Jun. 15th, 2009 10:02 am
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So....I graduated college.

It was an entirely overwhelming weekend, mostly really good though. I am still getting used to the fact that I am no longer, technically, a student. Definitions of self get interesting at this point, though also more self-driven, which is exciting.

Today I have a meeting about puppetry. Wednesday an audition for Book-It, & check in about my part-time job. Friday my first day back at the cruise line. Around all of that I will be looking for a more semi-permanent job & solidifying art & canoodling BE in order to raise funds & audiences. I got things going on. Let's go.
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I just finished auditions for Melancholy Play, & it was amazing! There wasn't a huge group, but there were a couple freshmen girls (plus three more froshies tomorrow, so we'll have a good crop coming up I think), plus some of the old standbys. Braden warmed us all up at the piano, singing scales--which I haven't done in forever. It made me feel very professional, in a way that I never do when I'm singing for a director...& luckily that carried over into the song itself (O Mistress Mine, from Twelfth Night), which I ended up singing three times for different directions. And we read scenes--I read one with Casey, & one with Cozy, & each time we got direction and played around, & Chris laughed a lot!
Oh, & did I mention Chris? She's the new director (replacing Rosa for this & next year), & she is fantastic on a cracker. She's incredible. She's smart & funny & warm & so obviously excited to be here & work with us, it makes me just glow to be around her.
I came out of it with the post-audition adrenaline shakes & all happy & grinning, so I think it went well. (Please please please please....)

& now to be nerdy I'm going to tell you about my classes, because I have now had all of them:

* History 201 -- This is basically how to be a historian 101. I think I've learned everything in here already via Honors & mostly Dr. E, which means I'm going to be bored as hell. I spent Wednesday in a cycle of "I do not need to be here. Okay, don't feel so superior, that's rude, give it a cha--okay, I really do not need to be here." But I'll just plug through. I actually think it will get better once we're doing actual projects, so we'll see.

* Physics 481 -- This is wonderful. It's my core interdisciplinary, but I don't even care that I didn't get out of taking interdisciplinary because this class is going to rock that much. It's bascially a discussion class on Galileo & modern cosmology, taught by a snazzy witty Welsh woman who takes no bullshit. I love her already. We had to buy a total of two books, & one of them is a biography of Galileo. Awesome. :)

* History 341 -- This is Pacific Northwest History, which I think is going to be really interesting...we spent the first class talking about the idea of the frontier & the different reactions to it (U.S. versus Canada; "life, liberty & the persuit of happiness" versus "peace, order and good government"), & the teacher seems like a good one. (Mariah's in the class & as we sat down she pointed to Father Murphy & mouthed "I love him!" so that's a good sign!)

* English 303 - Moby Dick. I'm not kidding. The only book we had to buy was Moby Dick. And Dr. W is going to run this like a 500 level seminar becuase he does everything like that, & I'm going to be perpetually caught between academic excellence & feeling like I've failed everything, & we're going to spend 50% of the time talking about whales & whaling for god's sake, & I am terminally excited about this class. :D I think three out of four is not bad.

In unrelated news, the 2008 MacArthur Fellows have been announced & they all rock. Of course.

Now I am waiting for Perez (who is stage managing) to finish meeting with Chris and Braden. Yikes. Knowing that they are in there talking preliminary casting (second auditions are tomorrow, callbacks on Saturday) is so nervewracking. I want this I want this I want this!
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I'm back from California! We traveled over 2000 miles in the car, which held up gallantly; little Melinda is a trooper of the first rate. I have about 214mb of photos, mostly of gorgeous scenery (the Oregon coast, beaches, bridges, pretty architecture) that I need to sort through.

It wasn't exactly relaxing, since we were fairly much on the move all day every day, but it was fun, and fantastic to get out of Seattle for a little while. (I like doing that--it makes me appreciate the city more. Having said that, though, don't be at all surprised if I end up moving to San Francisco in several years, oh my god I am in love with that city.)

Now I'm back in the college world for the last year. One of my classes got canceled, which means I spent today re-organizing the schedule I had so carefully fit together into something else entirely--which still fits together, just differently.

Auditions are on Thursday for Melancholy Play.

