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Listening to President Obama's inauguration speech:

I have goosebumps!

Oh, this man. How proud I am to have him as my president!

(Also--this first family is going rock. Besides how cool we already know they are, & that we are going to have a first grandma at the White House--apparently, when the Obama family was visiting the Lincoln memorial & reading the Gettysburg address off of it, when they got to the point about liberty and justice for all men created equal, Malia asked, "How're we doing on that?")
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Just in case I don't get online on my laptop tomorrow, just in case I am too carried away by the joy of the Inauguration festivities & forget to post about it, I'll do it early.

I am SO THRILLED that, starting tomorrow, I will be a citizen of a country with a president I respect. I am more excited than I can tell you that, starting tomorrow, when my president's voice comes on the radio, I will smile instead of cringe. That we can finally hear him introduced as "President Obama" instead of "President-elect." (Though I've noticed some people on NPR slip up & call him President more than once. We're just so ready, is all.) I am so proud that I finally feel like I can respect & follow & civilly agree or disagree with my government. (& that there's a first family I totally want to be friends with!)

Mr. Obama, you have a lot of hopes and expectations riding on you. But you know what? I think you'll do just fine.

Anyone who isn't happy about tomorrow, we can have our discourse later. For now, I say to you:


(I don't know who to credit for this--it's not me--but I adore it.)
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Opening weekend so far is going well. I have been getting a fair amount of reading done, actually, while I am pushing projector buttons, so that is nice. It's pretty relaxing up in the booth. Today's between-shows break was spent enjoyably eating pizza (& enchiladas I made this morning!) & chatting in the greenroom, including a half an hour talk about ghosts, swapping stories.

This morning I went to the Prop 8 protest, for a few minutes--I couldn't stay long, but I took some pictures & saw many cool people & I have no doubt it went well. A lot of Broadway was all blocked off when I drove to the theater, & I saw protest-protestors with signs about Jesus. The annoyance I felt was somewhat mitigated by remembering a sign from the rally at the park: "Jesus had 2 dads."

Vagina Monologues are cast! Casting went well, I think. We cast 16 girls (Stephanie was worried about people actually having lines, etc, although I was worried about excluding tons of people...but we compromised). I got to call the ones we cast, which was nice--they all sounded so excited about it. I am less thrilled about turning away so many people...it's the part of casting that is never fun, no matter what. Especially when you know a lot of them. Agh.

Schoolwork: still eating my soul. Moby Dick test: done, I have no idea how I will do. MD final paper: no topic, no impetus except terror of Dr. W. Mock-mock-trial: done, we probably could have put more effort into it, but I just don't care enough. I just want this quarter to be over with already.

Back to work! For another show. Let's break some legs & fingers, & rock some socks.
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1. I saw Molly's play last night! Or more correctly I should say Theater Machine's play, & I knew half the people involved, but Molly was the one bugging me to come. They produced Caryl Churchill's Vinegar Tom which is a weirdass play but quite good, & they did it very well I thought. A lot of SU people won't be able to see it because it's right over MP rehearsal & performance, but if you're in Seattle, you should go see their show & support new companies!

2. Just when I think I could not be more gleeful about our President-Elect Obama, this website comes along: Change.gov. I mean. I just. I. This is me internally flailing with joy.

3. Speaking of joy? This is another reason the internet is awesome: a Flickr set of the Obama family on election night. These are--oh, god, I hate using the word historical right now, but they are, all right, & they're just awesome. Plus as a rule they are generally just really good photographs--lovely composition & light on a lot of them. (Particularly this!, this, this which I want to frame for my wall,* this, & this... all of them, really. I should just quit linking & tell you to go, click, see them all!

*Can I just say how happy I am that I have a president whose photo I want to have on my wall? I am invested in government now for reasons of hope & hard work--not anger. This is good. This is very, very good. :)
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This morning on NPR I kept hearing "President-elect Obama" & "in the Obama administration" & I was still gleeful! (Even though still exhausted too.) It just...it makes me so thrilled.

an attempt at bipartisan celebration? )

More choice moments from Tuesday night, though:

- Dancing in a group at the "Speakeasy" Rosebud--which included what Melissa would call my gentleman caller--& still getting fiercely asked out by a fairly drunken man. I attribute it to the glee.

