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So the whole work-study issue resolves to the fact that I can't work at Hugo House anymore. They're keeping me on till the end of the month, which means another three sessions after this, and then I'm gone. Bruce says I did quite well and if I ever do get work-study eligibility, to let him know; but that seems rather unlikely. Damn. I liked this job; it was crazy and weird and easy and fun, and now my job is going to be the Writing Center, which will be not nearly so relaxing.
I do find it amusing though, that I never did make myself a member (after I got dropped from the family membership when I turned eighteen) until today...when I'm getting laid off. Go me.

I guess that does relieve some of my 'oh my god I have to have a full class schedule and hold down two jobs at once' stress; now it's just 'I have to have a full class schedule and hold down one job,' which many people do so I shan't complain. Also, it makes it much more possible to do Tartuffe in the spring (OMG John Procaccino!), since no Hugo House = mostly free evenings, so yay. Still. I will miss it.

Had first classes today of three of the four. Philosophy looks okay; I can't really pass judgement on the teacher since we didn't have a real class, but he seemed all right, and was very insistent that this be a seminar, not a lecture, a seminar! He did go on a bit, though. Sean hates him; a lot of the second years (pshaw! third years now) said he was boring; so we'll see, I guess. Twelve pages of Decartes to read for Monday plus many questions (depth, not length, that's Hopkins' deal. Huzzah, I say).

Tutoring Writing was...interesting. Ahaha, my fall-back word for 'I'm not entirely sure what to think; I'm not sure I liked it but I don't want to really say that yet.' It went all right; I'm a little apprehensive about the whole tutoring thing in general, though I guess that's what this class is for, partly. I'm also a little leery of classes that are all about 'personal growth' and involve lots of personal journaling and reflections and so forth. I'm sure it's very good for me; it just feels...overly squickily wholesome. Brr. Dr. Nichols had us do role-playing bits as Consultant and Visitor (for which I kept saying 'Victim' on the phone to dad today), practicing greetings and welcomings and so forth. There are some cool people in my class, anyway--Ilyana, who I talked to a bit last year, from Roumania. David from Ultimate is also in it. At least we get to grammar geekery next week.

Literature--oh my god, literature! Warning: Incredible academic geekery to follow. Oh goodness, this class is going to be the BEST THING EVER and I'm not even kidding. I am so effing excited. We start by reading Dr. Faustus and talking about Marlowe (he did mention that Kit was killed in a tavern brawl, and then added, but maybe not; maybe it was politics; and inwardly I went, squeeee!). He gave us study questions that made so happy ("Is this a Medieval Morality play or a Renaissance tragedy? What difference does that make in how we interpret it?" and "Why Helen of Troy?" and so forth). After that we read Twelfth Night, HURRAY, and do an extended interpretation exercise with Act II sc. iv (the "Come away come away death" scene, with the badly veiled hints from Cesario about his "sister" who loved "a man"--gawd, I love that scene). Then comes Henry IV, Part One, then a whole class on poetic meter and form--*swoons*--then King Lear. We get to spend lots of time with Romeo and Juliet about which I get to know far too much; we're going to see SSC's version, and watch Baz Luhrman's movie, and discuss it extensively. YAY and DOUBLE YAY. Then we're reading Milton and then oodles of Donne, plus a contemporary Japanese play. OH MY GOD I AM SO EXCITED. (Heh. Wow. I went on for far too long about that class...with far too many capital letters.)

I got to play Ultimate today too, which pretty much made my afternoon; there were so many people out playing that we had to make three teams, which rocks. There are many new people, which also rocks. And if I can get to SSC's R&J earlier than the class is going, I'm going to go to The Pumpkin Pull tournament in Victoria. ROCK ON.

And now I'm going to do homework. Kit Marlowe, here I come, moohahaha....
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*Firstly, I love Dante. I love how the Divine Comedy is both high-flying epic adventure, political commentary, and personal vengeance, and how he can be literary and brilliant one moment and totally childish the next (Filippo Argenti, anyone?), although that's all part of the literary brilliance as well. I also love the way Dante the Pilgrim interacts with Vergil, and I think it is incredibly sweet, and have probably doomed myself to utter scholastic-dorkness by saying that. But I do. It's adorable.

Also I really want to sit down with paper and pencil because there are so many images from the Inferno that I want to draw [Vergil shielding Dante's eyes from Medusa, Dante flipping out at Nicholas III, the wood of suicides, the three animals, the Geryon...]

And Erin and I have decided we want pet Geryons to live in boxes under our beds, and make funny purring noises, and eat salesmen and Mormons who come to the door. So it shall be.

*Can I reiterate how awesome Ultimate is? I don't know why; there's just something incredibly satisfying about that powerful flick right before it sails across the green. Plus, the concept is just cool. I mean, really.

* I have to write a critique of an essay for my writing-consultant application. I don't really know what to say besides, "this needs a lot of work." Which is kind of the point, but still...I'm okay telling people when they're right there, I just need to figure out how to put the words on the paper. Which I guess IS the point, so. There you are.

