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Am in the recording studio, listening to Perez mixing the recording of Ragnarok that we just made. Am also avoiding writing my Shakespeare final, not because I don't like it but because I don't want to write it...I miss oral exams, they were much more fun.

On the other hand, this is the last thing I have to do--that, and checking two citations at the UW tomorrow. Then I turn in both papers on Wednesday & I am done with college forever. Yup.

To celebrate (slightly prematurely), Perez & I are mooching off Kacey for one last Pancake Feed: all you can eat breakfast food + playing magic = best late night party times!

I have an audition for Book-It's generals (yes please, I really want to get in with them) next week & for Driftwood's Secret Garden the week after. Am not sure what is happening with Greenstage's Titus, but I will investigate that. Also, wrote a press release for Pillowman and things are coming together for I Gelosi, so...actually, I'm feeling pretty good about the theatrical future.

Yar. So close to being finished here...so, so close.
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I can't believe I didn't post anything here about Ragnarok performances...yowza. Long story short, they went really well, I am super proud of everyone, am really happy that we managed to pull it off, & am really glad it's over. Even though I loved it. :)
On Sunday we moved the show outside to the Quad--on Friday we learned that due to a scheduling snafu (their words), we had to be struck & gone by Sunday morning. Well, shit. So we annouced to all & sundry that we were doing an acoutstic version in the Quad on Sunday, panicked for a bit, & then opened the show that night. We did two shows Friday night (fantastic audiences both times), & then two shows Saturday night (a little quieter, but still good). Then we struck, which of course went much faster than load in.
& then Andrew, Davey, Robert, Bailey, & Andrew's work friend Michelle (who had come to the show, & is awesome) & I all went to the Elysian for happy hour. We were there for about two hours. Food, drink, post-show loopy-ness, & the best waitress ever, Billie--yeah, I totally got her name & number. This lady sat down & talked with us about planning for the zombie invasion, guys. She's that cool. Plus she let Robert stay even though he's a baby.
So--Sunday--it went super well. It was a very different vibe, but it was still rockin' out, on the steps of the Quad, the actors going totally over the top & the audience loving it. Man, those kids are just so rad.

Catching up on all this stuff is weird...I feel like I am pulling away from the day-to-day blather I used to do. Maybe a phase. Who knows.

Anyway--I have FOUR THINGS LEFT to do before I graduate. Count 'em:
1) Revise my history paper (+ double-check citations at the UW): due Wednesday.
2) Take-home final in Shakespeare: due Wednesday.
3) Turn in the bibliography & receipts from honors project: tomorrow.
4) Paper on Titus Andronicus, agh: due Friday.

The latter is what I am currently procrastinating from....it's interesting stuff, but I feel very blathery about it, & very resistant to writing anything for school anymore, even something about Shakespeare for Billy T. Ah well. I am writing it single-spaced so I can feel more productive when I double-space it.

Also, I am currently obsessed with glasses half full of lemonade and half full of iced tea. This is the best combination ever. EVER. Because it is really hot outside. Really.

Plus I graduate in, uh, eleven days. Did I mention that? Um...anyone hiring? :)
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We have all survived tech for Ragnarok! I am impressed. & it actually went pretty smoothly, which was wonderful. Saturday Perez & I got there early & Casey met us (god bless Casey)...he helped us hang up the crossbeam in the back, which absolutely would have been the worst part if it wasn't for him & his knowledge of clamps & chains. We hung curtains, many of them, which made my arms hurt (curtains are heavy) and my nose get all dusty. Hannah came & found some lights & hung them, & Damian came (& left & came back when we called, confused) & helped us with the old, old, persnickety light board and channels. We focused lights and set rugs down & laid out all the drums & got everything all squared away.
Of course it was all more exhausting than that sounds, but we got it done, by 5pm.

Today the actors came--we set levels, which was a lot of me stopping the show & yelling at Hannah to change the levels on the mics even though the poor girl is back there doing lights already. Then we played with makeup, which is always fun, & did some run-throughs. Swanson came to play drums for sound levels (Paige being at Sasquatch) & then I made him sit in the audience & take sound notes, since I was back in the booth by this point, manually changing all the mic levels.
We will probably have to do more fine-tuning once Paige gets back, but everything is looking really good.

Guys....we have a totally badass rock musical here. It's SO COOL. Look for adverts here, probably on Tuesday. This is gonna be rad.
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I'm still alive!

I finished my last show ever at Seattle U. I absolutely cried during warm ups, because I am a sap, & several of us nearly lost it during Miranda, but it was a really good show overall & I am happy to go out with this one.

Miranda is of course not done as we have been recording it all over the place trying to find the right sound--tonight we try the Vachon room, which should be perfect.

