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I'm actually rather intrigued at the way those two always seem to go hand-in-hand, as though one could not love God without despising the world. It's a particular sort of mentality, I suppose, the dichotomy between material and spiritual things; but I always felt most spiritual when I was connecting to something material, usually. And, really, if God created the world, and I despise the world, am I not then despising God via God's creation? (Whatever God is...which is another question for a time when I haven't got a paper waiting to be finished.) I really do love the world--and if it's God's world, then I ought to love God for creating it. And that, to me, seems fairly self-evident.

Also, because I am a memesheep (baaaaa):

Everyone who reads this, ask me 3 questions. Any 3, no matter how personal, dirty, private, or random. I have to answer them honestly. In turn, you have to post this message in your own journal and you have to answer the questions that are asked to you.
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Philosophy has got to be the only subject wherein I can sit down and think, take notes, write and talk for hours and be more confused at the end than I was at the beginning. I have a lovely four pages of paper done--but I'm missing an essential part of said paper, namely my own bloody opinion on the subject. I...think I disagree with Plato. The problem is, I can't find any flaws in the internal argument; it's the greater argument, of the forms and Plato's general pessimism toward humans' ability to morally improve. But I really don't want to get into that big of an argument in a seven page term paper. *sigh*

Oh, philosophy...
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I love random late-at-night conversations with my roommate about Europe and seeing the Pope and eating lunch with Louie Vitton (yes, she did), and science journals and how her idea of heaven is watching El Greco paint. (She said that and I stopped and went all misty and said, 'ooooh...I could go for that....').
There is a Christmas cd playing with Michael Crawford singing. The original Phantom, and lordy is his voice pretty. Mmmm.

There is something about this Plato paper that is really repulsive. I don't mean disgusting; I mean repulsive in the most literal sense. I rarely have had so much difficulty sitting down and writing a paper. This is ridiculous.
I'll go read my other homework to procrastinate. Hee.

Am in a good mood, which is incredibly bizarre for a)this time of night b)this time of quarter c)the way my stomach feels (hungry, I think, although I ate a soup not long ago) and d)how much I want to be out of school at the moment. Oh well. Enjoy it while it's here, I suppose.

Maybe it's that A in History carrying over. Hey. I'm allowed to be smug, Madsen's a hard grader. Moohaha.

Also Christmas music rarely fails to make me happy, and there are pretty colourful lights strung above the window. And the room doesn't smell. That's a point in favour.

I LOVE YOU. (Whoever you are. I am handing out virtual hugs left and right. Heee.)

Quote of the day: "You're naturally weird; FBI agents are trained that way." -Meaghan Quinn, Eat The Roses (a fab comic. Go read. And check out all her other art too).
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Epicurus makes no sense. Atomism is doubly confusing because it feels to me like they were on the right track and then got off somewhere and I'm sitting here thinking, "yeah, yeah, yeah...hold on, what now?"
On the other hand it's kind of fun. In a scholarly way. And although the book is sometimes dull, any authors who writes "does it really make sense to say that one set of atoms experiences another set as red, solid and extended?" gets my vote. Also he uses billiard balls and cabbages to illustrate points.
Odyssey going okay, though. Odysseus really is fabulously cool, you know.

On the other hand it is a full moon tonight. Necessary before I sleep: Go outside and look at moon. Werewolves having fun running about in pack, and I'm not. Grrrrowl. Why haven't I got that set of genetics?

(Hehe. I kept reading about cabbages in my philosophy book and I kept thinking of Remus. Har de har. Shoebox has invaded my brain.)


Sep. 19th, 2004 08:58 pm
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just got back from a panel on spirituality in the chapel at st. ignatius (which is a gorgeous church)...it was interesting. some things i wrote down:
"i feel very comfortable being a jewish-wiccan-agnostic."
"it didn't matter what i was as long as i was comfortable with who i was..."
"while my religion of choice changes as often as my hair color..." (these from stephanie, very cool girl. with pink hair. and a tweed coat.)
"not knowing is very painful...so i did what any rational person would do--i left the united states and went to study abroad. in asia."
"i stand before you today representing the big question mark."-zachary
"be sure that your faith liberates you."
"campus ministry is the most wonderful search engine on campus." -tara
-all religions are different paths up the same mountain--hindu proverb.
there was a boy who was hindu and talked in a lovely way and now i want to go to temple with him. he said anyone could.
mostly what they kept coming back to was that despite being a catholic university--or i should say, because of being a jesuit university--it's fabulously warm and welcoming for anybody and they're not just saying that. so it feels happy.

