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Overhearing Kurt saying "we have to figure out where and what limbs are being cut off...it's a big technical problem, getting these bodies out."
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If you are seeing this, I imagine you are probably also either getting emails or FB messages from me, but just to cover all my bases: this is the show I'm in! We have two more weekends! It is AWESOME, no lie, I am having far too much fun right now!


Short Plays Based On Ovid's Metamorphoses
written by Jose Amador, Maggie Lee, Matt Smith, and Erin Stewart

Greetings from Styx, ladies and gentlemen! And come one and come all to witness four fantastic fables unfold for free! Four short plays based on tales from Ovid's Metamorphoses, the world's favorite work of reference for Greek myths, and written by local playwrights. Witness such gripping classic mythic tales such as Minos and the Minotaur, the aging lovers Baucis and Philemon, the love affair of Echo and Narcissus, and the adventures of Raven and Crow. All retold by the townspeople of Styx, right on the boardwalk of its river of the same name.

Great for your little ones and grown up types alike.

Expect puppets, sunshine, and laughter, all for the bargain price of FREE!

Performances this weekend are at 4:00 on Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th at Magnuson Park Amphitheatre!
Next weekend: at 4:00pm Saturday the 31st and Sunday August 1st, at David Rogers Park in Queen Anne!


Libby Barnard
Julia Beers
Ahren Buhmann
Gabe Congdon
Nik Doner
Shauna Freidenberger
Kenna Kettrick
Damian Peterson
Hannah Schnabel

Conceived and Directed by Chris Bell
Assistant Director Nik Doner

For more information go to:

Check out our blog at:

Follow us on Twitter:

[this is good. yes. there are many busy things happening in my life, and many many good things happening in my life. hello world.]
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Changing your audition monologue for Book-It the night before your audition!

Oh, pshaw, it's from the same book. It's even within ten pages of the old one. But this one is so much better, so--hey. Sometimes impulsive choices are the right ones. Go with your impulse, that's what they tell you in class, right? :)

Given that I'm doing Lyra from The Golden Compass, this seems appropriate somehow. Rebel.
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I am so very happy that the sun is arriving in blazes of glory, finally! On Saturday, after a corporate elf gig* at the waterfront, I biked along the Burke-Gilman trail to the Fremont Powerhouse for a solstice parade meeting. It was such a beautiful ride, the perfect temperature, gorgeous views and trees and my bike wasn't acting up this time** (and oh, okay, no hills; I am lazy about hills). The meeting was brief and Allie was there (because she is also in the parade) and so we walked all the way back together and got to hang out in the sunshine, YAY. It was a beautiful afternoon in many many ways.

[* It was for an HR conference. We sang a song and then showed off the photo booth and sang another song. I consistently find corporate elf gigs both awkward and inutterably hilarious, probably because of the incongrous awkwardness.]

[**Still no name for the bicycle, which I have just been calling That Great Beastie most of the time, or That Bastard when its gears break. "Beastie" is not terrible, although I am leaning toward "Heloise" because a) it's sorta fancy like my bike keeps trying to be, but b) it has "hell" in it, which is entirely appropriate.]

MUSIC. Oh gosh guys I love playing it and every time I try I feel like such an idiot for not learning any instruments earlier. I am like an infant at music. But I am okay at futzing with the pennywhistle and I have a lovely little drum that I am actually not bad at, and Sunday's rehearsal was part talking about segues between plays and part jam session and it was SO FUN. Julia had her fiddle, Gabe had a guitar and Ahren brought a banjo (which means he is instantly five times more awesome) and Julia pulled out 1900's sheet music and we dorked around and played things like the Swallowtail Jig and Meet Me in St Louis. (My African drum is so not a bohdran but can surprisingly sound similar enough to work!) SO FUN. I'm so excited about the music / dance / vocal fun stuff possibilities of this ensemble. Tonight we have an offsite rehearsal in Queen Anne--not that it matters, since we aren't rehearsing where we're performing usually anyway, to start on Raven and Crow. Good theater, good theater people, I love them both.