St Iggy's chapel at night without lights is really pretty, though, even if the sound didn't work as well we'd have liked.

Ragnarok proceeds apace--we have thrown in microphones & these kids are rockin' out like nobody's business. It's gonna be awesome. Now if I could get the guy to print the damn postcards....

Classes are good. On to Lear which is depressing as hell but so well-written. Really need to start working on that term paper, yowza. Also need to start working on my final project for Business of Art. Plus the homework he gave us yesterday. Pffft. Homework. I'm so over this! Ah well...

I graduate in, uh, three weeks? Approximately? ajlbaslbjadjlf.
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So, I want to lay out some circumstances for you, just so you understand how awesome my latest accomplishment is.

Perez & I are writing a musical. It goes up the very last weekend of May, & we need to, y'know, rehearse a significant amount of time with our three actors before then.

The SU Spring Show is called SITE, & is an evening of six new short plays. I am in two of them, & am SMing a third. Kacey is in two. Robert is in one. Kacey is in the same one Robert's in, but that is the only overlap. Each of these shows rehearses a few times a week, for a few hours each. All of our actors have class or work nearly every day until 4pm, so day-time rehearsal is not an option. SITE opens mid-May, which means there's a week where we pretty much disappear into tech & can't rehearse. Plus we have a drummer who usually has class until 6 or 8pm every night.

Nevertheless. Nevertheless, ladies & gents, I somehow managed to put together a draft rehearsal & tech schedule that I don't think will kill anyone (except possibly myself, & I can handle it), & still gives us over 60 hours of rehearsal. For serious. For a 15-minute musical, that's not too shabby.

Not only that? We have Saturdays off until tech! Man, I'm good.

...of course getting all high-&-mighty proud over creating a schedule is about the geekiest thing ever, but whatever. I can live with that. :D
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So I missed Thursday, but here are some things in my life that I love:

* Leeann's visit! Included in this are: seeing Leeann, obviously! Plus photobooths, adorable cats, sabretooth tigers attacking everything, silly photographs, beautiful weather, lots of knitting, Flight of the Conchords and Arrested Development, chocolate & other good foods, meeting new people from Portland, & generally having a vacation-like fun time in my own city. AWESOME.

*Theater Stuff:
- Vagina Monologues open tonight. We had our first & only run-through last night. Everything is FANTASTIC--I'm just so happy that it actually all came together, & all of the women are so, so amazing & I'm so proud of everyone & everything. Plus we have already sold at least 100 tickets for tonight. Eee!
- I am (nearly) finished with draft four of Ragnarok & Roll--I say nearly because there is one verse that's really frustrating me, but I know what I want to say there, so I'm just struggling with verbage rather than plots and arcs and character stuff.
- Related to that, Perez played me what he has composed so far &, um, you guys, it's amazing. & I'm not just saying that, it's really lovely.
- Had first rehearsal for "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." Am sure my southern accent sounds like hell. Do not care. Am in love with this play & this character. Want to do the whole play. Now. As Maggie.

* Sleeping: I slept for about 10 hours last night. 'nuff said.

Mostly my life at the moment is revolving around VM, Acting II & Ragnarok (I have given up on history entirely & am ignoring it until after finals, go me). I feel like I am doing nothing else. For the most part, I am okay with that. :)
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Perez & I went to see Coraline in 3D last night.

Oh. My. Goodness. It was absolutely incredibly magical. The 3D for the most part was hardly noticeable--I mean, I forgot it was 3D & just watched it as a gorgeous movie--& then suddenly a needle would come out of the screen right at my face!--or the tunnel would open up backwards--& then keep going backwards, and going, forever! Oh lord.

& besides the 3D the movie was just magical anyway--it was a very good adaptation (huzzah, another one to add to the list), & great voice acting & totally fantastically weird animation--it was just beautiful. I felt like a little kid. I literally gasped with wonder several times.

& today I need to get cracking on the script--Ki gave me plenty to do. I need to bascially do a total rewrite, which is good, but intimidating. Perez thinks I can sit down & hammer out a new draft in two hours. I am scared.

Plus I have not looked at my history project in about a week & I'm feeling more & more mulish about the whole thing the longer I procrastinate--which is never a good sign. Agaah. Possibly interviewing Bartlett Sher will get me back on track? Hooboy.