Everything is settling in pretty well, I think.
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I used to be really, really into the Kentucky Derby for a few years--I'd follow it in the sports pages of the Times, & religiously watch it every year. I haven't in a while, & this year I have no idea who's even running, but man I am excited for it anyway! I really do adore horses.

Also I wrote a whole paper this morning, & am just typing up the WC page...I feel very productive about that. I should be leaving now to go work on my design project, but I got the derby time wrong (it's an hour from now), & I want to wait & see it. Man, I'm dorky.

Also I ate pie for lunch. Hmm. Not so healthy. Heh.

...I really haven't written much up here. I don't know. Usually I I just feel sort of disconnected from here, from myself, from people. It's a little weird. Oddly enough it made for a great show last night--I didn't at all feel in character, but I felt like everything I did was in character and that it read all very well. Which I guess makes sense, in a weird way.

Am still watching derby preshow. God, but horses are beautiful. I want them!
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Ok, so, most of the time I really enjoy history--when it's history I like. I've always found it to be a somewhat selfish discipline, in that I only really get into studying certain subjects. Sometimes, the things that people study don't make sense to me, or they just don't interest me, or they seem just plain silly:
In this project, Sommestad links gender, labour and cultural history using a variety of methods to produce a subtle interpretation of the dairy industry.

Sure, the idea of linking gender and labour is interesting (& makes sense given that a lot of women's history came from Marxist history), & culture is always good to throw in there. But when you get to the "subtle interpretation of the dairy industry," you've lost me. I'm laughing.

Also is it wrong--even though I am some kind of feminist myself, though I find it interesting & a good subject to know about & something to be kept in mind & occasionally get angry about--is it wrong to be annoyed by feminists? Because sometimes I really, really am.

(God I hate this week!)
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Agh, I am so frustrated. I cannot focus on this history paper--I feel like I have too little information and too much to talk about all at once; I feel like I didn't do enough research and that there isn't any to do all at once; I feel really interested and severely annoyed, all at once. So argh. And I have to finish it by Monday. I have nine pages of gibberish--okay, to be fair it's not all gibberish; in fact the pieces are cohesive internally, they just don't, you know, go together. Bleh.

In other news, however, I wrote my journal for Engl. 390 (the one I forgot to do and had to make up) in about ten minutes. God, the way I bullshit that class is either really impressive or incredibly pathetic; I'm inclined toward the former, simply because I've never had such results with BS before. (I think everyone in that class has basically given up, except for actually finishing the paper. Or at least the kids I hang with have. Ehehe. Bad influences...*snicker*)

Before break:
- finish history paper
- write reflective essay for 390
- make big long responses for study q's for orals to send around (operation F.U.C.K. has commenced!)
- write my research paper for 390 (yeah, the whole thing, shaddap)
- survive oral honors final
- survive talking to larry about consulting
- survive oral presentation for 390
(- eat mimosas from teresa! yay!)
-not fall over from how stiff and sore i am

...and that's about it. In, you know. Five days.

I wanna go back to bed.
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Firstly, HURRAH for Neil Gaiman! Because he really does deserve it, and is a fabulous writer (and is my god) and I cannot wait for Tuesday.

Secondly, I hate philosophy class. Rather sadly, I am actually enjoying Descartes--as in, the actual text; I say "sadly" because I really, really, really don't like the teacher. He is so frustrating, and aggravating, and I was incredibly annoyed for a full two hours which is not a happy state to be in. He's all about going through Descartes' text and arguments line by line and point by point; which would be fine and dandy, if he actually, oh, did that. But he doesn't. He goes off on random tangents which have nothing to do with Descartes, apparently; and then it all links back after ten minutes to the point that Descartes Was Revolutionary And No Other Philosopher Thought This Ever And All Thought Afterward Depends On Him, Isn't He Cool.
Ok. Fine. I get this already, can we move on please? And Michelle started to say something really interesting, and I thought Oh finally, an actual seminar, can we discuss things now? and he actually interrupted her in order to remind us yet again of the importance of following Descartes line by line. And then proceeded to talk for fifteen minutes about the five senses of Aristotle. I. Am. So. Bloody. Aggravated.

