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Hello everyone! Here's a little This Day In History for everyone's edification & enjoyment.

On this day in...

1521: Ferdinand Magellan was killed in the Philippines.

1570: Queen Elizabeth I was excommunicated by Pope Pius V. Go Lizzy.

1667: Milton sells the copyright to Paradise Lost.

& my personal favorite: 4977 B.C., the universe was created, according to Kepler! We gotta have a party for that one!

The epitaph we only can dream of.

Obama promises major investment in science. My god, this just makes me so damn happy that this is our president!

The only thing you need to know about swine flu is this. (Okay, I'm kidding... & remember to wash your hands!)

Like Crayons? Click here!

This is a rad Postsecret; it makes me want to wear goggles & play superhero.
& I love this one,for the phrasing of it all.

I'm fairly ambivalent about A Softer World, but I found this one hilarious.
(Probably also because it reminded me of a line from Breakin' Hearts & Takin' Names, "I like my men like I like my coffee: Stupid.")

This xkcd makes me laugh every time. Also, I want to start doing that.

Okay, that's enough links for now. I think, as exhausted as I still am, I am going to go to the gym before tech starts! Ooo. I feel good about that.
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Yesterday was Easter! There was the first Broadway Hour show of the quarter (we're now Sundays 10am-Noon, listen in!), & then a Ragnarok rehearsal where we stumbled through parts of the play & created some rather silly moments that I enjoy, & then an Easter Eggy party.
There was lots of good food & hanging out, & oh also, I made the best cake of all time:

A chocolate cake, you say...


Just you wait!

more cake

more more cake

I am for reals tasting the rainbow, & yeah it was better than Skittles!

The recipe / directions are from Omnomicon", although she is on a diet & uses soda in her cake; you can make the cake however you want but the rainbow directions are key!

I love this thing. (There are tons of pictures of the process of facebook if you are my facebook friend, also...)

Now back to the grind of daily gray rainy (hailing, wtf) life in Seattle. ...with cake!
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I finished reading Our Town (I loved it!) & am working on the exercises Ki gave us--preparing semi-improv presentations about our own town. Go Seattle! I already adore Acting II.

Anyway. Have some cool links, because I feel like sharing.

Bedroom Quirks of 10 Great Authors: Including our favorite Misters Wilde and Shakespeare, as well as the classic Lord Byron (what a sex machine!)

This is what you call karma: Somali pirates drown as they flee with ransom. Oops. (Although turnabout is fair play I suppose, check out the article Sam linked to in the comments below.

Army Assembles 'Mad Scientist' Conference. Seriously. Man, if there were ever a conference I'd like to go to just to watch...

From BoingBoing, a blog post about the Northern Lights, with a link to Astronomy North. Here's Astronomy North'simage library, which is gorgeous. Going to see the northern lights is one of my dreams.

Ever wonder how mosquitoes find love? No, me neither. But it turns out it's actually really interesting! Who knew? (Well, NPR, of course.)

& finally, if you ever burgle a house, make sure the house isn't owned by Thor--or a six-foot builder dressed as Thor, anyway.

Back to working!
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+ Research continues apace! There is a pile of books on the table, I have written about a page of scribbly-verse of Loki, Seth & Izrafil introducing themselves, & am about to head to the library for more books. (Predictably, Perez is ahead of me, already having more music than I have lyrics for, but I'll catch up. I hope. Ha!)

+ I dropped & broke an entire gallon of milk outside Trader Joe's today, causing me to feel terrible, & causing Perez to actually say to me in a literal situation, "don't cry over spilt milk!"

+ My dad showed me these videos on Youtube the other day, & they are, pretty much, the best thing ever: Eddie Izzard animated in legos. Eddie talks, the legos move. It is amazing.

Romans, Carthaginians & Elephants:

+ several more! )

Right! Off to the library.
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I am still shocked, & alternating among a sort of nauseated despair, ridiculous hilarity, & fuck-you-I'll-do-my-own-thing-&-better determination.

I am not, however, so knocked off kilter that I didn't go back & change "between" to the grammatically correct "among" in that first sentence, so, you know, there's hope for me yet. ...or possibly none at all, depending on your view of the importance of grammar. :)

In any case, I am currently finishing up the last Broadway Hour show of the quarter, & since that means I've been surfing the interwebs for the last two hours, have some links:

Racism is Over. This is a blog. It is hilarious, satirical, & perfect. Go look!

Ann Friedman tell us why the gay rights movement needs to stop calling it a culture war & start framing it as a civil rights debate. As far as I can see, many people already are, but I guess it's still a good point--culture wars are full of personal attacks & vitriol & the ability to push your culture on someone else. Demanding civil rights can still garner you hatred & vitriol, but no one has to like you, just, y'know, give you equal civil rights.

