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Oh, finally, finally it is May. I feel like I have been waiting for this month for so long. SPT's auction was yesterday, and while this week is going to be full of dealing with the aftermath, it is at least aftermath and not time-crunched preparation.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is open, with one weekend of successful performances behind us and one more to look forward to--they're all doing lovely work and I'm having fun calling the show (there is something wonderfully satisfying about calling through a complicated series of cues and having it all come out perfectly).

And, good lord, theater is happening--!

I'm in Balagan's summer show, Greetings from Styx, and I am ridiculously excited about this. Our first rehearsal is a camping retreat. What. I love it already and we don't start till June!

I auditioned for Theater Schmeater last week; it went okay, not the best I've ever done, but it still felt good to do it.

I have an audition for Seattle Children's Theatre this Friday. I'm doing my Frieda monologue (I have come to adore this one too much, I think!), and I'm biting the bullet and singing, too. I have sung with accompaniment precisely once in my life--that bizarre "reality theater" show about auditioning way back when. But, since about half SCT's season is musicals, and I can actually sing, it's silly to cut out being considered for those. Luckily DRS's vocal music director is amazing, and is working with me this week. (I think I'm doing Cole Porter.)

Most bizarrely, I was invited to audition for Intiman's production of The Scarlet Letter. ....what? I'm baffled as to how I'm even on their radar at all! But I am super thrilled to audition for them, even if nothing comes of it. The audition itself is bizarre; they have a few sides, but the script is still in development so they're asking for an "interpretation" of your character as an audition. I don't even know what that means, really. And considering that my audition is tomorrow, and I found out about it today (holy crap), I'm going to go with the one side for Pearl that they posted online. Yup. That and playing the recorder.

But, hey, that audition made me read the Scarlet Letter for the first time. In about five hours. Tonight. Dear god, it was a skimmed miasma of hallucinatory language, far too many exclamation points, and oodles of characters' self-reproach. I don't think I liked it...Moby Dick was way better. Ahaha. :)

I sent in my stuff to Seattle Shakes, too--don't know if I'll get a slot or not, but it's all work and it's working toward work.

Seriously...for the first time, I'm starting to feel like I'm really a theater artist actually working toward this career--with results, no less! It's terrifically exciting. In the side of my heart I'm still considering dropping it all and running away to London, but as long as Seattle keeps tempting me by actually offering me acting parts...I'll stick around for a while anyway.

Right...time to print some sides, find that recorder, and do a little more work before going to sleep. Tomorrow is a full day of data entry, sorting out my auction bucket of weird, and (hoo boy) auditioning for Intiman.
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Non-revelatory revelation of the week: I really dislike being caught up in other people's frustration without the ability to do anything to fix it or to make them feel better. I suppose I can take comfort in the fact that it's not my fault, but in any case I don't like it.

I had a truly bizarre dream this morning which, of course, I can't remember...I know it was full of adventure and shadows and probably weird costumes, and lots of secrets, but as far as I can remember, the fun kind, so that's good. I still believe I would pay anything, up to and including pieces of my soul, for a really well-working Dream Recorder & PlayBack Device.

Speaking of which, I recently finished two books by Elizabeth Knox, Dreamhunter and Dreamquake, which are utterly brilliant & I highly, highly recommend them. She has been compared to Philip Pullman, and I can see where that makes sense--something about the world she created and the tone of the storytelling. They're so, so good--intellectually and emotionally well-done fantasy. Love it!

My body hates me...I am going to shiatsu today to see what that will do for this aerial & puppetry-induced pain. I still do not know exactly what shiatsu is, but my mom swears by it, so...we'll see.

I feel....good about life. I do. And at the same time sort of antsy, like I'm not doing as well as I could be, or not doing enough. I'm not sure. It sort of annoys me, because really--I am in an awesome play and I work for a theater and things are really good, so I can't figure out this restlessness.

I think I need to travel somewhere soon...trains. Boats. Something.

Right. Back to scanning.
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So, on the bad side I am sick, which I'm pretty sure should be outlawed during the summer because it's so unfair. On the other hand, I think it's a short cold & I'm coming out of it--yesterday was congestion central & not being able to sleep because of head pressure, but today, when I blow my nose, I get a lot of snot out & my nose feels a little clearer for twenty seconds! & I'm sure you all needed to know that.

On the good side, I HAS A JOB! Keith was at the theater this morning & told me I am officially hired on as the admin assistant for SPT & I am super excited because a) I have work, b) it is at a theater, & c) this means I can actually start paying off my student loans on time.

Right now I am working on posters & events for Gelosi, which is going well, although I wish we had a nice air conditioned place to rehearse in...instead it's outside in the heat for us! Yay. But it's funny, & fun to play with, & you should all come. Look for the info soon!
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Not for the first time in my life, I bless sunscreen, & curse however it was that I missed random places while applying it--which means that although my Saturday beach excursion with the SU kids left me mostly still disturbingly pale, I have patches of lobster pink on my shoulders and back. Which would be okay--except that they itch like hell. Is this what a snake feels like?
Also, my wrists have been horribly sore, & painful when I try to bend them, because I played volleyball with bad technique.

Overall, a good day at the beach, I feel. This weekend there was also dinner with Elsa & The Life Aquatic and home-made sno-cones & sleeping in far too late & spending hours upon hours at the library, collecting possible plays for honors. That was exciting; I missed the library. (Although, my god, I still maintain that the new central branch is the most confusing maze I have ever been in.)

To round all this off, I found the most wonderfully amusing ad on gmail this morning...

cut for picture. Good irony, too. )
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Mostly this morning my job has reminded me how much I dislike a) telephones (I am on one all morning) & b) Internet Explorer (as the resume database doesn't work in Firefox).

Oh, argh.


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