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Here it is, ladies & gents...CAMPING. Just so y'all know, we got third place in the audience voting. We find out the official judging in about a month.

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....we survived the 24-hour film race. Always the Mountain Productions made a film called Camping, & it is hilarious (way more than I even expected it to be), & we got it in about half an hour early despite a four-hour editing snafu.
Also, I am exhausted! but proud.
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Perez & I went to see Coraline in 3D last night.

Oh. My. Goodness. It was absolutely incredibly magical. The 3D for the most part was hardly noticeable--I mean, I forgot it was 3D & just watched it as a gorgeous movie--& then suddenly a needle would come out of the screen right at my face!--or the tunnel would open up backwards--& then keep going backwards, and going, forever! Oh lord.

& besides the 3D the movie was just magical anyway--it was a very good adaptation (huzzah, another one to add to the list), & great voice acting & totally fantastically weird animation--it was just beautiful. I felt like a little kid. I literally gasped with wonder several times.

& today I need to get cracking on the script--Ki gave me plenty to do. I need to bascially do a total rewrite, which is good, but intimidating. Perez thinks I can sit down & hammer out a new draft in two hours. I am scared.

Plus I have not looked at my history project in about a week & I'm feeling more & more mulish about the whole thing the longer I procrastinate--which is never a good sign. Agaah. Possibly interviewing Bartlett Sher will get me back on track? Hooboy.

But I have callbacks tonight for the spring show! & all the ones I have read look like fun indeed, & they want me to play my recorder (of course the only song, per se, that I know is the one I played in As You...but oh well). & tomorrow is rehearsal with Nick & cleaning my entire house. Yowza. Because I won't have any time on Thursday--& Leeann arrives on Friday!
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Am watching Stardust with dad, & therefore not doing my homework. I've forgotten what a brilliantly perfect movie this is! It doesn't try to be anything other than what it is--a fantastic adventure story with wonderful humor--& everyone is obviously having scads of fun.
Some things about it:

1. I really, really want that airship. I want to sail on it. (Fly on it? What would be the proper verb for traveling a la airship?)

2. Seriously, Claire Danes. Why do I not get to be you. I am upset. (There are a couple actresses out there that I really want to steal the careers off of...)

2.5 However, this doesn't mean that I don't think Claire Danes is amazing. Because she is.

3. You know, in all iterations or explanations, he ghost brothers should be really annoying, but they are not. They are hilarious.

4. I'm pretty sure this is the best cast they could have assembled. & a large number of them have ridiculously perfect facial expressions and comedic timing.

5. Charlie Cox is utterly adorable. I mean utterly.

5.5 & his little casual mullenelo at what'shisface (that's what the super-swishy sword move is called) is one of my favorite moments of any film. Actually, that whole sequence where Tristan is being all swashbucklingly dapper, I just melt all over + want to swash some buckles myself at the same time!

6. Yvaine's speech of love to Tristan-the-mouse is one of the sweetest and clearest love speeches I've heard & I adore it. Similarly, their love scene in the inn is equally innocently wonderful.

7. I continue to be totally impressed at how well this story translated to screen with all these changes & yet I love it as much as the book. Well done, people. Well smashingly done!

also, I continue to not care about my history project in the lovely way where I find the subject matter really interesting, but would far rather read about it than write or formulate hypotheses about it. Sigh. Once more to the books....

--but Stardust!
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Here's an old idea: a movie based around a school production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." But how about this: the kid playing Puck creates a real love potion. And starts coupling everyone up--in same sex couples.
Oh--& did I mention it's a musical?


It opens here in January. I am SO going.
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The Catholic League's rampant prejudice of HDM has reached Ireland, apparently: there was an article in the Independent, a couple of them really. Mostly I try to ignore them (though I invariably end up reading them anyway), because they just make me annoyed. But this one ended on a note that makes me think that people can, actually, be logical:

Displaying a more moderate approach, at the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales yesterday, a polite young woman explained: "We can't comment on a film we haven't seen yet."

...I just. What? A logical approach to a controversy, from either side, is stunningly beautiful news. I just wish more people would look at it that way. (I mean, hell, I'm pretty well biased in favor of HDM, I'll freely admit that; but I also can't possibly comment, in any meaningful way, on the film. Nobody has seen it yet.* Just hold your horses.)

