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Today was the dress rehearsal (odd; dreamily stressful, as tech/dress so often is)& the showcase--it went well, all the tutors were pleased. Amanda was there & we all crowded around her afterward to talk because we clearly all missed her like mad. She gave us advice (Go back & say this is what I did, & this is what I want to do! And they'll respect you. And say ok. And you'll do it), and told us to keep in touch. And said we were talented. And that she'd missed us. Oh Amanda. Bah. Mom, I found an acting teacher...can I take her home with me?

Then an extremely long & fancy dinner, much fun...I am fond of fancy dinners on someone else's dime (well, I suppose mine as I am paying IES, but I'd prefer to think of it the other way). I went out with Cozy & Kate for a few hours, then left them to come home to pack a little and sleep.

And then I found out that Terry Pratchett is less than well (though of course announcing it with all his usual humor). I am still packing, but am less happy. Dammit, world. Stop messing with my favorite authors this year. I swear I'll get back at you.
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So prepare yourself: the Catholic League launching an attack, or at least releasing an aggravated statement, condemmning The Golden Compass Movies.
I said something similar in [livejournal.com profile] lacylu42's journal: I can see why these books, much more than Harry Potter, can be seen to promote atheism. And I can see why the Catholic Church would get their knickers in a twist, because the books are rather attacking organized religion. But they're so much more complex than that. Have they* read the books I wonder? For me it was always an attack--if that word's even right, which I'm not sure it is--on what happens when organized religion goes bad and loses sight of the principles on which the religion was founded in the beginning. Pullman certainly condemns that. Actually, I think I've heard Pullman condemning all organized religion (I think he had bad childhood experiences...), but I've never heard him condemn religion outright. Anyway, I find the whole thing fascinating but I'd like to know I'm arguing against people who've read and understood the book.

And really, people: "The trilogy, His Dark Materials, was written to promote atheism and denigrate Christianity, especially Roman Catholicism." Are you sure? You can read implications into it all you like (& I'm not suprised they are), but no one ever said that.

"Atheism for kids. That is what Philip Pullman sells." Whoops. Guess because I bought all his books as a kid and devoured them and loved them, I am an atheist. Oh...but wait. That's not strictly true. Whoops.


[* So of course this "they" is another issue because I don't know how many people that encompasses, whether some or all have read or understood the book. I just think you ought to be on the same playing field to have an argument about something. Is that reasonable?]
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Cozy, Lee, Meghan and I got up early this morning and went to the Hughes & Hughes bookstore in St Stephen's Green Shopping Centre to get in line--in the queue, I should say--to meet Helen Mirren. (HELEN MIRREN.) We held each other's places in line while we all went to buy the book (none of us but Cozy had really planned on buying it before this morning, but--it's Helen Mirren. And a good book). We were among the first in line and we were only getting more excited as the bookstore started to open and people were setting things up.... The line had stretched far back behind us by this point.

And then with no warning, there she was. Just calmly walking out along the line of adoring fans, saying, "I just wanted to come out and say hello to you all."

Did I mention that I love her voice?

She disappeared into the bookstore after a little while. By this point there were a bunch of gawpers standing about the entrance, probably intrigued by the many large news cameras and the enormous queue. Then she came out again, though you could hardly tell with all the newspeople and their cameras surrounding the little signing table, you couldn't actually see her. The few people in front of us went through, and then Cozy (of whom I never got a good picture because some random person was in the way the whole time. Bah).

And then I went up to the table, and she took my book and looked at the postit, and said, "Are you Kenna?" in that beautiful voice. And I said I was, and as she was signing she said, "you must have got up very early," and I burbled "oh, no no, it was worth it!" (Or probably something closer to "nunun...worthit," really.)

I did manage to get some better pictures afterward, though none of them are particularly good. But what do I care? I MET HELEN MIRREN!

some pictures anyway... )

...and that's pretty much all I have to say.
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truth is eternal. knowledge is changeable. it is disastrous to confuse them.
- madeline l'engle
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Is there any better video than Neil Gaiman getting snogged at the San Diego Comic-Con? ...I think not.

(The vague explaination for all that is somewhere in this blog post.)

In other news, I am really, really hungry (I made a sandwich! I ate lunch! What is this? I feel like I could eat a whole grocery store. I wonder if I've made my pre-teeth-surgery weight back...I had better.)

Also, I am done with the Massive Revision of the Handbook (am waiting on things from Larry, which makes me feel super on-top-of-things); I entered all of our summer data up till now in about an hour (go me), & I am thrilled that I have only...*counts* 16 hours of work at WC left!
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There are few things that make me feel more academically awesome than choosing to not include a professor's comments in my paper, because I don't think they're critical to my direction at present. Or having Dr. E tell me that I've basically surpassed undergraduate at this point. If i could get this much sass going over my Donne paper, I'd be set.

Oh! & 'cause I haven't said anything here about that yet, it's official: Cozy & I are going to Ireland to do theater in the fall! (Go us.)

In other, less happy news, people really need to stop dying. RIP, Mr. Alexander.
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Firstly, HURRAH for Neil Gaiman! Because he really does deserve it, and is a fabulous writer (and is my god) and I cannot wait for Tuesday.

Secondly, I hate philosophy class. Rather sadly, I am actually enjoying Descartes--as in, the actual text; I say "sadly" because I really, really, really don't like the teacher. He is so frustrating, and aggravating, and I was incredibly annoyed for a full two hours which is not a happy state to be in. He's all about going through Descartes' text and arguments line by line and point by point; which would be fine and dandy, if he actually, oh, did that. But he doesn't. He goes off on random tangents which have nothing to do with Descartes, apparently; and then it all links back after ten minutes to the point that Descartes Was Revolutionary And No Other Philosopher Thought This Ever And All Thought Afterward Depends On Him, Isn't He Cool.
Ok. Fine. I get this already, can we move on please? And Michelle started to say something really interesting, and I thought Oh finally, an actual seminar, can we discuss things now? and he actually interrupted her in order to remind us yet again of the importance of following Descartes line by line. And then proceeded to talk for fifteen minutes about the five senses of Aristotle. I. Am. So. Bloody. Aggravated.

*deep breath* But on the entire opposite end of the spectrum, Literature ROCKS MY WORLD. I love Professor Taylor--he's so into the class and we can tell he is really amused by us. We looked at Twelfth Night today, which made me terrifically happy. We read II, iv aloud (the "my father had a daughter loved a man" scene), and I got to be Viola (which only reminded me of how much I really want to play this part, gar....). And then we watched the same scene in the Trevor Nunn movie, which I adore. Man I love that class. LOVE. I was horribly nerdy and answered practically every question and probably talked way too much. (Also Taylor asked what page we were on and Elaine said, "1066," and I muttered, "Norman Conquest!" and I think I should probably be shot dead for that. Ahahaha I LOVE THIS CLASS.)

And now I have to go read history. Which also rocks, though it's harder; but I love Kangas. I think he also is amused by us, which makes everything good.

I start work in the Writing Center tomorrow. PANIC. I really truly hope I don't have a session on my first day. I kind of doubt it; but I'm hoping all the same.


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