Oct. 12th, 2004

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Crazy history, as usual, laughing our heads off most of the way through. Somehow we still learn, too. Huh.
Stopped on the way back by three boys with a frisbee (Kareem and Will--he's eight feet tall, I swear--and someone I don't know) and we threw two frisbees around for a while. There was a girl with her dog (part pitbull, maybe?) who kept chasing the frisbee around and around and around and around--the dog, not the girl. It was fun. People sort of drifted onto the field, we played box ultimate for a while, finally got enough for a full field game--huzzah! I was the only girl. This didn't strike me as odd until at least halfway into it, although Jenny came and played for a while. Ahhh, it was awesome. Frisbee ROCKS! (Always makes me want to take a figure drawing class, for being able to picture all the beautiful moves they made. Watching guys play frisbee, purely aesthetical, dammit...hehe.) Also with fewer people I actually got the disc more often...I love these pickup games. We're stupid and act like dorks and make crappy throws interspersed with brilliance and it's FABULOUS.

Also Dr. Tadie seems to have realized that, oh, two days is a little short of a time to write a term paper, considering he gave us the guidelines today (grr) so we bumped it back to Tuesday. Either there Is A God and She Likes Me (haha) or I did something good sometime and karma is paying me back, but whatever the reason, I am so much stressless it's wonderful. Of course that's balanced by the fact that the guidelines he gave us are utterly unlike anything I have seen in my life, but...*sigh* It won't be too bad.

We are now getting into the rest of the year, the lots-of-work part, the read-a-book-per-two-days part, the work-your-freakin-arse-off part...whoodiboy.

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Firstly--a bit from the Aeneid that made me happy (oh the poetry):
"With that, her [Venus'] snow white arms went around his [Vulcan's] neck--
Gently, warmly. He tensed, then felt a burst
familiar of flame, a well-known warmth that pierced
his heart, then ran like a shock through all his frame,
as when the thunder rolls, the sky lights up,
and the clouds are split by jagged streaks of fire."

Also: Remember Matthew Shepard.

That's all....g'night.


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