Sep. 20th, 2009 11:12 am
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In tech! Day two of ten-of-twelves....going pretty good. It is all puppets and more puppets and fake blood and traffic patterns and dark dark dark and glow tape and giant plague beastie puppets and of course doing tiny bits of the show over and over again.

I have no brainspace left for anything else ever. Yowza.
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We have all survived tech for Ragnarok! I am impressed. & it actually went pretty smoothly, which was wonderful. Saturday Perez & I got there early & Casey met us (god bless Casey)...he helped us hang up the crossbeam in the back, which absolutely would have been the worst part if it wasn't for him & his knowledge of clamps & chains. We hung curtains, many of them, which made my arms hurt (curtains are heavy) and my nose get all dusty. Hannah came & found some lights & hung them, & Damian came (& left & came back when we called, confused) & helped us with the old, old, persnickety light board and channels. We focused lights and set rugs down & laid out all the drums & got everything all squared away.
Of course it was all more exhausting than that sounds, but we got it done, by 5pm.

Today the actors came--we set levels, which was a lot of me stopping the show & yelling at Hannah to change the levels on the mics even though the poor girl is back there doing lights already. Then we played with makeup, which is always fun, & did some run-throughs. Swanson came to play drums for sound levels (Paige being at Sasquatch) & then I made him sit in the audience & take sound notes, since I was back in the booth by this point, manually changing all the mic levels.
We will probably have to do more fine-tuning once Paige gets back, but everything is looking really good.

Guys....we have a totally badass rock musical here. It's SO COOL. Look for adverts here, probably on Tuesday. This is gonna be rad.
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We're in tech! It's going fairly smoothly, actually, all things considered.
My two props for the entire show(s) are a bunch of plastic daisies and a carriage-bolt that I bang against a pole.
My two non-acting jobs are being in a junk band at one transition and affixing gadgets to poles in another.

So, pretty awesome all around.

I thought I was going to get tomorrow off, though. Now I am not certain. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASER LET ME NOT BE CALLED...!
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Man, I am on a roll. Second time in two weeks that I get the day right! Ha! Okay. Things I love today:

Water. No, really. I was thirsty & I just drank a lot of water, & oh, man, was it awesome.

The Church of Google, the newest scripture I have seen. If they're joking, it's great. If they're serious, it's hilarious. Either way I love it.

The fact that LEEANN is coming to visit in two weeks! Holy smokes, I am so excited. :D

Acting II. (This will probably be on every list ever until the quarter is over.)

Certain people in the R&J cast that I spent a lot of time with at tech last night. (Specifically, John Ulman--who is pretty much awesome all the time--& Josh, who gives the loveliest hugs & Robert with whom I had a situp contest, & Perez & Bill Taylor, with whom I had almost an hour-long conversation about theater & film & what plays he should teach in his class next quarter. & then while we're still (still) waiting around for the same scene (this is tech!), Bill takes a deep breath as though he's about to continue a significant intellectual thought, & says plaintively, "I'm bored." I laughed--silently--for about five minutes.)

Deluxe burgers, especially on Wednesday Burgerama night. Ohhhhh, so good. Ridiculously delicious!

Ragnarok & Roll. I'm just pretty thrilled about it all around. Oh my yes.

& on that note...back to work on the script. :)
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Tech weekend is done--I was at the theater all Friday night, then about 9am-11pm both days. I pretty much feel like a walking cloud of fog. That feels terrible. Oh, I need so much more sleep than this...& even with the day off tomorrow, I still feel like homework is eating me alive!
There is a mock trial in History 201 this week--I was the only one of my group who read anything over the weekend, & I was locked in a booth for 90% of my waking hours, so. Agh.
There is a paper due also on that same day...vaguely about the trial. It's really stupid. I got an extension just in case.
I have a Moby Dick test on Thursday which I am paralyzed with fear over, read: am not studying for because I think it's pointless. I will read my notes tomorrow. That's pretty much all I can do.
I have outlines due on Wednesday in PNW.
Nothing big due in Physics, thank god.

PLUS ALSO doing TECH for the rest of the WEEK. We don't have tech tonight--so I'm running Vagina Monologue auditions instead. Yikes. (Which are going really well though!)

Here. Don't listen to my whining! Learn about Secret Service names instead! Obama's was Renegade, how rad is that? Michelle's was Renaissance, so, equally cool & fitting. I am so THRILLED about this new first family. They are gonna rock the White House so hard.
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So I apologize in advance for this because I think I'm probably delirious but only in that dull, swaying sort of delirity that happens after tech weekend! Which at SU means double ten-of-twelves.
I don't remember how much I've said here about the constant accidental calamity that is the SU drama department, but the latest one is our sound designer, Dominic, in the hospital...he's out now, & he's okay, but this weekend Ki had to call in Lindsay, who designed the original Nice & Nasty that Ki was in (oh theater is such a small world).

So this weekend was tech...& Lindsay knew the sound program somewhat, but he didn't know the show much anymore. So it was me & him trying to follow Dominic's design, & fiddle with the sound program, & make everything happen--while Eldon & Jacki are working all the lights, & Cozy's gamely calling everything; she was fabulous. So, really, a normal tech weekend. Although both nights we lost Lindsay at 7pm, so it was me & the computer for the last four hours. Oy.

Oh, gawd, I am exhausted...but I'm pretty darn proud of it, all together. Also, I now know more about the sound design program than anyone else in the drama department except Dominic, & I'm not a good enough person to deny myself the satisfaction of lording it over Damian. (Lording it over Dave is more of a joke, since he's actually in charge half the time, but he in fact knows next to nothing about the SD program either, so I can lord it over everyone.)

& I have techno music stuck in my head. Oh, argh.

Um. I can't remember what else happened. Maggie & I wrote a fundraising letter for Arcadia, which I have to go read over the edits for now, but it was pretty fantastic. Oh, & Kristen & I went to see Edward Scissorhands again, which was beautiful of course. I was dancing absentmindedly in the aisle during the intermission & the lady behind us said, Oh, do you dance like them? I laughed.

I don't know what else. I had one of those weekends where my head was stuck in a bucket & that bucket is tech. One of those where I come home wanting to laugh & cry at the same time. Y'know, those. I did get out of tech early tonight though, & I managed to run across the grass & get to St Iggy's in time to for Nikki's confirmation. (I always forget how weird church is, when I don't go for a while...)

Anyway. I am going to go look at that letter. & then maybe do homework? ...but probably go to bed.


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