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Things I Love: think positive edition

So I found out this morning that my mom broke her wrist in a bike accident last night, and this afternoon I had to take one of the cats I'm housesitting with to the vet for limping, so, uh, I really need this TiLT, and also people and animals please stop getting hurt.

Both mother and cat are doing fine under the circumstances though, so nothing drastic or life-threatening thank goodness; just worry. So. Things:

* Birthdays! Celebrating the gentleman's birthday yesterday... any birthday of the &@ boys is bizarrely celebrated, and lots of fun. He made popcorn steak (om nom delicious), and there were presents wrapped in balloons popped by flaming candles (don't worry, we had a fire extinguisher), and presents wrapped in a person-shaped dummy on a chair, and StarWars Uncut, and tasty beer. Happy birthday!

*Pond Life, which is really amping up my excitement for Season Seven (which starts on Saturday bnakbkdfbdsf oh my god), as is the S5 soundtrack which I'm currently listening to. I am going to miss the Ponds something fierce. I am trying real hard not to think about it.

* Game Night! At the schmancy house; there was some Apples to Apples, and three rounds of excellent mafia games, and lovely wonderful people and good food. Social event success! Win!

* Burlesque: I get to see Whedonesque Burlesque tonight! SO excited, can't even deal. Plus I've got to hang out with Elsa several times this week, and that's fantastic, and the burlesque tonight is going to be stupendous. Elsa & I are making mad plans for future burlesque. I will drop three words as a hint: maid, letter, deception. Ahaha! Cookies for you if you guess what act I'll be debuting some time in the next two years...

* &etc: excellent reviews & write ups for Leper! (I'm so proud); big baguette sandwiches; getting to dress up fancy; snuggling with cats; midnight tarot readings; pedicures; "I am the Doctor" (why is this the best soundtrack song ever); nutella cheesecake pudding; Leper Leper Leper.

What do you love?