Oct. 14th, 2004

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So I am officially a terrible bookworm now, not that I really expected anything else. Andy was over last night, ostensibly helping Danica with her math, but just sort of hanging out for a while. Danica got her jewelry box out to put something away and so we were poking through it, and Andy wanted to know which was the most expensive piece and how much it had cost (my lord she has a lot of expensive jewelry...). She said probably this ring (which was v. nice, I'll admit), and oh, three thousand dollars maybe. I sort of stared at it for a moment and the first thought that came into my head was "...think of all the books I could buy with that money!" Of course I had to go and say it out loud, and Andy informed me that I was a bookworm. The fact that I took a collection of lectures on Shakespeare off my shelf to read before bed was the clincher.
On the other hand, Erin completely agrees with me, so at least I'm not alone. (Hehe.) Bookworm and proud.

Had breakfast and lunch with people and am generally feeling like we are getting to know each other, which is a trite and dull phrase for what I mean. I mean that we can make jokes and tease each other, and we feel okay sitting down at tables with each other without asking permission or feeling awkward. It's kinda nice.

Tonight am going to the opera--Rigoletto. Er...cheery. We're meeting in an hour to go downtown and eat, a whole big group of us. Huzzah for free culture....*grin*

"How they [the Persian Empire] picked their next king is fascinating...and kinky as hell." -Dr. M.



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