- Todd breaking out into a rendition of the beginning of the Cell Block Tango, which we joined in to, as referring to Republicans: "They had it coming! They had it coming! They only had themselves to blame! If you'da been there, if you'da seen it, I betcha you would have done the same!" ...& then Todd singing the bridge & wiggling in the street. Brilliant.

- The spontaneous chants of YES WE CAN that broke out all through the crowd, randomly.

- How much beer was given away & passed around with lovely generosity! & a couple standing with a full pack of bottles, when Perez stopped & said, "hey--do you need a bottle opener?" since he has one on his keys, & then getting two bottles for his trouble. Everyone was just so friendly.

-The man with a videocamera (there were several videographers of course), who trained it on Perez & Bailey & me to get our reactions--lots of yelling & happy incoherence--& then asked Perez, "so how does this compare to the night you lost your virginity?" (Best. Question. Ever.)
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When I was sitting at home with my parents watching the tv, I was pretty much shaking with nervous energy. I had homework to do last night--how insane is that? I couldn't concentrate on anything, of course, other than the election--I had a state-by-state map up on my computer & NPR on in the background, I was texting with Leeann & gmail-chatting with Perez, who was at rehearsal, sharing numbers: "207!" We were both being all afraid about assumptions--I got so nervous, I know they call it on good math, I know they know what they're doing, but what if they're wrong? Don't get my hopes up-- & then they called it. They called the whole thing for Obama--the president-elect, Barack Obama.

(I sent: "YES YES YES YES YES FUCKING YESSSSSSS," to which Perez replied: "rehearsal just fell to shambles."
let me tell you about the wildness of Seattle's joy )

I got very little sleep last night, & I was in class on time this morning. My throat is hoarse with screaming for joy. & I am still--still! gloriously happy. I believe.
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Ladies & Gentlemen: President-Elect Barack Obama.


Tonight, yes I am proud of my country! I am thrilled for what happened tonight & what it means for what can--& will, I believe--happen in the future. & I am so happy--so, so happy!

Obama is speaking now--listening to him be so grounded, so confident & articulate. Maybe people have blind belief in him, but he knows it won't be easy. And he isn't hiding that. This is hope with an edge, but he knows how to rally us--I love that there is a call & response of yes we can! continuing through this! & oh, man, does he rock.

(Photo from NPR)
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I voted!

I went down to the polling place & filled out the little ovals in my ballot...I saved the presidential column for last, & I was grinning like a maniac while I filled out that oval very slowly & carefully, to make sure it reads.

I am not going to be able to concentrate on anything all day--Obama Obama Obama!

ETA @ 4:25-- I know I've been saying I hope Obama wins, but this isn't quite the right kind of hope that we need after the election. Dylan says it far, far better than I ever could. So read this--it's amazing.
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I don't know why artists complain about the lack of space...I mean, in Munich they're using a public toilet as a museum. Really! They've re-purposed it, & four artists are exhibiting work there.

My favorite sentence of this article: "He said that a toilet was a great place for artistic expression because art is a form of relief in the same way that going to the toilet is."

...if I were in Munich, I would totally go.

Tomorrow is November 4th--national election day. My kitchen table ate my absentee ballot, which means I get to go to the polls tomorrow before work. Everyone reading this of U.S. citizenry & over eighteen years:

Go forth & VOTE!

I am so nervous & so hopeful. I want Obama to win so much. I will probably be an emotional wreck tomorrow night regardless, but I really hope it's a happy one.
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God love the Colbert report, & the internet for making it accessible for old ladies like me who go to bed early. Today I watched many videos, including this one of NY Gov. David Paterson: legally blind & chill as all get-out. This guy is awesome!

I don't see traffic. )

In other unrelated news, I spilled juice on my keyboard the other day & now my shift key & a few others are sticking horribly. Plus also my headphone jack is shot, but I don't know if it's from the juice. Still: arrrrrgh, computer.
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So I spent the first hour of my technical-work-time reading Sarah Palin's speech and news articles about her and the RNC, & essentially making myself angrier and angrier. It's not the best way to start out the morning. But then my dad came in with this video: Jon Stewart on Palin's media surrogates--and it made me feel so much better.

I have the feeling that this election season for me is going to be a cycle of reading news stories & getting really fucking pissed, & then watching Jon Stewart & Keith Olbermann to soothe my ruffled soul. Not a bad version of chamomile tea, I think.