*deep breath* But on the entire opposite end of the spectrum, Literature ROCKS MY WORLD. I love Professor Taylor--he's so into the class and we can tell he is really amused by us. We looked at Twelfth Night today, which made me terrifically happy. We read II, iv aloud (the "my father had a daughter loved a man" scene), and I got to be Viola (which only reminded me of how much I really want to play this part, gar....). And then we watched the same scene in the Trevor Nunn movie, which I adore. Man I love that class. LOVE. I was horribly nerdy and answered practically every question and probably talked way too much. (Also Taylor asked what page we were on and Elaine said, "1066," and I muttered, "Norman Conquest!" and I think I should probably be shot dead for that. Ahahaha I LOVE THIS CLASS.)

And now I have to go read history. Which also rocks, though it's harder; but I love Kangas. I think he also is amused by us, which makes everything good.

I start work in the Writing Center tomorrow. PANIC. I really truly hope I don't have a session on my first day. I kind of doubt it; but I'm hoping all the same.
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I like the fact that the words eris and eros are so close together...and the first means "strife" and the second "love."

Though actually, after thinking a bit about early Greek philosophy, maybe it isn't so strange. Mmm yay academia.

We had our Honors social today--meeting all the ickle firsties (most, if not all of whom are not ickle in any way compared to me) and having the fabulous punch and cookies that Jo always brings. I spent a while talking to a Caroline, about Latin and its sentence structure (or lack therof), and how incredibly cool Catullus is, and how much Latin rocks the world even though its dead. And how cool it is to find other people who are geeks about that too. So, yay.

Also, I am so serious, people: Death of an Anarchist! Thursday! 7:30! Hugo House! You don't have to pay anything if you don't want to! And I don't want to go alone. SO COME WITH ME, PEOPLE because I LOVE you and I MISS you and I want to see a PLAY WITH YOU.
(Okay, enough capital letters. I am going to go to sleep soon.)
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*Firstly, I love Dante. I love how the Divine Comedy is both high-flying epic adventure, political commentary, and personal vengeance, and how he can be literary and brilliant one moment and totally childish the next (Filippo Argenti, anyone?), although that's all part of the literary brilliance as well. I also love the way Dante the Pilgrim interacts with Vergil, and I think it is incredibly sweet, and have probably doomed myself to utter scholastic-dorkness by saying that. But I do. It's adorable.

Also I really want to sit down with paper and pencil because there are so many images from the Inferno that I want to draw [Vergil shielding Dante's eyes from Medusa, Dante flipping out at Nicholas III, the wood of suicides, the three animals, the Geryon...]

And Erin and I have decided we want pet Geryons to live in boxes under our beds, and make funny purring noises, and eat salesmen and Mormons who come to the door. So it shall be.

*Can I reiterate how awesome Ultimate is? I don't know why; there's just something incredibly satisfying about that powerful flick right before it sails across the green. Plus, the concept is just cool. I mean, really.

* I have to write a critique of an essay for my writing-consultant application. I don't really know what to say besides, "this needs a lot of work." Which is kind of the point, but still...I'm okay telling people when they're right there, I just need to figure out how to put the words on the paper. Which I guess IS the point, so. There you are.

* Finally, for some reason this always makes me laugh. A lot. It shouldn't. It's kind of pathetic. But it's so funny. PENGUIN! )
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My window is wide open, because it was horrifically stuffy in here (my roommate and I have very different ideas of what "warm and cozy" means), and now someone nearby is smoking something that is not tobacco and it smells. Eee-ick.

But I ate lots good food for lunch, yes I did. And I am going to play Ultimate tonight, barring a sudden collapse/broken leg/emotional crisis, none of which will happen; and incidentally if I get lazy and DON'T go play, you are allowed to hit me. [ Nicely. And not really hard. But, you know. Hit me. ]

Now I have to go and see if people are in their offices...and be small-and-humble and hope they fill out refrences for me because I am horribly behind in life! Oyvey. Must. Catch. Up. Now.

*runs away*
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Have been reading Dante today; Inferno is wonderful. The scholarly notes are exceedingly helpful I have to admit, but my aesthetic side is wanting a copy of the poem bound in old covers and smelling of dust and glue. I'm such a book-romantic. It's horrible. (Am very unrepentant, though. Hee.)