On the note of gay rights, Prop 8: The Musical. Awesome.
See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

God, I love Neil Patrick Harris. I want to be his friend.
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Bless the internet! For bringing me the Colbert Report, with Dan Savage, & Keith Olbermann.

totally late in the game, I know, but Prop 8 videos: amazing!> <lj-embed id= )
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1. I saw Molly's play last night! Or more correctly I should say Theater Machine's play, & I knew half the people involved, but Molly was the one bugging me to come. They produced Caryl Churchill's Vinegar Tom which is a weirdass play but quite good, & they did it very well I thought. A lot of SU people won't be able to see it because it's right over MP rehearsal & performance, but if you're in Seattle, you should go see their show & support new companies!

2. Just when I think I could not be more gleeful about our President-Elect Obama, this website comes along: Change.gov. I mean. I just. I. This is me internally flailing with joy.

3. Speaking of joy? This is another reason the internet is awesome: a Flickr set of the Obama family on election night. These are--oh, god, I hate using the word historical right now, but they are, all right, & they're just awesome. Plus as a rule they are generally just really good photographs--lovely composition & light on a lot of them. (Particularly this!, this, this which I want to frame for my wall,* this, & this... all of them, really. I should just quit linking & tell you to go, click, see them all!

*Can I just say how happy I am that I have a president whose photo I want to have on my wall? I am invested in government now for reasons of hope & hard work--not anger. This is good. This is very, very good. :)
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I don't know why artists complain about the lack of space...I mean, in Munich they're using a public toilet as a museum. Really! They've re-purposed it, & four artists are exhibiting work there.

My favorite sentence of this article: "He said that a toilet was a great place for artistic expression because art is a form of relief in the same way that going to the toilet is."

...if I were in Munich, I would totally go.

Tomorrow is November 4th--national election day. My kitchen table ate my absentee ballot, which means I get to go to the polls tomorrow before work. Everyone reading this of U.S. citizenry & over eighteen years:

Go forth & VOTE!

I am so nervous & so hopeful. I want Obama to win so much. I will probably be an emotional wreck tomorrow night regardless, but I really hope it's a happy one.
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Here's an old idea: a movie based around a school production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." But how about this: the kid playing Puck creates a real love potion. And starts coupling everyone up--in same sex couples.
Oh--& did I mention it's a musical?


It opens here in January. I am SO going.
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God love the Colbert report, & the internet for making it accessible for old ladies like me who go to bed early. Today I watched many videos, including this one of NY Gov. David Paterson: legally blind & chill as all get-out. This guy is awesome!

I don't see traffic. )

In other unrelated news, I spilled juice on my keyboard the other day & now my shift key & a few others are sticking horribly. Plus also my headphone jack is shot, but I don't know if it's from the juice. Still: arrrrrgh, computer.
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If you're a fan of McCain, you don't want to keep reading. Just don't bother. If, however, you're a fan of hardcore awesome journalists absolutely ripping into politicians when they act like idiots, you might want continue.

Check out this video: It's Keith Olbermann, tearing into McCain for his childish comments & inconsistencies: "GROW UP, McCain!" (Scroll down slightly to get to the video itself.)

It's kind of terrifying, & kind of amazing, & Olbermann is kind of my new hero.
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Why is it in the midst of plenty to do I find myself reaching for intellectual activity? Although it is always different intellectual activity. Whenever I feel bogged down in my majors (Oh the Humanities, the Humanities of it all), I crave science books. Or just news, which is why I present to you Little Bat's Friday Link List!

1. Indonesian city waits for real king to reveal himself. Feels like someone grabbed a fairytale or myth, squodged it into my medieval reading from last year, & changed the dates to this millennium. I keep thinking of stories out of this.

2. India's first transsexual celebrity. She blames British-imposed Victorian morals for a lot of India's current problems of close-mindedness around sexuality. (Could be said for the US as well...I wouldn't be surprised.)

3. Black leader shifts from Clinton toward Obama. But you know why he started to shift? Get this: he said that as a superdelegate he could "never, ever do anything to reverse the action" of the voters of his district, who overwhelmingly supported Obama. YES. This is how representative democracy is supposed to work! Am I the only one who wonders where that went recently? That now we elect people we hope agree with us, rather than people we know will represent us? Representation doesn't mean having the same view as your constituents, although obviously that helps & it will be the same often. It means carrying their views to the higher level of government when they can't, regardless of what you might personally believe. Thank god for Representative John Lewis.

4. Taryn Simon Shoots America's Best-Kept Secrets. & that's "shoots" as in with a camera--this is a slide show of her photographs of places like Hanford, a cryopreservation unit, and a corpse decomposing at the forensic anthropology research center.

5. And finally, the Astronomy Picture of the Day! Just....beautiful.
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Through a convoluted series of links, I came across an article entitled Proof that Shakespeare did not Write Shakespeare. I'm really fond of it, mostly because it's hilarious, and not very well written. The author makes the assertion that a woman wrote the plays, mostly because women are better writers than men: "this is a proven generic fact." Ahaha! As the Shakespeare Geek Blog said, "I think perhaps that a woman should have written his article for him."

