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I was tagged by Anneka. Wheee...

DIRECTIONS: List ten songs that you're currently digging. It doesn't matter what genre they're from, whether they have words, or even if they're no good. They must be songs that you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the ten songs and their artist(s), [and then tag five other random people to see what they're listening to.]

1. Horses Through A Rainstorm -- CSNY
2. A Fond Kiss - The McKassons
3. Peril - Halo 2 (hahaha, I'm not kidding...)
4. The Riverflow - The Levellers
5. What About Everything - Carbon Leaf
6. Stray Cat Strut - (on the radio--don't know the singer)
7. The King of the Golden Hall - Howard Shore, LOTR: TT
8. Horizon - Arrogant Worms
9. Good People - Jack Johnson
10. Smoothie Song - Nickel Creek

So, um.... Consider this a Plea For Music! Because, considering where I drew these from (my utterly random and kind of pathetic mish-mash on my computer), I am in desparate need of some new music. By which I don't necessarily mean music that is new, although that would be nice; but music that's new to me. Some good rock stuff. More Carbon Leaf. Something with a good drumline or a cool guitar solo. Or, hell, the Lion King soundtrack.
If anyone wants to email me a shitload of MP3's (erudite.imp at gmail), or burn a CD...or something...I would be fabulously grateful.

Oh, and since I can never think of who has done it and who hasn't, I tag Anyone Who Hasn't Been Tagged And Wants To Be. (Haha. Blanket Tagging.)

AWESOME show today, my Midsummer Darlings...standing ovation! Rock on! See you all tomorrow bright and early at 1pm, hehehe...
OH, and I am throwing this out there now--will talk to people tomorrow: Anybody want to go see a matinee The Brothers Grimm on Sunday before the last show? It looks like a fun show to see with Bathhousians (although really, what isn't), and I promise it isn't rated R.
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The huge chocolate-chip cookies here are so good.
Also art history is fabulous, and I love Dante.

...that is all.

iChing )

Whoa...you know how some things--sounds, smells--make memories just explode in your head? Yes. This song? OH yeah.
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Is it wrong to find one of the choir singers for Compline incredibly gorgeous? ...yeah. Probably. But, well. He is.

He was in the Tudor Choir as well, which is where I noticed him, last night. That concert was AMAZING. Forty-voiced choirs who hit notes spot on and blend harmonies like strawberries and cream...it makes my wings come out.

Tomorrow I am spending two hours playing Ultimate. I need exercise. I think it will fix me.
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I don't usually post lyrics. But these were so...true that I had to. I'm not missing summer with a horrible ache, as I sometimes do--but oh, I do miss the feeling....

...when summer comes... )
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I went to a Tudor Choir concert last night at St. Mark's--the music was gorgeous. It's so glorious and quiet at the same time--maybe not quiet, but calm. I can sit and relax and just let my mind wander and not worry about what I'm thinking, kind of mediate to music.
Today is MUCH WORK TO DO--but I'm not stressed. I think it's choir-hangover. I like this. This is a good place to be.
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I wish that after I got over being sick, I could keep the range my voice has now. I discovered, singing along to Wicked, that now that my voice is all messed because of my cold, I can hit the low notes in I'm Not That Girl without any trouble. Of course, my voice sounds terrible, but hey...I like the range. *grin*
...on the other hand, I totally lose the upper register. *sigh* I guess one can't have everything.
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It's really weird, the places you can get on LJ. I clicked on someone's name in a community because I wanted to find out who did the art for their icon (it was Crowley and Aziraphale. And the art was [livejournal.com profile] linnpuzzle, whose art is gorgeous). And I found a link to BARE. And the music is really good. Whoah. (I wonder if it's coming back West coast? Hmm.) Although it is kinda depressing. Maybe that's just me at the moment.

Looks like I'm going to be in Astronomy next quarter...I'd like to know what you can do in a lab for Astro if it's in the middle of the day, but...oh well. We'll see. Also I cannot register for next quarter until I get my shots. Puckey. I thought I signed an exemption form, but noooo, apparently not...*sigh* I will go be stubborn and pushy about it tomorrow.

cut for exessive angsty ranting. grrargh. )

On a slightly happier note, the moon is utterly beautiful tonight. A perfect little cream sliver.
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So Philip came to visit me today and just had to go and mention doing Wicked at the Bathhouse, and had to go and chat about casting, and had to actually not stop me from singing, and so it's all your bloody fault that now the music will not leave my head! And I went to the webpage to listen, but they only have small clips of the songs, so not only is the music stuck in my head, but it's just a little bit of each song. (And yes, I adore this musical. But honestly.)

Still have Bible to read. Hmm...Leviticus. And not the interesting part about shrimp, either. Pah.

EDIT: Looking for Wicked picures, found one of Norbert Leo Butz (Fiero) wearing a Kerry pin. Rock on. *grin*

QUIZ because I am procrastinatorially inclined... )
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Just got back from the SU Choirs Christmas concert...mmmmm I love choir music. So pretty...and there was a Nigerian carol at the end with fabulous African drumming and everything. There should be more African drumming in church.

Friday night I went to BXPE--AGH it was good! So so good! Although it was truly bizarre to be on the audience side of things. Seriously weird. But fun, in a way. First time I've seen it from that angle. Ah, the show was fabulous...Charlotte was an amazing Imogene, Caitlin was awesome (Grr, Alice!), Amy was a great Beth...I liked the family this year. The mom's different. Very good. Zoe and Emily are hysterical... You know what I mean. GOOD SHOW. I would tell everyone to GO SEE IT NOW! but you're probably a) already a Bathhousian or going to see it anyhow or b)not in Seattle, in which case ignore me.
Go on Thursday the 9th. Heh.

I managed to go all weekend without studying a single thing. Go me. Well, I worked on my Plato paper a bit. (GAWD that thing is frustrating.) Still not done but at least I have an argument now. Oi.
Philosophy test tomorrow...will study tonight.

Am taking my parents to dinner at C-Street. Cripes. I don't know why they want to go; maybe because they don't have to cook? Still, it isn't exactly appetizing. Oh well. It's food. And I'm hungry.

There was an article in the paper today--the Sunday one by the writer/grammarian person--on the use of the word "whom" and whether it should be phased out, since nobody seems to use it anymore and when they do, they use it wrong. But no! Not whom! I'll admit I don't use it correctly all the time but I can usually catch it when I do...and the word has such a warm and stodgy-in-a-good way old-fashioned feel. *sigh* Lord, I'm such a nerd.

HEY EVERYBODY! Christmas/Hanukah/Birthday/Winter Solly presents. OI! I don't know what to get people, except for a few select, so TELL ME, please. I can make books...I can draw things (or try to at any rate), I can make little dragons (beads, sorry, not real ones), I like to make things. Or I can bring back tea from England, Earl Gray and Assam and so forth. (We're going to Harrods, but I shan't be buying anybody anything there because I doubt there's anything there for under twenty pounds.) So give me some ideas, people. I'm terrible with gifts.

Philip, what did you want on your shirt again?

(Days until break: FOUR.)


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