* Finally, for some reason this always makes me laugh. A lot. It shouldn't. It's kind of pathetic. But it's so funny. PENGUIN! )
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Guess who just played Ultimate for two hours straight and then ran from Bellarmine to St. Iggy's?

...Oh yeah. That'd be me.

I love this game.

And okay, sure, I'm going to be a walking--or limping--bundle of soreness tomorrow but dammit, it will be worth it!. Plus I am so having Dad tape Alias on Wednesday. No way am I skipping out.
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My window is wide open, because it was horrifically stuffy in here (my roommate and I have very different ideas of what "warm and cozy" means), and now someone nearby is smoking something that is not tobacco and it smells. Eee-ick.

But I ate lots good food for lunch, yes I did. And I am going to play Ultimate tonight, barring a sudden collapse/broken leg/emotional crisis, none of which will happen; and incidentally if I get lazy and DON'T go play, you are allowed to hit me. [ Nicely. And not really hard. But, you know. Hit me. ]

Now I have to go and see if people are in their offices...and be small-and-humble and hope they fill out refrences for me because I am horribly behind in life! Oyvey. Must. Catch. Up. Now.

*runs away*
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Is it wrong to find one of the choir singers for Compline incredibly gorgeous? ...yeah. Probably. But, well. He is.

He was in the Tudor Choir as well, which is where I noticed him, last night. That concert was AMAZING. Forty-voiced choirs who hit notes spot on and blend harmonies like strawberries and cream...it makes my wings come out.

Tomorrow I am spending two hours playing Ultimate. I need exercise. I think it will fix me.
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The boys are still playing, out on the green, but I came in because my feet were cold to the point of numbness. Literally, I could barely feel them. Walking barefoot upstairs was really odd, and oooooh I do NOT reccomend freezing your feet, because while the freezing doesn't hurt all that much, the coming-back-to-normal-temperature hurts like a bitch. Eeeowch. (Yes, Philip, I did go barefoot. No, Philip, I didn't twist my ankle or step in dog leavings. *grin*) I always end up being the only girl though; temporary Boy's Club status, or something. Heh. (The jokes that played off "Gorgeous Borges"...yeah. *snerk* "Yo, Delicious!" -"Scrumdiddlyumpti..." -"No, that's way too long." -"Yeah, I'd be hyperventilating, scrumdidnly...agh.")

PATRICK GET BETTER SOON! (I mean, you already are. By proxy. But, yeah.)

I'm doing my Bible project on Judith, because that story just rocks. And I totally blame Shana for reading it to us every year, haha!

MindMap... )

Also I think "The Wizard and I" just might be my favorite song on that CD...because, damn, it's her being so happy and hopeful and whoah Idina Menzel's voice...*dies* (On the other hand, it's the whole cd--from this younger, hopeful voice to the older, changed one, that's really incredible. Gar...)
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Crazy history, as usual, laughing our heads off most of the way through. Somehow we still learn, too. Huh.
Stopped on the way back by three boys with a frisbee (Kareem and Will--he's eight feet tall, I swear--and someone I don't know) and we threw two frisbees around for a while. There was a girl with her dog (part pitbull, maybe?) who kept chasing the frisbee around and around and around and around--the dog, not the girl. It was fun. People sort of drifted onto the field, we played box ultimate for a while, finally got enough for a full field game--huzzah! I was the only girl. This didn't strike me as odd until at least halfway into it, although Jenny came and played for a while. Ahhh, it was awesome. Frisbee ROCKS! (Always makes me want to take a figure drawing class, for being able to picture all the beautiful moves they made. Watching guys play frisbee, purely aesthetical, dammit...hehe.) Also with fewer people I actually got the disc more often...I love these pickup games. We're stupid and act like dorks and make crappy throws interspersed with brilliance and it's FABULOUS.

Also Dr. Tadie seems to have realized that, oh, two days is a little short of a time to write a term paper, considering he gave us the guidelines today (grr) so we bumped it back to Tuesday. Either there Is A God and She Likes Me (haha) or I did something good sometime and karma is paying me back, but whatever the reason, I am so much stressless it's wonderful. Of course that's balanced by the fact that the guidelines he gave us are utterly unlike anything I have seen in my life, but...*sigh* It won't be too bad.

We are now getting into the rest of the year, the lots-of-work part, the read-a-book-per-two-days part, the work-your-freakin-arse-off part...whoodiboy.

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I just played ultimate for two and a half hours straight. And my feet are burning, because I went barefoot, and my wrist hurts where I got fouled and my shoulder is red where I got slammed and I'm hot and sweaty and sore and it was fuckin AWESOME. I haven't played ultimate since middle school and I LOVE IT.
There's an indoor game at 8 tonight in the gym...I think I'm going. I also have three books of the Aeneid and ten pages of history to read, but hey...ultimate's more fun.
I haven't felt so good in a long time. God, I love that game...


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