Also, DOCTOR WHO I LOVE YOU. This last episode was just, frankly, adorable, and I loved it and do not care if you did not. So there! (This is me, the entire time, going :D for forty five minutes except when I was going No, don't go up the stairs you idiot, or laughing.)
I am terribly excited about the finale but also very leery because so much shit going down invariably ups the potential for stupidity, but--I am trusting Mr. Moffat. (I also don't like River Song, but, hey. Maybe I will like her more in this one. Optimism, it is good.)

Right. Time to bike home, scrounge some food, and go be a Raven!
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Oh, finally, finally it is May. I feel like I have been waiting for this month for so long. SPT's auction was yesterday, and while this week is going to be full of dealing with the aftermath, it is at least aftermath and not time-crunched preparation.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is open, with one weekend of successful performances behind us and one more to look forward to--they're all doing lovely work and I'm having fun calling the show (there is something wonderfully satisfying about calling through a complicated series of cues and having it all come out perfectly).

And, good lord, theater is happening--!

I'm in Balagan's summer show, Greetings from Styx, and I am ridiculously excited about this. Our first rehearsal is a camping retreat. What. I love it already and we don't start till June!

I auditioned for Theater Schmeater last week; it went okay, not the best I've ever done, but it still felt good to do it.

I have an audition for Seattle Children's Theatre this Friday. I'm doing my Frieda monologue (I have come to adore this one too much, I think!), and I'm biting the bullet and singing, too. I have sung with accompaniment precisely once in my life--that bizarre "reality theater" show about auditioning way back when. But, since about half SCT's season is musicals, and I can actually sing, it's silly to cut out being considered for those. Luckily DRS's vocal music director is amazing, and is working with me this week. (I think I'm doing Cole Porter.)

Most bizarrely, I was invited to audition for Intiman's production of The Scarlet Letter. ....what? I'm baffled as to how I'm even on their radar at all! But I am super thrilled to audition for them, even if nothing comes of it. The audition itself is bizarre; they have a few sides, but the script is still in development so they're asking for an "interpretation" of your character as an audition. I don't even know what that means, really. And considering that my audition is tomorrow, and I found out about it today (holy crap), I'm going to go with the one side for Pearl that they posted online. Yup. That and playing the recorder.

But, hey, that audition made me read the Scarlet Letter for the first time. In about five hours. Tonight. Dear god, it was a skimmed miasma of hallucinatory language, far too many exclamation points, and oodles of characters' self-reproach. I don't think I liked it...Moby Dick was way better. Ahaha. :)

I sent in my stuff to Seattle Shakes, too--don't know if I'll get a slot or not, but it's all work and it's working toward work.

Seriously...for the first time, I'm starting to feel like I'm really a theater artist actually working toward this career--with results, no less! It's terrifically exciting. In the side of my heart I'm still considering dropping it all and running away to London, but as long as Seattle keeps tempting me by actually offering me acting parts...I'll stick around for a while anyway.

Right...time to print some sides, find that recorder, and do a little more work before going to sleep. Tomorrow is a full day of data entry, sorting out my auction bucket of weird, and (hoo boy) auditioning for Intiman.
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Here's the tricky thing about finding a perfect pair of Shakespearean monologues to use for an audition: triumph is short-lived, because I can't use them again, at least not for the same audition a year later.

There is only so much Shakespeare that's good for auditions, guys. At this rate of auditioning, I'll have to start using The Passionate Pilgrim.

[I'm just being snarky--I do still have a good pile to choose from. But it's audition season, where we're all reminded how basically silly the whole process is. Still--this one's for Greenstage! Want want want want.]
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So...I haven't been here in a while. Hello. I'm going to write a big giant post for the new year (ha, I say that now, we'll see if it actually happens), but for now, briefly:
* Christmas was great, but I miss having an actual holiday like in the academic calendar
* I really, really need several to do lists for my life right now
* I am currently completely obsessed with Doctor Who, just finished Season 2 and am having to stop myself from moving on to Season 3 via Netflix without waiting for dad (& yes I cried, I am SO UPSET).
* And, above all, here's what I've been working on. If you're in Seattle, come see! I am absurdly proud of everyone who worked on this show.

The Bathhouse Ensemble presents
a ONE NIGHT ONLY benefit performance of

The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (abridged)
Written by the Reduced Shakespeare Company

Directed by Kenna Kettrick

And starring Murren Kennedy, Patrick Lennon, and Emily Purington

New Year's Eve '09 at 7:00pm
at the Bathhouse Theatre on Green Lake

$10 suggested donation at the door for festival seating
Or reserve your front row seats now for a $20 contribution!
(or, for a $30 donation, complete immunity from all audience participation....)