Some choice excerpts (italics and parentheses are mine, mostly pointing out parts I find particularly amazing):

"Some, mainly Americans, believe that there was no such person. A woman from New England named Delia Bacon who taught Shakespeare in school went to England in 1853 to try to dig him up to prove that there was no body in his grave, just a bag of rocks. She went to his grave at night with shovel in hand, but the British authorities, in furtherance of the scheme or conspiracy to hide the fact that there was no Shakespeare, stopped her from digging him up." (I'm not sure which is funnier--the image of a schoolteacher trying to dig up Will, or the implication that the Brits have a cover-up operation going on.)

"Further evidence that Shakespeare did not write Shakespeare: The exact date of his birth is unknown. Few documents or verifiable sources of Shakespeare's life exist, much fewer than would be expected of such a prominent figure. Originals of none of his manuscripts have survived. Not one document exists giving evidence of anyone ever seeing him. Not even his own family ever referred to him as a famous playwright." (What does he want? Journal entries from every prominent politico saying 'Oooohla, today I spoke with the famous playwright William Shakespeare!'
1. While we don't have the date of his birth we do have it of his baptism, which was the date mostly recorded during that period anyway.
2. We have a good sight more documents on Shakespeare than we have on other people in the period (does this author think that actually having historical documents is the norm? Is there a large document preserver these things are supposed to go in?)
3. Actually, we have plenty of records involving him and the Globe, both financial records, and playlists listing him as an actor. If people didn't see him on stage...well, damn, he must have been a mighty fine Ghost.)

...I'm being a terrible mocker, aren't I? It's not that I don't mind the authorship debate; I think it's fascinating. I just think one should do a little more research first.

And oh my god, this guy. This website is bizarre. His home page has tons of different links...videos for him running for governor somewhere? Talking about his hard drive recovery and all the books he's written? Plus this: "DNA Tests have proven that I am the father of my daughter Sandra. With these test results (in PDF Format), anyone who believes that I might be their father can have their own DNA test done and compare the results with the data I have posted and determine with a fair degree of certainty the likelihood that I am their father."

....there are no words.
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The winners of the 25th annual Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest have been announced. A couple of my choice favorites:

Everything about Randy proclaimed him to be a man's man, though neither in the sense of being the kind of man women are drawn to and men want to be nor in the homosexual sense, rather, in the sense of being a highly efficient and well-compensated valet.

She'd been strangled with a rosary--not a run-of-the-mill rosary like you might get at a Catholic bookstore where Hail Marys are two for a quarter and indulgences are included on the back flap of the May issue of "Nuns and Roses" magazine, but a fancy heirloom rosary with pearls, rubies, and a solid gold cross, a rosary with attitude, the kind of rosary that said, "Get your Jehovah's Witness butt off my front porch."

If you've never heard of this contest, I consider you a sad, deprived child, & I tell thee to hie thee hence to this link and get educated. It's hilarious. And although I say don't do it this way, I can't deny that most of them have a certain, indefineable charm.

In other news, Writer 1272 is wonderful & hilarious--go see it if you haven't. If you've got any connection with the college application process, you'll find it funny. Hell, if you have any kind of sense of humor, you'll find it funny. At the Bathhouse, next weekend only. Go.

Also, Intiman's Prayer for my Enemy is incredible & astounding. I reviewed it at TBH but a better review would probably be to say that I cried like a broken-hearted idiot, & I'm not even really sure why, except that it was utterly true. Just go. Trust me.


Jul. 5th, 2007 10:21 am
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As a day-late commemoration of July 4th, I give you something which has probably already made its rounds to your friendslist, inbox, or Youtube page. If it hasn't, watch it. It's straightforward, harsh, & necessary. (Now if only GWB watched Keith Olbermann.)

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Today's geek-fest: The Stardust trailer is now online!
It looks very different from the book, but then most adaptations are, even the faithful ones, & Neil Gaiman has been involved & he likes it & I trust his taste. So I'm pretty excited. (Plus, Charlie Cox & Claire Danes? I'm so there.)

Also, I have successfully hooked Joel onto Slings & Arrows. Which is good, as it is brilliance incarnate on a DVD. If I haven't introduced you yet, call me an idiot, & tell me when you're free, & you too can be inducted into the glory that is a tv show about theater. (I swear, it gets better every time I see it.)
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From Ode Magazine, an article about a really democratic company--Semco, in Brazil. It's actually fascinating, a look at someone who essentially said, "hold on, we don't have to do it this way, let's try something else," which ended up working much better than anyone expected. I'd like to work for someone like that.

On a completely different note, you can now buy invisibility on Ebay. Go figure.

Also, The Onion brings you the finest news: Lord Under Investigation for Failure to Provide, which is good simply for the first sentence: The six-millennia-old sky-father deity Yahweh, worshiped by Christians, Muslims and Jews alike for His alleged all-knowing compassion and vast benevolence toward humanity, refused comment following Monday's announcement that the U.S. Justice Department will investigate allegations of failure on His part to provide for His approximately 3.5 billion human followers.

I'm a little disappointed in the weather--all the snow's gone & it's raining instead, which is a little less novel for this city--but other than that, everything is going wonderfully well. (Except this whole getting-sleep plan, which means I should probably be off to bed.)


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