Oct. 28th, 2004

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Hey. I was the only one who expressed interest in drama studies but Dr. Tadie had someone else read, because the part wasn't female. Pah. (No, I don't really care that much.) I have to say it was funny though..."who starred in a highschool play?" he asks, and Greta instantly shoots back, "TJ did." To which TJ explodes, "no, I didn't! You're lying, dammit!" And yet...he read anyway. Geez. Our class is really mean to each other, I've noticed...but as far as I can see, it's the sort of mean between people who like each other, in that odd way. If we really didn't like each other, we wouldn't be teasing. Ahhh, psychology...

And sensory overload from Broadway...glancing down a sidestreet to a block of businesses all in the same building; one being an acupuncture/massage place, one something else (clothing, maybe), one a piercing tattoo shop by the same of Scream. The sign reads:

acupuncture and massage

I have a great desire to write, and a painful feeling of nothing to say. History class beckons.
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(To follow Patrick--baaaaa, says the sheep--in no particular order)

1. Naka subtitled her paper "The Arising and Dissipation of Forms." This makes me, and the Adam in me, extremely happy.

2. I am trying to decide whether my tight neck muscles are the reason for my barely-there but terribly persistent headache. And if that's a good thing or not, because I'm not sure how to fix it.

3. I would much rather fall asleep at home than here; and I'd rather wake up here than at home. I like waking up here...but this week, when I've been feeling almost-sick and overwhelmed, the floor of the studio sounds more comforting than my bed here.

4. A small plant in this room makes a huge difference. Suddenly there's something alive and green, something I have to take care of.

5. In that same vein, I miss "my" cat terribly. I've been home twice in the past two weeks and I haven't seen him. Where's my Moses? I'm going to see him this weekend if I have to bloody catnap the boy.

6. We read plays in class today--only I didn't--and ohgod I am so theatre deprived...

7. I am also writing deprived. I say I haven't had any time but I guess really I haven't had any inspiration beause I when I do, I always make time. Argh. It's painful if I think about it. I want more fiction from myself....and there isn't any...meh. This weekend. Maybe.

Ahaha, I'm sorry, that was v. complaining...bah. Tomorrow will be utterly fantastic. I'm making it so. So there. And now I have GSA meeting so I needs must run away...


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