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I love Bathhousian parties. Someday we will have a proper fondue party--the chocolate turned out well though, I must say. Those strawberries were to die for. Next time the cheese will be just as good, I swear. And everyone piling on the couch in the dark, with random music playing in the background, and insane flashes of light from cameras, and Papal Death Watch 2005 (we are so horrible), and dance party time! Did we ever actually get through one whole song? Bohemian Rhapsody, possibly. Also I have never freak-danced before, so thank you Patrick.

Rose and I are plotting to have a joint birthday party sometime soon. Hee.

....and no callbacks por moi. Dammit. I wouldn't really have minded much not being cast if I could have been called back, but no...not for me. Means I have to get a real job this summer. Darn.

Also I have an insane amount of reading to do for History and Art and Lit and GAHHH and a lab write up and OH where has my motivation gone... if I'm like this now I can only imagine how bad it will be in four weeks. *sigh*
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I am, at the moment, exceedingly tired in that sort of deep pressure in the back of my head way, as a result of getting only four hours of sleep last night. I was going to get more, but I wanted to burn things. Ok. Um. Chronogically, then:
More or less chronologically, anyway... )

I was tired, obviously:
"Wait, wait, Dad--get the, the cord...from the computer...the LSD cord. No. The LS...the...camera thingy." -Me (Yes. An LSD cord. You plug it in the computer and the hard drive goes hallucinogenic. Ehehe.)


Jul. 17th, 2004 10:23 pm
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I'm tired. I'm supposed to be packing for England (I hate packing, I realize; or maybe I just hate it right now)...hmm. Let's see.

Finished the show; last one was awesome, of course--got flowers for Shana and nearly cried, and we all sat around and did a talkback and I'm never going to do a youth show there anymore, and that's really weird...
The Bathhouse was where I did my best acting, overall..."The Tempest" was the show I can point to and say, look, I changed hugely, I got more confident, I suddenly knew I could do whatever I wanted on stage. It might take work, it might be hard--but I could do it. And Much Ado was my last summer show--so wonderful. I can't describe how amazing it was to be a part of that show (everyone who was in it, you know; if you weren't, I'm sorry I can't explain. But I can't). And then, despite everything, we four pulled off CWS. Which, to put it simply, rocked the effing house. And was so hard, and so much fun.
I did my first professional shows there too...eep. Christmas Pageants and R&J. Got to work with all different ages of people (baby angels, be quiet!)...good things, really. All round. Good for me. In the best way possible. So I'll just have to come back...and act more. Hee...(they can't be rid of me).

Let's see. I entirely forget what I did on Monday, although I know I did something...can someone remind me? I'm so tired...
Tuesday was another dinner (greek, yum) at Melissa's. Was fun...i drew on Eliza's pants with Tria marker (mmm, Tria markers!) and we talked and I played chess with Maggie (stalemate, i think), and I learned how to play Clocks which I then promptly forgot. Sorry, Joel. :)
Thursday was a graduation-bathhouse-party at Maggie's, fancy dress. That was fun (Charlotte, wear those pinstripes more often), got to play croquet and eat good food. The boys and I did some of CWS...skipped a bunch though. Heh.
Friday...I don't remember what I did either. Geez....I think I probably packed some (read: puttered around pretending to pack). In the afternoon Joel and I met at Nuncle Lizzy's and gave each other writing (he writes well. He'll deny it, maybe, but he does)...and then I went to see Haroun and the Sea of Stories (at the Bathhouse, go see it!), and then went to Katt's. Ostensibly a Pride and Prejudice party but we didn't watch it. Saw various bits of various things, watched Strictly Ballroom (I love that movie--must take ballroom dance next year!), a Red Dwarf episode, some Weird Al music videos...I actually slept some.
Katt's kitten is incredibly cute. She slept on me for a while but then decided I was to be avoided at all costs. Cats. Geez. :)
And then I came home...and packed. Ish. Met Allie and Liz at the bookstore, got some stuff for the trip, we came back here and birthed a werewolf child (game, kids, game), had dinner. I packed. Kind of.

Also I have now found out the meaning of the term 'third wheel.' It's really weird. Not in a bad way (they look so happy together, how I could I be unhappy about it?), it's just weird. I think it's cute though. I told them so and they didn't get mad at me, hee. Can't really explain it...anyone else know what I mean? Hanging out with people who are an item (I love that phrase), and it's just you? I'm not holding it against them or anything, it's just odd. Kind of still wrapping my head around it...

And here I go off to England with just my parents...hopefully I'll meet some interesting people over there I can hang with for a while. And in Oxford E. and A. will be there (yay, catch-up time), and maybe I'll go see Boston-Liz (Tinuviel, do you have any more info about the ballet yet?).