* Except for those lucky people who went to the London premiere, which happened already. *sigh*

In totally unrelated news I had a really disturbing dream last night involving bloody noses and teeth falling out (both mine, yes) and I really don't want to go to bed. I looked up what that's supposed to mean, since I recall it being fairly common though I've never dreamt it before. Apparently it can mean anything from anxiety about personal appearance (not so much) or relationships (not so much), to worries about being silenced or not getting to say everything you want (not for myself, maybe about other people's silence, but it ain't my business), to money issues (I mean, sure, but it's nothing new & not really worrying), to the fact that it means a close friend or family member is very sick. Which of course makes me irrationally worry, despite the fact that's an ancient Chinese legend anyway, & a dream about losing teeth might just be a dream about losing teeth. Still. It was disturbing as hell, I am not a fan, & if I have any more bad dreams tonight I'm gonna...gonna...I don't know, slap a censor sticker on my brain or something. I just wanna sleep well tonight, that's all.
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Hey Seattleites!

Or, anyway, Seattleites who happen to care that The Golden Compass is coming out in December. Yikes!

I found out today that it opens on December 5th here in Ireland. I am not sure that I can wait ten days without seeing it, nor should you have to wait for me (Kayla, I'm looking at you! Even though you offered. I'm pretty sure I can't let you wait that long). Still. Is everyone still set on having a big old party for the first time we see it? Or can we just get together & dress up in costume & be dorky & see it again?

(Seriously...I saw the advert on the side of a bus & pointed violently & yelled, I was that excited.)

Also I'm pretty sure I'm going to need the soundtrack, if the trailer music is anything to go by. (I may have to have a soundtrack buying spree; I'm also horribly enamored of the ones for Stardust and Atonement. So gorgeous.)
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If this turns out not to be true, then somebody is a horrible tease. And that somebody is Alan Tudyk. (Oh please, please, let this be true....)

PS. Who I am about to see in "A Knight's Tale" on Irish TV. What a beautifully bad movie.


Aug. 21st, 2007 10:21 pm
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A Recap of Things Which Have Happened Recently, In No Particular Order:

- I spent more money on clothes in the last few days than I have probably spent on clothes in the last year all put together. At least the clothes are good & will last me. Still. My wallet aches.

- On the upside, I got to spend most of the day today with Maggie & Eliza! Just as fun as I had thought, & good to see Eliza again.

- Yesterday I spent most of the day with my parents--we spent an inordinate amount of time at the bookstore (I got two books: And Only To Decieve, an historical novel, & St Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves, a short story collection), ate Thai food for lunch & did various errands. 'Twas good.

- Joel & I did box office for Arabian Nights opening & we raked in about $850 in ticket donations. That's being matched, by the way. I don't know if the donors are also matching concessions, but if they do, the total intake comes close to two thousand. My favorite part of that was asking Shana to guess how much we made (which I like to do every time I box). She kept hovering in the $600-650 range, & we kept saying, No, higher! & when we finally told her she fell over & laid on the floor in shock. It was lovely.

- Speaking of which, apparently there's a donor matching Saturday (closing). So come Saturday! Give money! Also, watch an amazing show. I am so very incredibly glad that I jumped into the middle of it, even though that's a crazy insane thing to do, & the rugs are driving me up the wall. The cast & crew is all fabulous & funny, & the show is wonderful.

- Joel & I saw Stardust. What a FANTASTIC film. It goes on my list (which is very short) of Movie Adaptations of Books That I Adore As Much as I Adore The Book Itself Which Is Impressive, Really. (So far the only other one on there is Chocolat. But they hit pretty much everything right with Stardust--the casting was wonderful (I adore Claire Danes in everything I have seen her do, including Romeo + Juliet, because even though the movie sucked & they gave her nothing to work with she still managed to be adorable. Also, Charlie Cox is a wonderful hapless boy turned hero; plus, I want his coat. Captain Shakespeare? Oh, the glory. & I want his boat much more than I want Tristan's coat. Mmm.)

- I am finally cleaning my room. Finally.

- I leave the country exactly two weeks from eleven hours ago. God. I keep sliding back & forth between extremes: on the one end confident & excited & happy & looking forward to the adventure; on the other, in tears half the time because of how not-ready I am, how much I am going to miss what I have to leave behind, & how terrifying the whole thing is. The reality is, as most realities are, somewhere between the two extremes--but for some reason I can't manage to stay in the middle. It's like a Newton's Cradle.

