this summer I may just go mad. That is no idle threat. If I suddenly disappear, you'll know why: lack-of-theater has caused my mind to unbalance and convince me that it's a good idea to run away to Bavaria (where the sheep seldom wear spectacles) and join a touring circus troupe.

I do like hot chocolate, though. Too bad [livejournal.com profile] tea_and_snark isn't here, or we could go Crowley-hunting. And then catch an Aziraphale. *sigh*

{I really want it to be a week later. Cause then all finals stress will be gone, and friends will be in various stages of returning. I want to see people. I have friends on campus, yes [Tara and I are watching Starlet tonight! ...shutup, you.] but I could really use a hug from someone I really really know. *le sigh of teenage college-girl angst*}

Also, nine days till my birthday. Hee.
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It's amazing what sleep (even if it is less than usual), a hot shower, and a library can do for my mood. Ehehe. I just had my OA interview, in which they asked lots of expected questions, and also "describe yourself in four words," which for some reason was incredibly difficult. I said curious, that was a big one. I didn't say stubborn though. I should have said stubborn. :D

I have to go find books for history now. Booyah for St. Balthild NOT being polarized, haha. And Boooo to the circ desk for not letting me take my book. I don't care if it's under my prof's name! She saved it for meeeee. *egotistical pout*

I miss everybody, a lot, and I want major Bathhouse hugs. Hey. Anyone up for a movie this Sunday?

ETA: I realized that this post is exactly 12 hours and one minute after my last one. For some reason, this amuses me terrifically.

Also, next year I am going to watch the Oscars the whole way through, dammit. It's my concession to material culture. *grin*


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