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Also, Happy Coronation day for Margaret of Anjou!* & it's the death day of Kit Marlowe (supposedly, of course. I'm still tempted to write some quasi-accurate historical bodice-ripper** about Kit faking his death & going to the continent, or the Americas, to spy for Queen Liz.)

*Now that my thesis is done, I'm really quite fond of her. Actually, I was fond of her before, but it's no longer tempered by the research version of the sword of Damocles, or something like that.

**Although I guess in his case it would be a codpiece-ripper?
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So guess who just turned in her thesis? Oh, don't bother, I'll tell you: ME. It's all finished, totally & completely, emailed to Dr. E & out of my hands!
Erin & I emailed ours together, & I'm going to have to post the entire email because I find it all far too amusing not to.

Who knew this had anything to do with Paris Hilton? )

And I realized that after I turn in my dance paper (Tuesday, but it's already written) & journals (Thursday) the only homework I will have left is Donne. That's it. Proposal due tomorrow which I have already emailed to Dr McD, reading for class, one 8-10 page paper to finish, one 6-8 page narrative. That's all. & as much as I am dragging my metaphorical feet & whining like a child, it's really not all that bad; I've done worse. School is almost over. I cannot wait for summer.

AND EMILY CALLED ME! Forgive the capslock, this is my best friend & I haven't seen her for about half a year, & she's coming to Folklife so tomorrow is going to be hanging at Folklife with Emily & Melissa & I'm so very very excited!
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The trouble with having a built-in wireless card, instead of one I can remove & hide, is that it makes it really hard to get off the internet and revise my thesis.

I am so close to being done! There's just a couple sections I need to ponder & add words to (& one citation I want to put in that I cannot find for the life of me & it's really frustrating), & Mum's going to copy-edit, & it's due Tuesday. I'm pretty proud of it, really, but I will be very glad to have this thing done with.

ALSO I went to Folklife today, & I was a little dynamo of energy for most of it--I literally couldn't sit still & I kept yelling about things excitedly (when I saw Melissa I actually just yelled--or maybe squawked--for about three minutes, because I couldn't say anything, because I was too excited). There was good food, & seeing many many wonderful people, & music and contradancing & finding pretty things at the Uncommon Market with Cozy & getting henna (which is really not coming out very strong, rrgh) & basically just soaking in the beauty that is the atmosphere of Folklife. I'm going back tomorow evening (I have to do homework all day) to see umissable music (The McKassons! Jamie Leval, guys! Seriously, go), & then, assuming that homework-doing was successful, all day Monday. YES.

...so I should really get back to that thesis. Three more days, then this is off my hands forever!
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There are few things that make me feel more academically awesome than choosing to not include a professor's comments in my paper, because I don't think they're critical to my direction at present. Or having Dr. E tell me that I've basically surpassed undergraduate at this point. If i could get this much sass going over my Donne paper, I'd be set.

Oh! & 'cause I haven't said anything here about that yet, it's official: Cozy & I are going to Ireland to do theater in the fall! (Go us.)

In other, less happy news, people really need to stop dying. RIP, Mr. Alexander.
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So, my draft is emailed off to Dr. E--fewer pages than I wanted, but more interesting & coherent than I thought I'd get, so it's a toss-up. I'm feeling fine about it. The last week has been a mixture of feeling fairly nonchalant mixed with long trips of panic, so really I'm just happy to hand in a draft & let someone else mull over it for a while. I expect lots of red pen from Dr. Kangas.

Also, I saw Gaelic Storm last night & OH MAN they were SO GOOD. My first real show, 21+ and surrounded by tipsy people with Guiness in their hands. Oh, man, their music is so ridiculously fun. & people kept buying them shots of whiskey, so the band was getting drunk, too, which only made them sillier but no less amazing. Live shows really do rock more than anything. Also dad mentioned me taking up the fiddle again--because I was figuratively drooling over the talent of the fiddle player, a small blond woman who'd only played twice with the band before-& I have to say it's tempting. Something, in any case. I want to make music. (Only one more thing: JIMMY BUFFET YOU BASTARD!) (Also, I think my ears were still ringing this morning. My voice was hoarse, still, too. Oh, shows.)
& Hey! Also, I found out that Great Big Sea is playing the zoo in July. I am so there. You'd better be there too.