I have been doing homework, really; but I did spend a lot of my time finishing up the first three Eyre Affair books, which are some of the most incredibly inventive books I have ever read. I really want to visit the Jurisfiction HQ and the Library and even the Well of Lost Plots (though with a guide, please, and preferably not pregnant; I kept wondering what on earth all that action was doing to the baby, although I suppose she's only a month along or so). And I hope that I write things, someday, as insanely creatively workable as all that.

And I've been dreaming. Oh, have I ever.

I want to write about a dream... )
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Hey, I'm sick, right? Eh. I actually do feel better, a little. I'm still going home though. And reading homework all fucking weekend. I have to get going on Name of the Rose--Melissa, you are so right, the first one hundred pages are uphill through a snowstorm. I really like it, though. Hurrah for random Latin I can't understand! Ehehe.

Made another ICON post, in [ profile] book_icons. About...books, obviously. I like them. Go take a peek. :)

And anyone for the 14th? Anybody?

...'nother pointless post. I hate being sick. I can't stop coughing, now. Maybe I'll take a nap until tonight. *wanders off*


Apr. 6th, 2005 01:20 pm
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I have reached the point of sickness where I sound like a frog-voiced man, am coughing up a lung, and when I sniff, a load of snot travels up my nasal passages and temporarily dislocates my brain. Argh. I am continually astounded at the amount of snot one human body can produce. Gawd.

In other news, I found out today that I have a two-page position paper on intelligent life in the universe due tomorrow; and I have to write me lab up. However, Shultz is also sick and so we don't have Art class today. Hurrah, more time for homework. Er...

Picked up an application for being a writing consultant. I have to proofread a paper, that supposedly someone wrote for a History 121 class. It's really terrible. Ok, no, it isn't that bad; but people not learn basic writing skills before college? Do people really not know what a comma is used for? ...or am I just an elitist word-snob? Well...yes, probably I am. But...!

HEY! I made ICONS from that loverly story I recced a couple posts ago. Go lookat them. They make me happy. :D Also the author took one of them and I is so verily pleased I am DED. Ehehehe.

Ok. Really am going to do my homework now.
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Some year, someday, I really will rig up an elaborate April's Fool's joke. Today is not that day, however.

On the other hand, I do have an email which I know isn't a prank, as I've gotten it before, but makes me laugh every time:


Seattle University Policy: University Communication to Students via Email
Upon enrolling at Seattle University, all students, including both matriculated and non-matriculated students, will be given a Seattle University email account. This email account will be a primary mechanism for official University communications to students, including registration and student account information, announcements of official University policies, reports required by federal consumer information requirements, and general announcements and information. As part of their responsibility to work with the University to manage their business and enrollment issues, students are expected to check their Seattle University email accounts regularly.

....and yes, they sent it to our email. I love beaurocracy.

If I did not know that the Gregorian calendar is a construct and therefore the weather is not in thrall to it I would suspect said weather of enjoying the fact that it's April first. On the other hand we've been having crazy weather all week (all month) so it hardly counts. Still, sunny and warm and then hailing? Wtf?

...I kind of like it. *grin*


Mar. 31st, 2005 03:01 pm
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Ahaha, I love Marty. I handed him a piece of gum during Lit and he says, "you'll be paid in full the third month of every Wednesday." And then pauses, and says, "I mean..."
I thought it was a wonderful sentence construction, and I am going to steal it. What for, I don't know; but it's mine now. The third month of every Wednesday...

He was also my lab partner for physics today; the lab was really easy. Probability and measurements and so forth.

Cooee, we're reading Marie de France next week! Must call Allie. *grin*

And Melissa is coming to see me! Huzzah! And tonight is R&J. Break a leg, m'dears. :)

...hmm. Have lots of homework; should probably do some before the weekend. But, really, I prefer to forget about it until Friday afternoon...
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Ah, I love historians: "...out of curiosity, I went through 780 [Venetian] wills..." Ehehe. Gawd.

Watch me, in thirty years I'll be using that excuse. "Just out of curiosity...I read five hundred incomprehensible documents of Roman law. Just out of curiosity, I traveled for eight months through Ireland collecting folktales. Just out of curiousity, I got lost in the sewers under Manhattan for a week. It was research!" Etc, etc. Hee.