But I have callbacks tonight for the spring show! & all the ones I have read look like fun indeed, & they want me to play my recorder (of course the only song, per se, that I know is the one I played in As You...but oh well). & tomorrow is rehearsal with Nick & cleaning my entire house. Yowza. Because I won't have any time on Thursday--& Leeann arrives on Friday!
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So I have almost an entire full draft of the musical...I say "almost" because there are two sections highlighted in green which essentially are "& then THIS happens & I have no effing clue how to phrase it." (Disregarding, of course, the numerous blue highlights, which mean "this line sounds weird / wrong / has no rhythm / needs a rhyme / is fucked up.")

Still. I am proud! Also, I just wrote scene titles & since I am so fond of them, you get to see them. This is the shape of our musical:

Ragnarok & Roll: a Fifteen- minute Musical in Seven Scenes and a Prologue
(in which two gods introduce themselves)
Scene One
(in which Loki and Seth are freed and make a pact to win Ragnarok)
Scene Two
(which concerns an angel, a seduction and a lie)
Scene Three
(in which an angel is endangered mightily and then saved)
Scene Four
(in which the lie is revealed and the group is sundered)
Scene Five
(in which our heroes prepare for the battle ahead)
Scene Six
(which concerns destiny, death, and farewell songs)
Scene Seven
(which begins the new world order)

Also, did I mention here that Sean & I totally rocked Acting II with our scene yesterday? Yes. We did, as Sean said, bring the heat. (So much so that he knocked over the cup of water-wine at the end of his rant, which was a fantastic in-the-moment moment.) Actually, everyone had fabulous scenes & amazing work...I was really into all of them. Scene day is so fun. :)
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I love auditioning people. SO RAD. :D

edit: Except when NO ONE shows up but six people! Geez. At least 20 said they were coming. They are ALL MODED and I am VERY UPSET.
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Today I have decidedly wavered back & forth between feeling vaguely useless and full of purpose. It's been a little confusing. Mostly I think I am in that state of knowing exactly what has to happen, but not quite having started yet--specifically with my history paper, where the next step is to round up a whole hell of a lot of sources. Yay. (Although I have lots of leads, so that at least makes it into a fun hunt instead of a frustrating one.)

Perez & I worked on the musical today together, at the same time, in the same room, with a piano. It was crazy awesome! We wrote almost a whole song! We drafted about three minutes of musical! Which is, in this world, a fifth of the play, so. Not bad! I am still intimidated as fuck-all whenever I think about this project, since I am terrified of writing, especially lyrics; but it's also really exciting & I do sometimes get breakthroughs. & I have to keep reminding myself that I must (not can, must) write shitty first drafts, because otherwise I will have nothing to revise, & that is what I am best at.

Or as Sam Green told us today, "ttp!" aka, trust the process. Writer's block doesn't exist; you're just not trusting the process. (Oh, Sam, if I were one tenth as good as you I would be content, but I'll just keep trying.)

In other news, I think I have figured out what design I want for my tattoo. Yeah!
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+ Research continues apace! There is a pile of books on the table, I have written about a page of scribbly-verse of Loki, Seth & Izrafil introducing themselves, & am about to head to the library for more books. (Predictably, Perez is ahead of me, already having more music than I have lyrics for, but I'll catch up. I hope. Ha!)

+ I dropped & broke an entire gallon of milk outside Trader Joe's today, causing me to feel terrible, & causing Perez to actually say to me in a literal situation, "don't cry over spilt milk!"

+ My dad showed me these videos on Youtube the other day, & they are, pretty much, the best thing ever: Eddie Izzard animated in legos. Eddie talks, the legos move. It is amazing.

Romans, Carthaginians & Elephants:

+ several more! )

Right! Off to the library.
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Have made grand progress on my room today! It no longer looks like a catastrophe, & now resembles somebody's cozy bedroom with a pile of boxes in the corner--full of books, natch, which need to be sorted alphabetically & put back on my shelves. Some of said shelves are fairly messy, still, but I am nonetheless pleased.

Things are going well. MSR is happening & I am thrilled; tomorrow I get to have breakfast with Emily & Liz (!), get a haircut, & sell three bags of books to Magus. Wednesday is New Year's Eve, where I get to see Perez again & watch a taping of Says You & go to more than one party (I hope). Thursday & Friday I am angling to see Nikki & David, Saturday is the BE meeting thing, & Sunday is the one full day Perez & I have to put something substantial together for Ragnarok before school starts again. Yikes!

That's pretty much the only thing I am really worried about at this point, is Ragnarok. I feel v. intimidated by it...but still excited, so that's good. (I should probably be worried about my independent project in history, since I have a proposal due probably next week, but I'm not.)

& I am taking a break to take online quizzes. Because, uh, I can.

oh dear. )

That last quiz plus all this talk about Twilight et al makes me really want to break out the old bat characters...maybe I should pull up those files & actually finish something. & then publish it & make millions like Stephanie Meyer. :)


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