& now all I have left is to draw the little black lines on my genealogies (fun! It's like art class!) & then Erin & I have made a moratorium on homework for the rest of the night. Plus in a couple hours all the thesis kids are going to Elysian & Dr. E is buying us a drink. Man. Feels good to hit a deadline...
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Page count: 29-30*
Footnote count: 77

[* I think. It's an approximation, because OpenOffice paginates differently than MS Word for absolutely no reason I can discern, so I've really only got about 80% of what I think I have. It's supremely depressing every time I look at the page number & realize I actually have about 6-10 pages less than that lovely high number is showing me. Argh. Still, my writing's actually not that bad...some sentences are pretty classy. The quality of cited scholarship remains in doubt still.]

Also, because I am under the apprehension that someone other than me will find these funny, some of my footnotes that I like:
René’s titles are numerous and fairly legendary; he also claimed status as King of Naples, King of Aragon (including Sicily, Majorca and Corsica), Count of Provence, Count of Piedmont, Duke of Lorraine (by virtue of his marriage to Isabelle), and King of Jerusalem. Most of these titles were of course only that, titles—-though he spent much of his life defending them. (He was also, supposedly, a Grand Master of the Priory of Scion. This remains, sadly, unsupportable speculation.)

I personally am of the opinion that he [Henry VI] did his best to rule but was simply not of the right temperament. Helen Maurer seems more or less to be of the same opinion; she is sympathetic toward Henry but, looking at his reign as a whole, sums him up as “perhaps the greatest disaster ever to occupy the English throne” (p. 77).

(Also, I would like to add that one of my primary source texts, a handbook of lessons from a king's sister to her young daughter, has a section that basically tells little Suzanne not to fidget or pick her nose. So, really, kids have always been the same.)
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Now I am finished with everything else that I have to do before this draft is due (minus going to mum's play tonight & the Tractor on Sunday, & going to work & class on Monday). That means from now until Monday at 6pm (the cut-off point for sending it to Dr. E), it's going to be me, at a computer or with books, or, y'know, probably both, pouring words out onto a page.
I have about 75 hours in which to write (& finish fiddly bits of research for) thirty pages. Oh yeah. That's totally do-able! & I'm not even being sarcastic, either.
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On the good end of things, apparently the number of cavity inducing bacteria in my mouth has dropped considerably. Better living through awful tasting mouthwash, I say!

Also I met with Dominic today & I am running sound for The Nice & The Nasty (& don't tell me I'm doing too much, this is after my thesis is due, & it's hardly any time at all since all I have to do is push the go button & it will keep me sane. So there). It was really nice being back in the theater again...man. I am definetely leaning toward Ireland instead of Royal Holloway. We'll see what happens...

& I have a topic for Donne class! I think. It made sense to me at midnight-thirty last night, which of course means nothing, but it still makes sense to me now, so hey. The next test is telling it out loud to Dr. McD in a few minutes. We'll see if I pass...

& I worked on my thesis like crazy yesterday. & found a few more sources, including a hilariously biased biography of Margaret from the 1960's, translated from the French. There are some parts that I'd really like to cite, but the man's prose is so flowery that his facts are suspect. Oh lord.

& finally, happy birthday to the bard! I would post my favorite sonnet (29--When in disgrace) in celebration, but [livejournal.com profile] roz_mcclure beat me to it, so another favorite:
(Sonnet 145)
Those lips that Love's own hand did make
Breathed forth the sound that said 'I hate'
To me that languish'd for her sake;
But when she saw my woeful state,
Straight in her heart did mercy come,
Chiding that tongue that ever sweet
Was used in giving gentle doom,
And taught it thus anew to greet:
'I hate' she alter'd with an end,
That follow'd it as gentle day
Doth follow night, who like a fiend
From heaven to hell is flown away;
'I hate' from hate away she threw,
And saved my life, saying 'not you.'
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I am wishing right now that I had studied French instead of Spanish, simply for the fact that apparently everything useful written about Rene d'Anjou is written in French. & beyond the necessity of finding these facts for my thesis, I'd really just like to read more about him. I mean, hell, he had about a million ten different titles, he was hostage to several different lords; his wife Isabel was no less cool, either, because she inherited Lorraine in her own right & led an army against Philip to get her husband back. No wonder Margaret's so bad ass.
(In other news, thesis still eating me alive.)