Have read most of my homework for tomorrow (The Song of Roland); am about to finish it. It's really strange--the tenses in the translation, because of the way the Old French was written, are truly bizarre:
'Marsile was white with rage;
he breaks the seal and threw aside the wax.
He looks at the letter and saw the written message...'

Rather double-take-inducing.

Last night Jared (from PCMS!) called me. Which was definetely a double-take, as a) I haven't talked to him in about three years and b) I have no idea how he got this number. It was really weird. He wants to catch up, which I suppose I ought to do. Still, very weird...

Tomorrow I am seeing Melissa! Hurrah and yay! And then Friday is Naka's. YES.

Have put on Neverwhere for background company. Hee. Suspect it may become rather more foreground. Ahhh, Neverwhere...I forcibly lent it to Chris the other day. (Am forcibly lending Good Omens to Erin, as well.) This summer I really want to explore the Seattle underground...I'm sure there's interesting things down there. Terribly much. I feel, at the moment, as if I haven't got enough weirdness in my life; I'm not sure what to do to remedy that. Write, I suppose; not that I have time for that. But then, I haven't got time to go wandering about in Seattle Below either, so.
I don't think Seattle has any tunnels quite so large and well-kept up as the tube ones, but then I might be wrong. It's been a while. Oooh, I want to go explore....


Mar. 17th, 2005 01:32 pm
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I finished my math final in an hour and a half, booyah! And there are only a couple problems that I don't think I got right. Hee.

And now I have an hour and a bit before I head over to Freehold for monologue work with Jessica. Wa-hey! I think I'll go practice. :D (Ooooeee, theater work!)

Happy birthday Philip, you old thing, you. ;)

And also St. Patrick's day! Celebrate by being piratical, because if it weren't for pirates, ickle Paddy wouldn't have ever gotten to the British Isles. See? We do TOO come in useful sometimes. *snerk*
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It's done, haha! And the weather is bloody freezing when I'm in a skirt and nylons. Oy.

So...I didn't do as well as Id've liked, but I don't think I did horribly. And then I got to sit around with other honors kids and fill out forms, which is always fairly amusing...around other honors kids. Hehe.

I am now going to pick up all the schoolwork that's strewn everywhere on my floor, and then do some math problems--I'm so not worried about math, it's brilliant. I know I have to study, but wow am I not worried. Haha...

I am so happy this quarter is over. And I am SO psyched for next quarter...wahey!

ETA: Rain! Rain with sun! Oh, glory! I LOVE THIS WEATHER. I have missed rain so MUCH...

ETA which I typed TEA and I actually like that better II:

...wha? Danica got a big box of Easter stuff from her mother, chocolate and candy and all, including a small pink rabbit that vibrates when you pull its tail out. To which I say:...a fluffy pink vibrator?
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Am eating Cup O Noodles for lunch...I know it's terrible. I know it's all artificial and nasty for me and I get 62% of my daily sodium because of all the perservatives, but something about it is just so good... And that broth? Wow. Must be the salt.

And now I am going to take a shower and flip through my notes a bit--again--before my final...because at this point I figure, I know it or I don't, and what the hell, it'll be fine. Everyone else who's come back from running the gauntlet said Scrip and Philo were easy, and I'm not worried about history (unless she asks me about Carolingian Capitularies...then maybe not so good), so...whahey. Go me.

Haha...I love this crazy feeling where you're beyond stress in the realm of calmly and arrogantly flipping the bird to the world...*snerk*

[Oh, and the weather this morning? I don't care what my roommate said, it was gorgeous.]


Mar. 14th, 2005 10:43 pm
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Dead. Dead dead dead dead dead. Why is it that the closer I get to a deadline, the more I panic internally, and the less I actually do? It's so hard to get myself to do anything. I can't concentrate on the page. I can't seek out the answers I don't see in front of me, and I'm beginning not to care, and I hate that, I really do, but I'm too tired to fix it now.
I have to finish the questions, lest I screw my study group over--which I refuse to do, since I'm relying on them for the other eight--but oh, I am so tired...
I think I'm going to bed. I'll work on studying in the morning. After all, I have all day tomorrow to study before I die on Wednesday afternoon; and then the evening and next morning before I die again on Thursday.

Oh, I loathe finals week...


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