I'm leaving Monday morning...cripes. I'm going to see Patrick's play tomorrow.
I'll be able to get on the Internet in England...so send me emails, hey? I want to know what everyone's up to. I may not be able to answer everything (if I'm in an Internet cafe or something) but I'll try to post here some. Whoa...five weeks. Bye, Seattle. See you in a month.

("Time After Time." Makes me reconsider the single life, how maudlin can I get? *hits self* Not until college, kid. Not now.)

I'm going to brush my teeth and go sleep now...if you were here, I would hug you all.
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Mmm...so many things. Friday night Emily and I went to the ballet! And we were in box seats, no less....I very seldom squeal in glee, but I came close that night. It was awfully fun...we had an amazing view, and the dancing was gorgeous, and Patricia Barker is astounding, and Puck was incredibly awesome. Hee. Gotta love Goodfellow...:)

Saturday..um. I can't remember what I did on Saturday. Oh...I cleaned stuff. That's right. I picked things up and threw things away and vaccumed out a spider nest in my room (there has got to be something I can do about that). And then I went to Charlotte's to watch LOTR. Simon and Rose were there to...we watched movies and ate Chinese food (sort of) and laughed at the love affair between Aragorn and Legolas and made bad jokes about the movies. So fun.

Also I registered for classes next year...eek. It wasn't too bad, actually--since most of my classes will be core honors and they sign me up automatically. Kind of nice. Left the website feeling like I'd forgotten something, though...oh, well, they'll call me if it's drastic, I'm sure.
(Ooo, I wanna know who my roommate is...)

Today there was rehersal....in which I was sort of dead. Got to get some sleep tonight...next week will be boot camp. Eeep. And then Mum dragged me out and stuck me in the car and taught me how to drive stick shift. Stressful! I'm a little too short to reach the clutch comfortably though...(stop laughing, dammit!). *sigh* Argh.

And then we went to see Harry Potter...which I liked much better than the first two. Alfonso Cuaron is vohn-derful...too bad we're back to Columbus after this. (Grr.) Mmm, liked Buckbeak (looked real! Had big wings!) and the castle was bigger and cooler, and I liked Lupin (I'd like him even more if he ditched the moustache, same goes for Sirius); the kids were more grown up and better too. All of them. (Also liked the flying crane note from Draco...hee).
My only quibble is on a recurring theme: Dammit, werewolf means wereWOLF, not were-strange-CG-creature! Argh. I suppose in Underworld it was okay to futz with it--it was a weirdo movie and they were 'Lycans' anyhow. But is it just me, or doesn't Remus actually turn into a wolf? Hmm? Other than whatever-it-was Remus turned into, I liked it very much...

And now I have to finish cleaning my room. Hmmm...go food for dinner tomorrow...yum.

I leave you with this: Go here:
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...was beautiful. So beautiful. Liz and Allie and I took the bus down, in weird clothes (necessary). Folklife, meeting at the whales at noon and a half, eating cookies....Allie standing with "Money For Operation to Remove Seagull From Throat" sign and screaming seagull noises. Caitlin Golden! (I miss you!) Everyone showing up--Charlotte and Anneka and Simon and Chris and Joel and Rose and Hannah, later; having a poetry duel with the SCA-Renfaire lady (a draw till August, apparently). She quoted "When in disgrace" at me and then I quoted "Those lips that love's own hand did make" back at her, and then she dumped Joel, and then Allie did Puck and Anneka remembered Leonato and there was Chaucer spoken and all sorts of good things. I ate Pad Thai and an incredibly good crepe. We wandered about and saw many good people and performances and strawberry shortcakes and peopl putting tubes through their noses and out their mouth...I can't really explain how lovely Folklife is for me. But it makes me so happy...
And then all of us but Simon and Chris took the bus back to Hannah's house and made dinner. Doubly amazing. We put on music and all of us crowded in her kitchen (incidentally, her house is incredibly cool), making pasta and crazy salad and tomato and alfredo sauces and salad dressing from scratch, and there was chopped apples and brie cheese, and we were all doing various things and somehow it all worked. And we sat around her table and passed food around and talked about all sorts of things and this sort of thing really doesn't happen enough. It was beautiful, anyhow. We made scones after we cleared dinner and ate scones with tea. And then Charlotte left and all of us but her piled into Hannah's car (time to play the clown car game), four people squashed in the back and me on Hannah's lap up front, discovering what it's like to be tall.
I got home at eleven at night and was very, very happy.

I am staying home from Folklife today to write my "Quality in Education" paper but really I'm going to plot when we can do this next...

I love you all. Last night was splendid. Thank you. :)


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