But also I did Cody's radio play & beyond the funness (not a word, shaddap, I know) of that, it made me feel all old-fashioned & artsy & made me really want to do a radio play of my own. Aha, says I, summer project! Or perhaps, instead of worrying about scripting my own, I could adapt a book...
So. All this is very nebulous & far off of course. But, for those people in Seattle this summer, is anyone interested in voice acting? & does anyone have any suggestions for books they'd like to see radio'd?
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I would just like to state for the record--as though I have not stated this enough--that Dr. E is my hero, my saviour, & everything else I could possibly want in an advisor. Why do I always forget how helpful she is when I'm all depressed? I had a meeting with her today about my outline (the one I thought was terrible--& it's not awesome, but it's so much better than I thought) & we talked for an hour & a half, mostly about the tangent we went off on, about Margaret's childhood, which ended up with us mining Wikipedia & marveling over Rene d'Anjou's hundred titles & the exploits of his wife Isabel of Lorraine & how fantastically crazy Margaret's childhood would have been. & you know what else? It's all completely applicable to my thesis--no, let me rephrase that, it's necessary to my thesis. & you know what else? I'm pretty sure that's a good three pages right there. Plus all of the expansion I have to do about everything else that I actually know more about than I think I do. Plus rambling about John of Fortescue, who is a slippery little bastard & kind of funny. Also Anne of France & her lesson to her daughter, which includes a part about not picking your nose, of all things.
& when I came into her office she handed me a photocopy of one of her articles, printed at last! & on the top it has written "to Kenna, fondly, Theresa," & she told me that now that I've given a paper at a conference, we're peers & I've graduated to first name use. Gar. Well I just... I mean...well, um. Incoherent with academic geeky glee.

& entirely unrelated, but still important:
Do you want to hear me perform in a student directed RADIO PLAY? Yes, you do. Because...
a) radio plays are super awesome & we have to prove to Steve G that they're not a dead art form,
b) it's about a kid called Marlowe "Mars" Martin, & really, is there a better name?
c) I play the cigarette-smoking vaguely-bad girl love interest, or
d)all of the above. If you picked "d" you are correct.

Go to KSUB's website & click on the "listen now!" link to the left to tune in & listen on Saturday April 21st at 8pm.
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As crazy & overwhelming as this project is, it's really nice to have an advisor who seems to have an underlying assumption & belief that I'm perfectly capable of completing it. I do have times where I think she's wrong, but the mere fact that she believes that is probably more comforting than she knows.

& I went to her brownbag lunch talk about her project & got to join in the discussion, lots of history teachers & people who are Important People Who Know Things & yet they expect me to weigh in because apparently I know as much about this as anyone else in the room & maybe more than some. & I came up with another good point for my paper while in the discussion (the connection between normative theory & the fact that there is no medieval political theory for royal substitution or regency). It almost makes me want to go to grad school. (Almost.)

Also I walked around campus today to the library carrying three extremely large books of Parliamentary rolls from the reign of Henry VI that Dr. E gave me. I am actually tentatively looking forward to this. Is it weird that I am sort of excited to look through them? No. No, it's good. It's good...
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First off I would like to say that Kayla is such a fun director to work with. Patrick & Kayla & I spent all afternoon filming the second half of her movie, all the fantasy bits. She made a preliminary edit while we ate dinner & let me tell you, it is incredible, & I'm not just saying that because I'm in it.
Also I spent a lot of the time driving around in Kayla's sister's car, a small, sexy, red Volvo named Lolita, with the windows down & music playing & sunglasses on. I could taste summer. (It tastes good.)