- Tomorrow I am playing with my new camera by taking headshots for Joel. Oh, did I tell you I got a new camera? It's gorgeous. Actually I got a new body (same as the old! For $30!) & am using my old lens off Lucy. I shall have to give this one a name. Something that bodes well. Suggestions welcome. (Probably a she; but this one's silver & a little sassy, so make it something with some verve.)


May. 25th, 2007 10:31 am
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My morning-after loopy-tired review of Pirates III: Ships! Pirates! Very long movie. Weird movie. But fun, of course really entertaining. Elizabeth is getting badass, I like that, & I like her kicking everyone around & making them do things. Will is finally getting some street cred as a pirate (which apparently means being a bit of a bastard, which is alright with me, as it's more interesting than being a pansy). Barbossa's first name is Hector. Hector. Hector Barbossa & Jack Sparrow should probably form an off-Broadway comedy duo. Also Jack Sparrow wins at life & death & undeath, or whatever exactly it was, although I have say, a roomful of Sparrows was really disconcerting. & there were many many good lines! Erin & I want to go again & take notes [among them: Jack saying "If I may lend a machete to the thicket in your brain," & "I lied to you, I don't love you, yes that makes you look fat--& by the way, it's pronounced egregious--& my boat is gone! Again!"] Also boats! Very pretty boats. & stone crabs which I thought were really cool (I'm really fond of creatures made out of stuff that isn't the creature), & um, was anyone else sort of wanting Mr Gibbs to laugh or make a "slap me thrice & throw me to my mamma" comment in Tia Dama's face every time she intoned doom-ridden prophecies? Cause that would have helped, as she took herself far too seriously. As did Elizabeth & Jack in the beginning, "it was my burden to bear," puh-lease. Oh, but--this movie wins for best wedding ceremony in any movie ever! "Barbossa! Marry us!" -"I'm a little busy at the moment!" Also, hurray for the monkey Jack, whom I actually liked in this movie.

Also, Bellevue's Crossroads mall? More confusing than any place on earth.

& I am at work, running on about four hours of sleep & very little breakfast & feeling suprisingly alert. I will probably crash hard in the afternoon, but I want to go to Folklife. I have to buy Liz a drink.

Also I think everything is very, very funny (a side effect of the tired I imagine), including the fact that I banged my knee on the WC desk hard enough to pratically resonate (the sound, not my knee), & there's an awesome raised bruise forming. Yay! Ahaha....I need either to sleep or go find a boat. I want a boat. A nice boat.

My Daemon!

Apr. 25th, 2007 05:43 pm
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So I know I should be doing homework, but this is a break from painstaking research on Donne. Plus, I mean, DAEMONS. Seriously. (Also I took the test twice & it gave me an ocelot both times, so even though I tend to think of my daemon leaning more toward the pinemarten/ermine side of animals, ocelot was the one I chose when we made cat-people characters as a kid, & hey...I'll take him.)

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Today's geek-fest: The Stardust trailer is now online!
It looks very different from the book, but then most adaptations are, even the faithful ones, & Neil Gaiman has been involved & he likes it & I trust his taste. So I'm pretty excited. (Plus, Charlie Cox & Claire Danes? I'm so there.)

Also, I have successfully hooked Joel onto Slings & Arrows. Which is good, as it is brilliance incarnate on a DVD. If I haven't introduced you yet, call me an idiot, & tell me when you're free, & you too can be inducted into the glory that is a tv show about theater. (I swear, it gets better every time I see it.)
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I cannot believe I still have the desire to be a writer and describe life with words, because sometimes it's just so much life it's impossible...
That closing show was the most energized, spot-on, gloriously high-flying production I have seen ever. Plus the take was the highest record for a youth show ever, so, um, booyah. Yeah. Haha, I was simply dying up in the booth. Steven said yesterday--during the matinee I think--that the show wasn't seeming as funny anymore, probably because we'd seen it so many times; and then right after that Anneka runs into Austin and crawls on top of him and we crack up and he says, "ok, that's still funny." And for the rest of the weekend we kept pointing at things and saying, "ok, that's still funny too," and laughing our heads off, and we ended up pointing at pretty much the whole show.
I don't think I can explain the hilarity of this production to anyone who hasn't seen it. It's pretty much impossible. I can say..flying tackles, salacious lovers, saber fighting, balloons popping--or sometimes not--wig switching, mop eating, head-locking, pillow-molesting, wall-fondling, lantern-shaking, fairie dancing, magical wonderful glorious YES PLEASE ALWAYS. (That's my take, anyway...)