Aug. 27th, 2008 05:20 pm
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I was listening to NPR today, picking up bits & pieces of the DNC. A few minutes after I clicked the radio on, they had a clip of Hillary Clinton, in front of the NY delegates, calling to "suspend the procedural rules...I move that Senator Barack Obama of Illinois be selected by this convention by acclimation as the nominee of the Democratic Party of the United States!" The crowd behind her completely drowned her out for a second, before Nancy Pelosi called for a second to the movement and the crowd roared again. "All those in favor, say aye," and the thousands of delegates all did.
I couldn't find the right clip online to hear it again (here is a little bit, only of Clinton & not Pelosi sadly), but I literally got chills all up & down my body, & actually teared up a little. Good lord, but I really am hopeful.

(ETA: Here's a YouTube link of the whole part I heard--go watch. It really is thrilling!)
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If you're a fan of McCain, you don't want to keep reading. Just don't bother. If, however, you're a fan of hardcore awesome journalists absolutely ripping into politicians when they act like idiots, you might want continue.

Check out this video: It's Keith Olbermann, tearing into McCain for his childish comments & inconsistencies: "GROW UP, McCain!" (Scroll down slightly to get to the video itself.)

It's kind of terrifying, & kind of amazing, & Olbermann is kind of my new hero.
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The second post! Day 2 of the weekend extravaganza, in Belfast. Well, beginning with Saturday night. We went down the street to the Bot (the Botanic Inn), a bar that had been reccommended to us by a northerner at the Gaiety. It was loud and crazy but loads of fun; we got drinks and danced around & were talked to by drunk boys, including one who butted into our group, put one arm around Charlotte and the other around me & started swaying back and forth with us like we were at a folk rock concert, and another who was flirting hardcore with Nora, mostly about her hair.

In the morning, Kate, Lee, Nora and I woke up early and tried to find a Catholic church to go to mass, it being the first Sunday of Advent and all. We had the lady at the hostel give us a map and draw on it where to go, but we still managed to get lost, our feet soaked within minutes, and getting very cold. We managed to somehow nearly get onto Falls road, but thankfully we finally found the church. There was still an hour before mass so we went to McD's for breakfast (classy, I know), & then back for mass. It was short and simple, but really lovely.

We found a cafe to get some warm beverages (harder than you'd think...everything is closed until about 1pm on Sundays), and met up with the other girls, to go on a Black Cab Tour. This is where a taxi driver will take you around Belfast and tell you about the politics and history. If you're lucky you get to go to both sides. We were lucky.

Our driver (who never gave us his name) first took us up Shankill road, which is the Protestant side of Belfast suburbs. Falls road is the Catholic side. They're separated by the Peace wall, and no one really crosses sides at all. In the city centre, Catholics and Protestants mix with no problems; there isn't really a lot of violence anymore. But still no one goes to the other side of the wall. We stopped off Shankill road to see the murals. Similar to Derry, people on both sides of the wall have painted murals about their history in the conflict (though in Derry as far as I know it's mostly the Catholics?).


(This one's a mural of Protestants defending their homes from an attack. The words read, Can it change? We believe!)

Belfast murals, etc )

Now we're in our last week of classes...everything finishes for Enriqua tomorrow. Friday is a semi-showcase of devising stuff at the Gaiety (should do my research (read: watch Bugs Bunny cartoons on youtube) for that soon), & rehearsal with Antoinette. The weekend is our own. Monday and Tuesday we have rehearsals; Wednesday is the showcase; Thursday is Peter's Seagull reading; Friday is packing & cleaning the apartment & last hanging out with people; next Saturday we all go our separate ways. 10 more days.
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Last weekend was our last to go tripping, so we went out with style: weekend madness in Northern Ireland (or the north of Ireland, depending on who you talk to). On Friday afternoon, Cozy, Lee, Nora, Kate, Charlotte and I took the train up to Belfast. As you can imagine I was thrilled, since I adore trains. We bought cava & orange juice and brown bread to have a picnic on the train but ended up not sitting together, so instead I read some to prepare for my paper, & mostly slept.
We arrived at the hostel, checked in, & found our room, all the while exclaiming over how much better than the Generator this place was! (It was rather nice: a hostel, sure, but clean! And cute, and quirky, & friendly.)

So we had the party in the hostel room, later joined by Katie Manteca! All the way from London.