Contact Patrick Lennon - foh@seattlepublictheater.org - for more information
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So, on the bad side I am sick, which I'm pretty sure should be outlawed during the summer because it's so unfair. On the other hand, I think it's a short cold & I'm coming out of it--yesterday was congestion central & not being able to sleep because of head pressure, but today, when I blow my nose, I get a lot of snot out & my nose feels a little clearer for twenty seconds! & I'm sure you all needed to know that.

On the good side, I HAS A JOB! Keith was at the theater this morning & told me I am officially hired on as the admin assistant for SPT & I am super excited because a) I have work, b) it is at a theater, & c) this means I can actually start paying off my student loans on time.

Right now I am working on posters & events for Gelosi, which is going well, although I wish we had a nice air conditioned place to rehearse in...instead it's outside in the heat for us! Yay. But it's funny, & fun to play with, & you should all come. Look for the info soon!
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Once again, the National Theatre in London does some crazy shit with puppets that makes audiences fall in love. The NYTimes article is here; a good overview & description of how the puppets are made, which is amazing.

Also, there's a NYT slideshow with pictures of the puppets in action, even more incredible to see.

And, even better--a Youtube trailer! Watch the horses move! Puppetry is so cool.

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I have a FULL CAST. I am SO EXCITED, & no I will NOT stop using captial letters, that is how thrilled I am!

Also slightly terrified, as this is going to be a wacky rehearsal process, but I have full confidence in my actors & oooh, ladies & gents, this is going to be insane in the best way. Wooo!

Now onto Volunteer Park for job training / King John, right on top of one another.

[P.S. I am gathering signatures for a petition to change how city council is elected, to make 5 district-specific seats & 4 at-large, instead of all 9 at large, which is silly. I actually do think this petition is a good idea & deserves to get on the ballot, so if you're a registered Seattle voter, let me know next time I see you & I'll get you to sign. :)]
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Gelosi Gelosi Gelosi BE. Is ALL that is going on in my head. This is possibly the weirdest putting-things-together process I've ever done. Yowza.

Also I saw Othello at Intiman tonight &...I do not think I actually liked it very much. Not that it wasn't well-done, because it was, but there were some strange things. I didn't like the directorial choices around Iago. Iago himself was a fine actor, but...I didn't feel his hatred, which I should. It was sort of strange. Also I was totally looking forward to Bart Sher's direction, so I am mad it was not actually Intiman. I am mad at Intiman for several reasons right now, all of them having to do with New York.

Tomorrow: AERIAL CLASS, & my arms are still not recovered from last week, so this should be awesome, & I mean that entirely honestly. Hell yes I love this.

Tonight: Sleep. Jeez.
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So I spent today making pretzels and planning fun movies ideas with Kayla and Patrick. Kayla also filmed the pretzel making process, so who knows what madness will come of that, though I'm sure it will be fantastic.

This weekend was also fantastic--I saw Hay Fever (so funny!) & took Patrick out for a birthday shot & theater talk (which is better or at least both funnier and more serious with a dead nazi downed beforehand); then I went to Belltown & met up with Perez at Tanya's apt & hung out with Perez & his workfriends, who are really fun.

Saturday was July 4th which meant sleeping in & then wandering down to Pike Place for some needed errands & some wandering around. Sadly no burgers or fro-yo (dude, I have been wanting some fro-yo for about a week now, I need to get on this), but lots of sun & people & being out of the house & just relaxing, which was so good. Then to Elsa's for Apples to Apples & pizza; then to Toni & Andy's for BBQ & fireworks.
Sunday was more sleeping in & then strolling about apartment hunting for Perez. Just...very relaxing weekend. Did not look at my to-do list, did not worry about things I had to do, & it was lovely.

Tonight I am meeting with some Gelosi-interested people, & gathering emails of interest from those who can't make it tonight, & then casting the thing tomorrow or at least by Thursday. Yowza, casting...what insanity.