So, really, today's events were pretty good. On the bus to Kayla's I made a to-do list for myself, which spanned the entire page. While I was making it I felt really on top of things, a Hey I'm Making A List & I'm Gonna Cross It All Off kind of feeling.
Yeah, well. I don't feel like that now. I feel like crying with frustration at myself, for being a stupid overachiever, with overwhelment at everything that has to get done before Friday (so by Thursday night, that means), with terror at this whole study abroad thing that just got much more complicated by the addition of another program (theater, in Ireland. Oh GOD). I'm just fucked, I feel stupid, I don't feel like I have a handle on anything. I always feel like this at night, & night is when I have time to do homework. That's gotta change. I'm never going to get anything done like this.
I don't want to do this (I will of course, but I don't want to). I want..well, I know what I want, & I'm not going to get it for a while, so I may as well stop talking & try to be useful. Dammit.

...I guess I haven't said anything about Virginia. I don't...I don't have anything to say. It's all been said already. I just...yeah. I have nothing.

ETA (1:27 am): Well, I crossed off two of the things on my list, & am well on my way to crossing off a third. I haven't really touched any of the millions of subpoints on the biggest thing (my thesis obviously*), but at least it's something.

[*I remember back in senior year of highschool I had to name my thesis Abigail because I was getting so sick of opening up the file titled "thesis." This one is just called "Margaret" but I'm thinking of giving it a different name just to keep myself from hating the name Margaret by the end. Maybe "Arthur." Or "Janine."]
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I think what I like most about Dr. E's critiques is that when she rips something to pieces, she tells you how to put it back together again. That, & she's just generally fun to talk to, no matter what the subject is. Also the fact that I have once again got all interested in my research project, just like I wanted to--finally, Margaret of Anjou kicked Macbeth in the pants & took over my brain again! I knew it would happen. I am now all eager to theorize about English pickiness over their monarchs--why absolute queens, ruling in their own right, are acceptable (Mary, Elizabeth I) but a century before that, queen-consorts piss everyone off (Margaret of Anjou, Isabelle of France*). I can blather on for pages about what "regency" means vs. a regency council, about the vast differences in the models of rulership, queenship, and governance between France and England, about the mutual misunderstanding between Margaret and Parliament, about how York is an eager bastard & is raising his metaphysical political hand before he really ought to, and how Margaret essentially kicks ass until York manages to kick hers. Oh, and primary sources, I suppose.

(* Okay, I know why Isabelle of France pissed everyone off. If you're foreign and you start a very blatant extramarital affair with Roger Mortimer & then leave the country & then come back to march on it with an army, & then depose your husband & try to become absolute regent for your minor son, & then conspire with your (still) lover to secretly hire people to murder your husband by sticking a hot iron bar in places where the sun does not shine, then it's fairly clear you're going to make people angry. See? Who said history was dull?)

In other news, the weather is weird as hell--fair and foul, so Macbeth was not far off. It was darkly gloomy and stormy in the morning, but by now it's bright & sunny all over and is looking green & spring-like. Spring break is going to be good. Next quarter will be good too, I think. (But what I really can't wait for is summer...)


Mar. 5th, 2007 03:05 pm
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I just got out of the most productive and best thesis meeting with Dr. E that I have ever had. I wrote an introduction & an outline last night (at about 11 or so, so I was pretty sure the quality was low) & sent it off to her. We spent an hour retooling everything. She told me what to add & where, how to move things around in the outline, the kinds of transitions that were necessary, what sort of order I should use given that it's a conference talk & not just a submitted paper, & where I could add snarky historical comments. I felt ridiculously knowledgable about my topic (something I haven't felt since...well, since ever) & also like it was something that I was perfectly able to do. I am not nervous about giving it as a presentation, either, & although the Q & A part scares me since people will be able to ask about parts I won't have read much on, Dr. E said that if some grandstanding professor gets awful it is her job to stand up & metaphorically punch them in the nose for picking on an undergraduate.
...the downside is that I have to give her a pretty solid draft by Friday. That would be okay, except that I also have to have a fairly solid draft of my ten page English paper by Wednesday. Oh, the hallowed halls of acadaemia...


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