The cast party was a blast. Haha...also a dim blur. I was really tired before I even got there, and I didn't really get any sleep at all. I kind of dozed on Claire--but that got interrupted by our finger-llamas mating; and I sort of slept on half of Anneka's blanket, but we were too far gone in random laughter and the goddamm flash on her camera to actually sleep at all. And the piano songs, and flipping though old and new photos, and the gorgeously silly lip-synching to Let's Get It On (and the boomerang tie!), and the stories about Russia, and the total lack of ability to stay focused on one game for more than five seconds (Anneka and Elliot I'm looking at you), and playing I've Never and sort of actually managing that one, and the poker game with goldfish which no one ate afterwards (haha), and SINATRA, Kayla I love you; and piling on couches and fighting for pillows, and fighting with pillows, and laughing and talking and falling over and being slap-happy at random moments; "I love you all so much"--"Shut up, Claire, it's too early for that!"--and sitting on the porch in the cold, rainy smelling morning air and watching the sky grow lighter by degrees and trying to be silent--impossible; and muttering around breakfast and sending people off in twos and threes and ones and knowing we're going to see them in just a few days again anyway.
It's late enough now, Claire: I love you all so much.

Haha. Also, we saw The Brothers Grimm, and I don't care how terrible anyone thought it was, I had a good time. Except I also wanted to rip the camera and the budget away and make it myself, so...but ahaha, it was hilarious. "Trust the toad!" Also Heath Ledger with short hair and glasses against type was suprisingly adorable--but considering the only other thing I've seen him in is Knight's Tale, I guess there's only up to go from here. Hah. It was great. Stupid. But great.


Apr. 3rd, 2005 03:15 am
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Tonight was rather good, hurrah! I spent the day being sort of tired and mopey (note to self--don't oversleep; it makes you more tired and it sucks), and vaguely doing some homework, but mostly being entirely useless. I went and got dinner--I was going to get sandwiches, but it had all closed down, so I bought soup and rolls instead--and I sat on the corner of Broadway and Madison, on the stone SU sign, and ate soup, waiting for Erin. A man wandered by smoking a cigarette and sang at me for a minute, which oddly enough wasn't at all creepy. He was very friendly. Then Erin and I wandered around the video store for about an hour--I exaggerate not--and finally found Life of Brian and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

We stopped in QFC to get chicken for Erin (I don't know. She wanted chicken) and had a long and bizarre conversation at the deli counter with a tall pony-tailed man in a black utilikilt, beret with celtic pin, and leather jacket. I was being mean to Erin (because she's mean to me) and he said something about her being a troublemaker three aisles over.
"Oh, yes," I said meaningfully, trying not to laugh.
"I stab people," Erin said, in that mock-serious way she has. "I kill them."
"She stabbed me," I said. "We had to sew it up with yarn."
...and so on. And then he noticed the pirate pin on my bag, and said, "oh, you're a pirate! That explains everything," which for some reason I thought was hysterical. And then he told me at great length about a song about pirates who don't do anything (a Veggietales song, apparently), and his girlfriend (?), who looked kind of amused, told me not to be too bothered, or something. I wasn't. I thought it was fabulous.

We watched Brian, with Elaine and Tara, and then Elaine's little sister who is visiting. I love that movie. It's so...sacriligous. *grin*
Then we went to the Bistro and sat around and talked and laughed a lot--lots of stories of Elaine and Elise's car accidents, and random gossip about fellow students. All very horrific of course. :D (Also much talk of the KFC Club, which is not about fried chicken. *snerk*) At the end the Bistro was playing Enya on the sound system, which was really bizarre. I mean, yes, I like Enya, but at the Bistro?
And then we went back and Erin and I read bits off [livejournal.com profile] m15m (which is hysterically funny--go there and read the memories), and then watched A Funny Thing Happened.... Up Sondheim! It was hilarious.