Jun. 16th, 2009 07:45 pm
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I have an audition tomorrow for Book-It, for their generals. I am not really memorized yet...for some reason it is really hard to concentrate on this! I am even using something I like--Neil Gaiman's Coraline--& still! Ah well. I am getting there. About 90% memorized, just not solid.

So...this is my first professional audition as an actual professional actress, not a student anymore? Yikes.
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Am in the recording studio, listening to Perez mixing the recording of Ragnarok that we just made. Am also avoiding writing my Shakespeare final, not because I don't like it but because I don't want to write it...I miss oral exams, they were much more fun.

On the other hand, this is the last thing I have to do--that, and checking two citations at the UW tomorrow. Then I turn in both papers on Wednesday & I am done with college forever. Yup.

To celebrate (slightly prematurely), Perez & I are mooching off Kacey for one last Pancake Feed: all you can eat breakfast food + playing magic = best late night party times!

I have an audition for Book-It's generals (yes please, I really want to get in with them) next week & for Driftwood's Secret Garden the week after. Am not sure what is happening with Greenstage's Titus, but I will investigate that. Also, wrote a press release for Pillowman and things are coming together for I Gelosi, so...actually, I'm feeling pretty good about the theatrical future.

Yar. So close to being finished here...so, so close.
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I'm still alive!

I finished my last show ever at Seattle U. I absolutely cried during warm ups, because I am a sap, & several of us nearly lost it during Miranda, but it was a really good show overall & I am happy to go out with this one.

Miranda is of course not done as we have been recording it all over the place trying to find the right sound--tonight we try the Vachon room, which should be perfect.

St Iggy's chapel at night without lights is really pretty, though, even if the sound didn't work as well we'd have liked.

Ragnarok proceeds apace--we have thrown in microphones & these kids are rockin' out like nobody's business. It's gonna be awesome. Now if I could get the guy to print the damn postcards....

Classes are good. On to Lear which is depressing as hell but so well-written. Really need to start working on that term paper, yowza. Also need to start working on my final project for Business of Art. Plus the homework he gave us yesterday. Pffft. Homework. I'm so over this! Ah well...

I graduate in, uh, three weeks? Approximately? ajlbaslbjadjlf.
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Yesterday I went to Smile Off Your Face, a production at Giant Magnet (formerly Seattle International Children's Festival) by a Belgian group called ONTROEREND GOED.

I'm not even sure I can explain the experience. I can describe what happened to me, but I'm still parsing it. I know it was incredible. I was made totally vulnerable--blindfolded and in a wheelchair and completely at the mercy of the person pushing me around in the dark--but for the most part I wasn't afraid--or I wasn't afraid of what they were doing, I was nervous because I didn't know what was happening; but it was a good kind of nervous. It was intimacy by necessity. It was good to be reminded how open it's possible to be--which is the hardest part of theater, and the best part. I felt alone and taken care of at the same time, like I was special and also similar to everyone else. Because the people that do this--I didn't think about this until afterwards, but they do this with everyone who comes through, & that's part of why it's so amazing.

I'm still working through it--or maybe I won't...but it was really good.


May. 11th, 2009 01:28 pm
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So our first weekend is over! Last night went really well (I felt like I did the best so far).

I feel like all I talk about anymore is how tired I am but it's so true....gah. I don't know if I have ever been so consistently exhausted before. Yikes. I skipped class this morning (which I feel horrible about), but I was moving so slowly that it was impossible to get anywhere. What else is going on. The news of me....

* Still plugging away at that history paper. I feel good about it, it's just taking a while since I am writing it in stolen moments.

* Still working on Ragnarok--we had our first rehearsal with the band yesterday & it went really well, so I'm excited for that! Also, facebook event is up. Invite all your friends, it's gonna be rocking.

* Have been eating a lot of curried chicken salad, which is really tasty. Also not drinking enough water. I should get on that.

* I managed to run into a column in the parking garage today, go me. Myself & Melinda are fine, I just scraped the side--but now both little metal lines on the car side are gone. Well, both are in the trunk & need to be reattached. & I need to get new wiper blades. & probably change the oil soon. Oh lord. Cars.

* I won an award! The Hickey Award, which makes me think of a) the yarn shop in Dublin with that name & b) kissing. Apparently this is a big deal although I had not heard about it until the day I won, but I am pretty proud of myself. TJ (the other recipient) & I get to lead the processional at graduation, which, uh, is sort of intimidating & cool.