it got me thinking, though--kareem asked me earlier whether i was religious and i said, um, well, sort of...i'm a pagan-wiccan-christian; and he and katie said, how does that work? and i said, i have no idea.
it's weird. i have an altar (which i haven't set up in my dorm room yet and now i really want to), and i celebrate beltane and ostara and so forth--kind of--but while i'm not technically christian, i think jesus was a damn cool guy (and existed, and is probably the son of god in some way), and i certainly have talked to god, in a church.
it was weird--it a different voice than usual, but coming into my head in the same way that i hear trees. which means it comes into my head in the same way as a story when the story is writing itself--it might be coming from me, but i honestly can't tell and i have no sense of 'making it up'. i talk to a tree and the words of its answer are in my head without me hearing it or thinking it up. same thing with airplanes. and with god. although they all have different voices. i sat there in st. martins in the fields and i said, wow, this is a beautiful place...and god said why yes, it is, and he (she, it--we need a non-gender-specific-pronoun) sounded sort of proud and happy. and i said, oh hello god, and he said, hallo child, and that was that.
so what am i? essentially that doesn't matter too much; as long as i know who i am. which i do.
but i am interested in hearing what other people think...what are people's views on religion? i never discussed that much with many people...i should, it's fascinating. so talk to me. tell me things.
love love love you all
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Woke up horrendously late again. I hate doing that. I feel useless. More broken dream-images floating around in my head. I keep wanting to write them down and then not remembering enough of them to feel like I can. Five days in a row now. Does that mean something? They're all different, but they all have the same oversoul feeling.
Left the house with dad, to get away from the stain smell on the porch. Looks pretty, smells awful....
Gave my passport application to the lady at the counter, chatted and signed things, wandered up the Ave for a while. We went to the bookstore and looked at products from the Unemployed Philosopher's Guild (who are these people, and can I work for them?). Dolls of da Vinci, Wilde, Woolf and so forth...a Henry VIII and His Disappearing Wives Mug (pour in a hot drink and watch all of Henry VIII's wives disappear--even Katherine Parr, who survived!). A Neitzche Will Above Power nutritional bar--chocolate of course. Think Beyond Good and Evil.
We went to the Starbucks on Roosevelt where we paid for two tall hot chocolates with two dollar bills and a pile of coins. I sat and drank chocolate and ate potato bread and cheese and read Homer. (I like Nestor. He's smart. Agamemmon and Achilles are getting on my nerves.) Then dad and I talked, and god was it bizarre...
Philosophical discussions with my dad always are.
We see time as a sequential happening, but in the universal view of space-time it's all one point in time. Everything is one point in time, not even between a beginning and an end, because those are points in time encompassed within the everything. My dad says, "make a film about that." I say, "and it will happen all at once, and no one will understand it."
So if that's true, where do we get these ideas of things happening in sequence?
There's nine tenses: Past, present and future; and then each of those in relation to each other (past-past, past-present, past-future; present-past, etc). (Must read The Education of Oversoul Seven.)
We have a hard time remembering things from early childhood because we don't have enough memories yet to create a timeline to anchor them on.
God is above time. This whole creationist-evolutionist debate becomes silly if you look at it from God's perspective. Yes, he did create everything in six days. And six billion years. It's the same thing, can't you see? There is no time from that far away.
Another book--the planet slowly becomes a planetary mind, then links itself in with the star minds, to become a galatic mind...this happens more and more until everything is one universal mind, at which point we don't have enough evergy to sustain ourselves, so we disappear. But in that last moment of realization they know that we're just one in a series of universes that the starmaker is trying out, perfecting something each new time around.
There are some thoughts I can't wrap my mind around. I try to think of things that will happen after I die because the thought of nothingness is...not so much scary as simply incomprehensible.
My dad says, maybe dying is like falling into a black hole. Fabulous, I say, that's comforting. No, he says--when you fall into a black hole, from the outside it looks instantaneous--bang, they're gone--but to the person falling, time slows down more and more as you go. if you keep going it just stops. That's also very comforting, I say.
But god is dead, we decide, because he's fallen so far through the black hole that time doesn't matter. So Neitzche was right when he said god was dead; he just didn't go far enough. Is chocolate beoyond Good and Evil, then?
My mind is confused. But god it was fun.
(And this god person...I don't know, he's kind of cool. He's said hi a couple times. Got a nice voice, you know.)
It's beautifully windy outside.


Aug. 3rd, 2004 07:39 pm
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Well, thanks to some of those questions and to Anneka's insights on love and Rosalind, I've been thinking. (Oh, no, I hear you cry, not thinking, please no...)

Random mutterings... )

In other news, we saw The Mousetrap today, the longest running play in the world. And I can't tell you anything about it, we were sworn o secrecy. :) I can say that I was good, although I liked Patrick's Paravaccini better, and Chris Wren was better in the Ballard version. Yep. Fluffy little people, I like them.

I love you, people. Really I do. I'm going to go to the Bathhouse and elsewhere and I expect lots of hugs when I get back. Cheers.

Hide me.

Mar. 21st, 2004 08:31 pm
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I've spent the last half an hour reading anti-gay marriage stuff online, for my thesis...cripes. I feel ill...and weirded out.

'And on I merrily go...' )

Buena noche, all. I'll leave you with this thought from St. Augustine, who I've only just begun to read: "quen colorem habet sapentia?"


Jan. 22nd, 2004 09:44 pm
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I finished my paper! And it isn't a paper, it's a dialogue: Esmene, or Wisdom 101, between Socrates and a fictional person. Esmene. Who is really me. But nevermind.

I never did much math...but oh well. :)

EDIT: Because Eliza told me to, and Margo told me how, I shall put up my paper. Dialogue.
Esmene )


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