I'm warning you: this post is going to be full of photos, & probably of historical rambling. (For the real historical stuff, you really should go look it all up--it's fascinating, & I certainly don't remember exact dates or everything they told me. But it's good to know.)

Day 1 )

And I'm quite tired, & making more typos than it's worth correcting at this point. I'll just let Day 1 be for now, & put up Day 2 (in Belfast itself) tomorrow.


Jul. 5th, 2007 10:21 am
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As a day-late commemoration of July 4th, I give you something which has probably already made its rounds to your friendslist, inbox, or Youtube page. If it hasn't, watch it. It's straightforward, harsh, & necessary. (Now if only GWB watched Keith Olbermann.)

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No, seriously; [livejournal.com profile] newredshoes posted these & I want to keep them moving.

Wikipedia's article (disputed of course but still a thourough source) on the Military Comissions Act

& this, Keith Olbermann's response.

That's it. I want to leave this country. Live somewhere else. Somewhere more sane (is there anywhere in the world that's sane anymore?). Either that, or secede from the nation. Bring on Cascadia. ...goddammit.
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From Shauna's journal, something that is very true. this. )

This is sort of what I wanted to say, and couldn't quite.
I know I sound hopelessly optimistic. I'm not, always. But dammed if I'm going to be defeatist, either.


Nov. 3rd, 2004 09:13 am
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I woke up today to the sounds of NPR telling me that Kerry had conceded the race to President Bush; that he made a personal phone call to him earlier this morning and said that the President had the race (even though they haven't finished counting--there's no way Kerry could catch up); and also that the country was too divided, too polarized. "We should do something about that," Kerry supposedly said.
My first thought was a hopeless resigned "fuck" sort of thought. My second--god damn my eternal optimism--was a hope that maybe, just maybe, that phone call will be taken to heart. Now that the Republicans have control of the Senate and the House (damnit), we're going to need that olive branch of moderation.
I went to take a shower--which left me cleaner and more awake but not feeling a whole lot better--and came back into the room and pulled up the blinds (for the record, I love the sound they make--that loud skiiiiirish-and-thunk). And it is an utterly gorgeous day outside. A perfect November day--there are actually puffy white clouds in the sky, the sun in shining and glinting off the yellow-gold of the leaves, making bright bounces off the windows of distant campus buildings. And I thought, oh. So the world isn't ending.
It isn't. The days will still be gorgeous--and also rainy and wet and cold--and there is still fabulous theater everywhere, and there is still oatmeal to be eaten and Aristotle to be read. It's not over yet. It's never over.
I was terribly hoping that the Democrats would have control of the House and Senate--it makes for much more interesting, and usually moderate and conciliatory, politics when the President is at odds with them. But they don't. So that means we have to do it. We have to pay attention and read and absorb and for god's sake THINK, please. If someone has thought through their position, their values, their goals and votes--YES. Whatever they voted for. It's the people who don't think, the mindless populous that gets swayed by fear or by rhetoric, that's what really gets to me.
Think, people. Act. Vote. Please. It feels like it's over--but it isn't. It's never over.
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i'm torn between eternal disburbing optimism and the bleak, lack-of-feeling knowledge that bush has probably already won. i don't really know what to think. part of me wants to go storm d.c. and fix everything at once and part of me wants to hide under my covers for four years.
you know, my roommate is a bush supporter. she voted for bush, anyway. and i was thinking, because i don't hate her, i don't think she's evil or any of that--that would be supremely stupid, actually. i don't know if i have a point. i was just thinking.
i don't understand...i mean, i guess i do...but really, i don't understand why people DO horrible things. why people destroy other people and the environment &c...just why? it just disgusts me. it really does. (i know i'm not being specific or making any sense. i'm tired and my stomach hurts and i bloody well hate politics of all sorts right now.

also i want to write desparately but every time i try to put words on paper they come out wrong. the words aren't what's in my head...they don't describe the scene that unfolds itself like a personal film in my mind. it's frustrating. "i don't want to write. i want to have written." i hate it when that's true. i bloody hate, hate hate it.

...eg the mind often thinks of something terrifying or pleasant without enjoining the emotion of fear. It is the heart that is moved (or in the case of a pleasant object some other part).
...maybe i'm really tired and confused, but did aristotle just make a sexual innuendo?


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