I should get back to work. Historrrrry!
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So we opened last night & it was AWESOME. God, this cast is just a love-fest...we are all over each other & there is not one person in this group I don't adore. We all (with a few lovely additions) went to Presse last night & the waiters were generous in the extreme, putting tables together & helping us all...we ate & drank & mingled from table to table & hugged all the fabulous playwrights/directors & just generally had a good time.
Am tired as hell today, but whatever--it's worth it!

AND today, I got recognized, which is always a suprising sort of thrill--as I was walking to my class this morning a girl I don't know said, Hey, were you in Site Specific last night? & when I said yes, she said, You were really good, it was a great show! Break a leg tonight! So that was rad.


Four professional playwrights, two student winners.
One awesome set.
One unifying theme.
Six totally different, wild & wacky short plays!

Thur May 7th, 14th--7:30pm
Fri May 8th, 15th--7:30pm and 10:30pm
Sat May 9th, 16th--7:30pm and 10:30pm
Sun May 10th, 17th--7:30pm

(Come to those late-night shows! It'll be fun, & the bigger audience the better!)
Tickets: $6 students /$8 faculty /$10 general
Seattle U Lee Center for the Arts
901 12th ave, Seattle WA

Call for tickets NOW, it's a small audience & some shows are already sold out!
206 296 5360
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I spent the entire afternoon with a laptop & several boxes of manuscripts in the Special Collections room of the UW.

I learned three things from primary document research today:
1.Anyone who grew up in the age of Google & ctl+f is luckier than they even know. Searching through folders of loose-leaf papers for particular key-words that will probably not even be here is part of research, totally necessary, & really, really frustrating.

2. On the plus side: Florence left behind piles of notes for her autobiography as well as several drafts & revisions.

On the minus side: I can't decipher her handwriting.
...oh well.

3. Florence James is really, really cool, & if I didn't have a) a deadline, b) a necessity for context & c) work during most of the open hours of Special Collections, I would probably just write her biography instead of this paper.

4. If I ever need a project (not that this will ever happen, since I generally seem to have a plethora of them), remind me that I could always go in & edit Florence Bean James' manuscripts and actually publish her memoirs, since she never did. I don't know that anyone outside of the relatively small circle of theater people / Seattle historians would find it that interesting, but that might be enough; & it really is a fascinating insight into what theater was like here before Gregory Falls and the Seattle Rep (Theater, not Playhouse), & the burgeoning theater scene that really got started in the 60s.

Some quotes I liked:
“In 'What is Art' Leo Tolstoy defines good art as art that unites people, and bad art as art that divides people. The same may be said about good or bad directing. Directing must unite not only the multiplicity of details, but also the play with the audience as well as the members of the cast.”
-FBJ, fragments of FUAS.

“This departure of matured members of the group for the uncertain fame of the theatre capitols was a matter that irked Florence considerably. She was wont to observe quite often that the only thing that ever succeeded and didn't move away was Mount Rainier, and also that it was the only local attraction that didn't have to work itself to the edge of the grave to be a success.”
- Biography, bk 2 ch 4 p3

On the censoring of Lysistrata:
"A meeting was called, the matter was discussed. How could they know what they were censoring unless they saw it? Don Abel, State Supervisor of the W.P.A., sent his wife and secretary to the opening. Another meeting was called the next day. Mr. Abel reported that his wife and secretary said the play was "indecent and bawdy."
My husband said, "my wife directed it. Does that mean that my wife's tastes are 'bawdy and indecent,' or that your wife doesn't know anything about theater, and in any event shouldn't be permitted to censor productions?""
Box 2-11, p. 8

In other news, our preview was tonight--some good moments, some wonky moments, overall pretty much what a preview should be. Now I must watch Othello, two hours and forty-five minutes of Olivier in blackface...hmm. I hope it will be good.
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This is a reminder to myself to remember that everything I am doing--even when it becomes frustrating or when I am musically illiterate or reduced to tears or when I am stuck or confused--everything I am doing is amazing and I am so, so lucky to be able to do all of it; especially since a huge percentage of it is directly related to what I want to do with my life, namely, theater. It's all good. It really is.


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