And I walked back in the breeze and the dark and the little bit of rain, and it is gorgeous outside. Also the birds are singing like it's six am. I do not understand this. Why are the birds being so bloody loud in the middle of the night? WTF, as they so eloquently say? I do not know...it may keep me awake. Because of the walk, or something, I am now more wide awake than I have been all day. Maybe I'll do homework, since I'm suddenly not tired. No, seriously. I think I'll read Astronomy.

P.S. From Maggie--ta, Maggie!--go read this. It's hysterical, especially, as she says, for anyone subjected to a 'politically focused humanities class.' Zinn and Chomsky commentary on ROTK.
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Woke up at eight this morning in order to be all graduted-from-Birdwatch-special and help Sprong with the girl's science confy. Skipped out early, and went to Dickey's character map class, which was informative, funny, frustrating, and far too interesting to post about right now, cause I'm falling asleep.

Then met Erin and dragged her downtown to meet people and we watched Constantine, which was suprisingly good for its genre (its genre being "bad movie," of course). Good CGI. Glorious wings. I love wings. I want wings. Also wings getting burnt or cut off...*weeble* Also Nakka nearly bruised my arm and cut off circulation in my fingers....:D

And, because I had to:

Ehehehe. Going to sleep now. :D
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Okay, kids...all you people who were in the last Bathhouse Invasion of Downtown (which movie was that? I can't even remember) and those who want to be involved next:

CONSTANTINE. We have to go. It's like the Matrix meets Van Helsing only, apparently, a little better. Still taking-itself-too-seriously-and-therefore-funny, however...plus there are androgynous angels and the Spear of Despair (that which killed Jesus, what'd you know?) weilded by a Mexican peasant, and cross-shaped guns. That's really the clincher. You know you want to see Keanu Reeves* kicking demon ass with a cross shaped gun.
Who's with me?

*Sure, I know he's terrible. But I quote from a review: "Keanu Reeves, who has often detracted from movies in which he appears, has a neutral and occasionally even positive impact on it." To which I say...ouch. :D
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If you are currently in Seattle, or anywhere near it, Go See Proof. NOW. (Well, tomorrow. Or next weekend. But SEE IT.)
Ahh, it was so amazingly fabulous! Shana was INCREDIBLE. Well, amazing. Awesome. (See, "incredible" means "unbelievable"--but it wasn't. Because I knew she was fantastic. But it's still wonderful to see.) We went outside at intermission and couldn't really breathe, we just sort of weebled for a while and then mobbed Shana afterwards. And there was about eight minutes of standing ovation, and if the reviewer who was there doesn't give it a good review, Anneka and I are marching down to the offices and kicking some (and I quote) "reviewer ass." (I said, call me when you go, I want to come; and Naka says, with perfect timing, "yes! ...we can carpool.")
So. Yeah. It was FABULOUS. Anna kept saying she was so proud of Shana, and how that was silly, because we're the students I guess, but it really is true. It's the other way around for so much of the time; I haven't seen her onstage since Merry Wives (has she been onstage since then? I don't think so), and it was amazing. A whole other side of her, because she's an actor when she's directing but it's different, when she's onstage. Gah. So awesome. A quiet, intimate sort of awesome. Works well at the Bathhouse. The awesomeness isn't flashy and huge, it sort of creeps up on you and you spend the show breathless because it's so incredible. Mmmm.
(I know what you mean, Claire, about being speechless. I managed to make a whole paragraph out of speechlessness. Go me.)
So: Proof (starring our own Shana Bestock), running from now until Halloween, Thu-Sun, at SPT at the Bathhouse. Go see.

Yesterday night after the pizza dinner with the second years (fun, but not much happened), after we hung around the bistro for a while, Laura, Mike, Kareem and I went to I Heart Huckabees at the Egyptian. I loved it. Go see that too. Hee...oh, it was funny...utterly confusing and bizarre (Kareem afterwards: "I have no idea what the fuck that was about..."), but fabulous all the same.
And then Kareem and I went to Laura's room and we sat around and drank hot chocolate (with marshmallows in!) and listened to music and talked until we nearly fell asleep. It was a different atmosphere than when I stay up late with people I know...less intimate, a little more awkward, but potentially brilliant.

Also Vergil is annoying. And this anonymous pupil of Aristotle who is writing the Athenian Constitution (apparently) is much more boring than Aristotle in the Ethics. Argh. Besides that, and the bloody term paper I have to write, school is good. Hehe. Yeah. Pretty good.

But Proof...brilliance!


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